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A New Region, A New Love

On the quiet hills of Pallet Town, a fifteen year old boy, who finished his journey to Sinnoh, is going back to his hometown. "I can't believe I'm going back home." said the aspiring trainer.

"Pikachu!(Yeah. It's been awhile now.)" said his pokemon while walking to Pallet Town.

Pikachu senses that his trainer is thinking about something. "Pika pika chu?(Ash, are you thinking about May?)" asked Pikachu. "What! No..." Ash lied. He knew that he and May are best friends since he first met her but since she left for Johto, Ash had feelings for May.

"Hey! There's Pallet Town!" said Ash. Ash quickly ran with his Pikachu to his house. He was going so fast that he didn't see the girl that was blocking his way.

"Ow!" said the girl. "Sorry about th-"said Ash but then he looked at the girl. He realized who it was. "May? Is that you." asked Ash while he blushed little so that May couldn't see. "Yeah it's me Ash." said May. "I didn't recognized you." replied Ash. May was wearing her Advance Generation outfit but instead of red as the basic color, it was blue.

"Hey May, what brings you here at Kanto?" asked Ash curiously. "Well I heard that you were coming back from Sinnoh so I stopped by here." said May while blushing lightly. "Hey May, let's go at my house. Maybe my mom will cook lunch since I'm coming back here." said Ash. "Well yeah sure I'll go!" replied May. Soon Ash, May and Pikachu arrived from his house.

"Mom, I'm home!" said Ash. Soon Delia went out from the kitchen. "Hi Ash, Here take a seat and have lunch. You too May and Pikachu!" said Delia. Everyone took a seat and ate lunch.

After Lunch,

"Ash, I heard a new region not too far from here." said May. "What's the name?" asked Ash.

"I think it was the Saann Region." replied May. "Hey May, I missed you so much since you left. How about joining with me again in the Saann region?" Ash asked. "Sure Ash." replied May.

"Then it's settled. We have to go to Professor Oak to change my pokemon roster." said Ash.

"Wait Ash, I have some new clothes for you!" said Delia. Ash got the clothes and went up to his room to change.

After 5 minutes, Ash went downstairs. He is now wearing his Advance Generation outfit but his shoes are red instead of blue, his cap is colored red and white with a purple half poke ball design on it, and his shirt is white instead of black.

"May let's go!" said Ash. "Ok Ash!" replied May.

Soon, Ash and May are at the Oak Ranch.

"Professor Oak, where are you?" Ash asked. "I'm right here Ash." said Professor Oak.

"Hey Professor, I'm going to the Saann region so I'm going to drop by some pokemon and pick some others. Is that ok?" said Ash. "Sure Ash. What pokemon are going with you?"

"Pikachu of course, Swellow, Bayleef, Buizel, Quilava, and Gible." said Ash.

"Ok." said Prof. Oak. Minutes later, Ash received the pokemon he asked and went back to his house.

"May, we should sleep for tonight. We don't want to be late. Mom said that a boat will leave here morning to Sunflower Town in the Saann Region." said Ash.

"Ok Ash. Good night!" replied May.


The boat to Sunflower Town already set sail and Ash, May and Pikachu just arrived in the nick of time.

"I wonder what Saann is like?" Ash wondered.

Soon, Ash, May, and Pikachu see Sunflower Town in the boat.

"A new journey, here we come!" said Ash.

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