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A New Region, A New Love

"Hey guys, it's Tree Town!" said Ash while running.

Our heroes have made it to Tree Town for Ash's first gym battle.

"Hey Ash, slow down!" said May.

"Yeah Ash! The gym is not gonna leave you!" exclaimed Chris.

"Ok!" said Ash.

Ash, May, Chris, and Pikachu reached the city entrance. The city was very beautiful. As the name implies, Tree Town has many trees surrounding the town. Ash, May, and Chris are now heading to the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon Center looked like a very big tree with a sign saying "Tree Town Pokemon Center". They went inside and went to the front desk. Nurse Joy greeted them.

"Welcome to the Tree Town Pokemon Center! How can I help you?" she said.

"Well we want to rest our Pokemon." said Ash. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Obviously!" Chris commented.

"Ok, Just wait for 2 minutes and your Pokemon will be fully healed." said Nurse Joy.

"Thanks!" the group said.

After they got their pokemon back from Nurse Joy, the group went outside and strolled around town. Then May spotted a flyer that attracted her attention.

The flyer stated:

Pokemon Contest

What: Pokemon Contest

Where: Riverport City

When: October 24, 2010

May squealed with joy. Ash and Chris heard this so they went to May.

"May, what's wrong?" asked Ash with concern. May blushed lightly.

May handed the flyer to Ash and Chris. Ash and Chris read the flyer. After they read the flyer, Chris blushed lightly.

"Hey Ash, let's go now to the gym!" said Chris.

"Yeah!" said Ash while running to the gym.

Chris, May, and Pikachu sweatdropped.

"Is Ash always like that?" asked Chris.

"Like what?" questioned May.

"Like running to the gym without us following us?"

"Well sometimes, and when he's hungry..."


"Well, let's go or he would already won the badge without us!"

Chris laughed at the statement. The rest of the group went to the gym. Like the Pokemon Center, the gym also looked like a tree, not big but a GIANT tree. May gazed upon the gym for a long time then went inside.

"Where's Ash?" asked May.

"I don't- Oh, wait! There he is! Ash!" said Chris.

"Oh, hey guys!" said Ash

"So, have you found the gym leader yet?" asked May.

"Nope." said Ash.

Just then, the gym leader went inside the battle arena. She has brown hair that is shaped like Lopunny's ears and is wearing a dark green safari hat, a white t-shirt with a dark green safari vest, green jeans, and green sneakers.

"So, who's my challenger for today?" said the gym leader.

"OH, ME! ME! MEEEEEEE!" said Ash.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"Figures. Anyway, my name's Tammy." she said.

"My name's Ash from Pallet Town. Nice to meet you."

"Well, let's get started, shall we?" asked Tammy.

"Wait Ash, there's something I need to tell you about the gym leaders here." said Chris.

"Okay, what?"

"The gym leaders in the Saann Region use different tactics in battle. You make sure that what you choose will be good!"

"Thanks Chris! I'll keep that in mind."

"Go Ash! I know that you can do it!" said May.

"Thanks May!" said Ash while smiling.

"Now let the battle of Tree Town's gym leader, Tammy Buglover and Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town commence!" said the referee.

"This battle will be an one-on-one battle with no subsitutions. The first pokemon that faints loses. If the challenger wins, he/she will get the Tame Badge. Now are you ready?"

Tammy and Ash both nodded.

"Now let the battle commence!"

"Beautifly, let's go!" said Tammy.

"Let's go Quilava!" Said Ash.

"Quilava, use Flamethrower!"

"Beautifly, dodge it and use string shot." Beautifly dodged the attack gracefully and used string shot. Quilava was wrapped.

"Quilava, use flame wheel and then fire spin!" Quilava complied with its trainer. The flame wheel burned the string shot and used fire spin. Quilava's attack hit with force.

"Beautifly, Use Bug Buzz!" said Tammy.

"Bug Buzz? Quilava, Curl up into a ball!" said Ash. As Ash ordered, Quilava curled up into a ball. Beautifly's Bug Buzz is in effect. All the humans inside except Tammy and Beautifly shut their ears! After the attack, Quilava seems to be okay.

"Now, Quilava, use overheat." said Ash.

Quilava fired a strong flamethrower at Beautifly.

"Beautifly, dodge!" But the attack hit Beautifly before dodging it.

Beautifly was hurdling down the earth. After that, it has swirly eyes on it.

"Beautifly is unable to battle. The winner of this round and battle is Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town." said the referee.

Tammy went up to them. "Ash, you are very good with that strategy. I hereby present to you the Tame Badge."

"Yeah! I've got the TAME BADGE!" said Ash followed by a Pika! and a Quilava! from the pokemon.

The Tame Badge looks like a twig with a small leaf in it.

After the traditional badge pose(A/N: HEHE!), they exited the city.

"So Chris, where's the next gym?" asked Ash.

"Not so fast Ash, I still need to go to Riverport City for my contest." said May.

"Well Ash, the next gym is located in Riverport City also but let's have May do her contest first. You do know the the gym doesn't leave right?" said Chris in a matter-o-factly tone.

"Okay!" said Ash.

"Yes, I can finally see her again." thought Chris while going to their next destination, Riverport City.

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