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Our Dawn 1: Bella accepted to marry Edward and she believes everything is fine until she knows that Jacob's missing. She feels guilty, especially when she's told that he was really upset and thinking about committing suicide. Bella starts to feel insecure although she knows in her heart that she made the right choice. On her wedding day Alice has a vision of Alice and the Cullens realise that Irina is going to kill Jacob to revenge Laurent's death. The wedding is cancelled and Sam is forced to accept the Cullen's help to find Jacob before Irina does although they don't succeed. Irina almost kills Jake and Edward saves his life with his venom. While Jacob's recovering at the Cullens, they go to La Push to avoid a war between Sam's pack and the Denali Clan, leaving Bella with Seth alone with Jake. Irina strikes again and she tried to kill Jacob, Bella and Seth. Leah manages to help and in the end Irina flees again. The Denali Clan returns to Alaska and Carlisle saves Seth while Bella is turned into a vampire by Edward. After that Jacob recovers and Sam gives him the alpha position which Jake accepts. He keeps the treaty with the Cullens and then Bella and Edward get married and finally have their honeymoon. In the end they all form some kind of friendship and a new year begins.

Our Dawn 2: Being the only female wolf is hard and Leah is forced to cope with a lot of obstacles. After accepting Sue's marriage with Charlie Swan and the alliance with the Cullens, Leah finally sets her mind straight and decides to forget about Sam. After his wedding, Leah starts to feel close to Jacob and she slowly lets herself fall in love with him unaware that he feels the same. In the meantime Alice has a vision and announces that the Volturi are coming to Forks with Irina to kill the pack and force the Cullens (Bella, Edward and Alice) to be a part of the Volturi Guard. The Cullens and the pack try to recruit witnesses to hep them and when the Volturi arrive, Aro decides to let the pack live in return of having Bella, Edward, Alice and Jasper's powers at his service in the future. Irina attacks the pack but she then realises she would never win and leaves. After the Volturi's departure from Forks, Jacob and Leah spend a night together but, scared that he might leave her when he imprints, Leah decides to leave La Push. They meet again, Leah gets pregnant and she's forced to accept the Cullen's help to hide her pregnancy. When Jacob finds out the truth he manages to convince Leah that they should stay together and they go back to La Push. When she's six months pregnant, Leah is forced to phase to defend herself from Irina and she kills her. Her twins are born prematurely and Leah stays in a coma for two months, which makes Jacob leave. When they reunite, both have to decide what to do about the future and finally they accept that they love each other and need to stay together, even if that means to face Bella, Sam and the Council. Jacob asks Leah to marry him for the third time and she accepts. Then, on their wedding night, someone finally imprints.

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Our Dawn

Part III

Book 1 – Weakness & Strength

Leah Clearwater

Prologue: Imprinting

"Dude…I think he just imprinted."

Paul's words echoed in my head like a hurricane. I felt like a fish out of the water, unable to breathe properly. I was absolutely shocked to know that Jacob had imprinted on our wedding's night on a random girl from Hawaii. Silently I cursed my luck and I cursed Rebecca for bringing the two girls along.

It was just not fair. I had two kids to raise, we were going to start something good and now our future was ruined. If I wasn't so damn proud I would've started crying right there but I held on and put a strong front because I didn't want to be the damsel in distress. If only Old Quil hadn't pronounced us husband and wife a few minutes ago, if only I had never accepted to marry him, now everything would be much simpler. He could just forget about me and our children and be with his lovely imprint forever.

I guess that had been the shortest marriage in History. Now I had to start planning my life without him. I had to start thinking about visit days for the kids, I would have to return his mother's ring, I had to take his things out of my house and do some major cleaning because I would not be able to live in a place where his scent was still present. I would probably have to burn our new furniture as well.

I really didn't know what made me feel worse: to know that he was going to be with another woman, to know that my children would never see his father and mother together, or to know that I had been stupid enough to believe that he wasn't like Sam.

Because in the end, it felt exactly the same. Fate kept stabbing me in the back with no mercy. Now my anger was rising slowly. I felt my body shaking and the need to take off my clothes and phase into the giant wolf that I was. I wanted to kill someone. Now.

"Look around you." I heard a familiar voice besides me.

"What do you want, leech?" I asked Jasper.

"Calm down. This is your wedding night, don't ruin it."

I laughed in his face and felt his power starting to make my body relax. Damn fucking leech, always controlling my emotions. I wanted to feel anger because at least that way the pain wasn't so difficult to bear.

"What a wedding night…" I said sarcastically. "I can't believe he fucking imprinted on one of these bimbos."

"I said…look around you." Jasper insisted.

I finally did what I was told. I saw Sienna and Lana talking to Emily and my mother, who had also realised that something was going on and were trying to distract them. I saw Rebecca standing in front of Rachel with a look in her face that I would never forget. It was definitely the same look that Emily had on her face when Sam imprinted on her. Rachel was holding her and crying her eyes out.

"What the hell?" I blurted. I tried to find Jacob but he had disappeared along with Quil, Embry, Brady and Collin.

"They're in the house." Edward said joining us. "What a family reunion. The Black family never fails to surprise me."

"What's going on?" I asked.

Jacob couldn't have imprinted on his sister, right?

Edward laughed.

"He didn't. Embry imprinted on Rebecca."

The relief hit me like a nuclear explosion. Jacob was till mine.

"My condolences…you're still going to put up with Jacob for a long time." The mind rapist said.

I could hug him right now…if it wasn't for the fact that later I wanted to have a really hot and steamy night with my husband and I didn't want to smell like toilets.

"Can you calm down these two while I go talk to Jacob?" I asked Jasper pointing to Rachel and Rebecca. I would ask for Paul to help with his hysterical wife but he had disappeared with his kid to a safe place. Paul was indeed smarter than I thought.

"No problem."

I made my way over to Billy's house and Jacob was on his way out. I had no intention to hold him or even kiss him but I couldn't help myself.

"I thought I had lost you." I said after a long kiss.

"Why?" He questioned surprised.

I broke down crying in his arms.

"Leah? What's wrong? Did I say or do anything to upset you?"

I shook my head negatively.

Jacob held me tightly and took a deep breath.

"Embry imprinted on Becca." He said.

"I know…I thought you had imprinted on one of her friends." I confessed.

He pushed me away softly and looked into my eyes.



"You should know me better than that Leah."

"I was scared…I'm still scared."


"Because…" I hesitated. We had this conversation so many times before that I knew it wouldn't make us go anywhere. "What if we're just avoiding the inevitable?"

"Carlisle said…"

"Carlisle is studying the pack and all that shit but he's not sure about how things really work for us. He's intelligent but he's a vampire not a wolf."

Jacob rested his forehead against mine and sighed deeply.

"Let's not do this tonight, Leah. We're married now. You need to trust me."

"I know. But…"

"Let's go home." He suggested taking both my hands in his.


"Let's go home and I'll show you what you really mean to me."

"What about them?" I asked pointing out to Billy's house.

"I don't care. I'm sick of this crap."

"I'm sorry to interrupt but Rebecca is freaking out, Jake. You need to do something fast." Bella said approaching us. Unfortunately she was right.

"Go talk to your sister." I said. "I'll see how Embry's doing."

Jacob rolled his eyes and left with Bella. I could hear him complaining about Rebecca showing up uninvited thus provoking chaos. It wasn't completely true. Rachel and I had called Becca to tell her about the wedding and we did say we would like her to come but she never gave a straight answer so we thought she wouldn't be able to travel here. I guess we were wrong.

When I walked in Billy's living room Embry was sitting down on the couch, twisting his hands and sweating. He looked at me with a worried expression and I smiled to let him know that I wasn't angry.

"So…Rebecca? God, Embry you sure know how to pick them." I said trying to cheer him up.

"I used to love you." He said bluntly making everyone in that room look at us.

"Seriously?" Quil asked. "You were in love with Leah?"

He just nodded. I didn't say a word either. I did know that Embry had a slight crush on me but he was always quite good hiding his emotions and thoughts from the pack. That was probably why Jacob had never kicked his ass.

"Brady, Collin, can you go call Paul, please?" I asked.

Sadly, if there was someone who could give advices to Embry right now it was Paul. Poor Embry.

"I really didn't want to imprint on Jake's sister." Embry muttered. "He's furious with me. I can tell."

"No, he's not." I opposed.

"Yes, he is. One of the things he enjoys the most about having his own pack is not having Paul around and now I imprinted on his other sister."

"Jacob knows this wasn't your fault, Embry. And I believe Jacob would rather have you as a brother-in-law than Paul."

"I'm so screwed." He complained, running his hands nervously through his brown hair.

"What do you feel?" I asked.

"About what?"


"I have no idea. I feel powerless and lost."

"You didn't feel that way when you imprinted on Claire, did you?" I asked Quil.

"No." He replied. "But although the feeling is the same, we all feel it differently."

"Don't worry, Embry…you'll be what Rebecca needs you to be." I said. "You just need to talk to her."

"Good luck with that." Paul said coming in followed by Brady, Collin and Seth. "Rachel fought against the imprint at first. She didn't want to stay here. She wanted to go back to the University and never come back to La Push."

There was actually a hint of pain in Paul's voice as he remembered that.

"But she eventually fell in love with you." Quil said.

"I wouldn't call it love…At first it was only an irresistible attraction."

"I don't know anything about her. I was just a kid when she left and she probably doesn't even remember me." Embry said.

"I didn't know anything about Rachel either." Paul confessed. "But Leah is right…the sooner you talk to her, the better."

"Why?" Embry asked.

"Because that's when you'll know what she really wants." Paul stated smugly.

"Is that a good thing?" I asked.

"As far as the Black's sisters are concerned...that's what really matters. You need to put your shit together, be patient and accept what she really wants." Paul finished. "Trust me."

"Welcome to the blissful world of the imprint!" Quil smiled and put his hand over Embry's shoulder.

I hoped that Embry could be happy with Becca, if that was also her wish, but for some reason I still thought that Jacob and I had something much more special going on. Imprinting wasn't definitely our thing. No one controlled us, we would create our own future.

Six years later...

Chapter 1 – Pride

"Mum, do not tell me it's not his fault." I warned. "Because it is."

I was helping my mum to pack. In a few days she and Charlie were going to Madrid, on vacations. They were going to stay in a five star Hotel, Bella and Edward's courtesy of course.

"You're clearly overreacting, Leah." My mum stated crossing her arms. "You shouldn't act like a teenager…it really doesn't suit you."

"A teenager? What the hell are you talking about?" I demanded.

"Come on Leah…You're jealous."

"I am not!"

"It's been six years, I know you and Jacob don't always see things eye to eye, but he's doing this for you."

I frowned.

"Is it so bad to go on a honeymoon with your husband?" She inquired. "And don't lie to me. I'm your mother."

"Fine. It's not that bad…But it bothers me that he accepted everything so easily without even asking me."

"He wanted to be a surprise besides would you accepted it if he told you Bella paid for it?"


"I rest my case. Now stop being so stubborn and go home to your husband before he comes here asking for you."

"He's at the Cullens with the kids. Went to pick up the tickets."

"If you want my advice…Don't blow this up. This is the first time in six years you're having a chance to have some fun alone with Jacob. Either it was Bella's idea or money to make it possible, it doesn't matter. Just take it."

She was right. I really wished I could go to the Cullens and tell Bella to shove the plane's tickets up her ass, but I was excited to be able to travel with Jacob and have a decent honeymoon. The honeymoon we should've had six years ago. The vacations we were supposed to have every damn year and couldn't because of the kids and because it was too damn expensive.

Six years ago, my wedding night was obviously ruined by Embry's imprint on Rebecca. We did have a pretty nice night after going home but then again we had to base our good memories only on sex and although I couldn't actually complain about Jacob's performance, it was just one night. Since then sex was our only escape route because with two kids to raise and jobs to keep we couldn't afford any different ways to have fun.

During the three years that Jacob took the Mechanics course in Seattle, I had refused financial help from the Cullens, except for the presents that they all bought for the twins, and I got a job in the La Push's Community Centre. My mum would stay with the kids so we didn't have to pay for children's day care.

After the course, Jacob decided to invest his savings purchasing old Mel's garage in La Push. Its previous owner had died and Jacob thought he could put the place back in business but he forgot to check for a lot of details and in the end our money was all gone and he was still trying to fix the damn place along with Quil and Embry. Fortunately, dumb and dumber got him a job in the Marina as the boat's mechanic because they also worked there.

So we really didn't have enough money to waste on vacations and since it was our sixth wedding's anniversary, and I had been constantly bitching about wanting to have a break, Jacob had accepted Bella's suggestion on offering us an all paid vacation's trip to Australia. I didn't really know why Bella was being so nice to us but I had found out when my mother told me the Cullens were also going to pay a vacation for Charlie and her in Spain.

Bella was a smart bitch, I mean leech. Every year the Cullens spend some time in their house in Dawson, Canada. They used to go to Mount Sima Resort to ski and snowboard. Things that vampires liked to do with the family together, go figure. Last year they invited us to go too but my pride didn't allow me to accept. The kids were devastated and Jacob didn't talk to me for two days.

This year, if we went to Australia and since Charlie and my mum were also going abroad, we had no one to stay with the kids and Bella knew that. She also knew I would never leave Harry and William with Rachel because she had just left the Hospital a few weeks ago after having her second child, Daniel. Rebecca was too stressed about getting her divorce's papers signed and taking care of her own child, five-year old David. As for my cousin Emily she had two children at home, Ella and Levi, so I couldn't ask her to take care of my sons either.

That left us with only one option: to ask the Cullens and, of course, they wouldn't refuse. They would love to have the kids with them for two weeks. Usually Harry and William visited their godparents on a regular basis. When the Cullens were in Forks they would go see them with Jacob two or three weekends each month, the leeches were allowed to visit us on the twin's birthdays, for Thanks Giving, Christmas and the New Year's Eve. Sometimes I also allowed the kids to go to the Cullen's mansion with Charlie and my mother, but that was just a bonus for the leeches.

Deep inside I wasn't afraid that the Cullens would hurt my children. They had proved to love them on several occasions, even Bella. The only thing that actually bothered me was that sooner or later the kids would realise that they were different because they didn't look older. I didn't know what we would tell them because we couldn't just tell two six year old children that their godparents were vampires.

Several hours later I was waiting for Jacob to arrive with the twins. I was setting the table for dinner when I heard the car pulling over.

"Mummy…look what Rose bought me." Harry said running over to me, excited with the new toy in his hands.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's a…laser sword from Star Wars."

"Nice. Go put it in your bedroom and wash your hands."

Jacob walked in that minute carrying an almost sleeping William. That was how much our kids didn't look alike. Physically they were a small size copy of their father but their personalities were totally different.

Harry was hyperactive and he was always happy and ready to play and run. The kid had some sort of a long life battery because he never got tired not even at night. In that aspect he was just like Jacob, although when he was angry, he had my temper.

William was the opposite. He was the quiet twin. Shy and well behaved. He had never thrown a tantrum and preferred to play in the computer or on the Xbox that Alice had bought him last year.

It was only after dinner that I decided to talk properly with Jacob. The kids were playing in their room and I wanted to set things straight about our trip to Australia.

"I know you don't approve this, but please Leah…think about it." He said before I could talk when I joined him in the living room. "We deserve a break, you said it yourself."

"I know…But why did you accept Bella's money?"

"Leah…We don't have money to pay it ourselves, do we? Bella was just trying to be nice."

"Sure…Do you know what she really wants?" I asked crossing my arms. "She wants to spend the Spring's Break with our kids."

"So what? They've been inviting us for so long…"

"You knew?"

"No, I didn't but I don't actually see anything wrong with it. We could've given the kids decent vacations if we had accepted their generosity before. I don't understand why we have to follow your decisions when your pride only makes things worse."

"Well we would be able to pay for our own vacations if you hadn't invested your freaking money in that good for nothing garage."

"I don't want to talk about that Leah…" He mumbled. "This is about you and your feud with Bella."

"I don't have a feud with Bella." I contradicted.

"If it's not a feud what is it? Are you still jealous? After six damn years?"

"Don't go there Jacob."

I really didn't have motives to be jealous. Bella had been a good friend since my children's first birthday. She hardly interfered in our lives during these six years and she treated the twins like her real nephews. But I guess I would never forget that she was Jacob's first love the same way Jacob still resented Sam for being mine.

"This was not just Bella's idea." He said.

"So…You're telling me that I should just swallow my pride, leave my children with the Cullens and go on vacations with you, right?"

"Yes. That's what I'm saying. Unless you don't want to spend time alone with me."

I glared at him. He knew that wasn't the case.

"What are their plans for the Spring's Break?" I asked.

"They're going to Mount Sima, as usual. They're going to meet Carlisle and Esme in Dawson first. The kids would love to go with them and I called Seth and asked him to go too."

I looked at him surprised.

"What?" He questioned. "I just knew you would probably do the same because you don't trust the Cullens and shit, so…I called your brother."

I trusted the Cullens. I mean as much as a wolf can trust a vampire. In six years, Carlisle had been the twins' doctor and I trusted the leech doctor completely. I trusted the others too but I would never admit it out of pride and principles. That was the main reason why I kept preventing the contact between them and my children. It wasn't lack of trust, jealousy or even fear, it was a question of principles.

"What did Seth say?"

"He agreed."

"I didn't know you were so desperate to go on vacations with me."

"Well, you are my wife. But if you're not interested I can always invite someone else…like Milena."

He touched a sour point and I frowned immediately. Milena was the reason I had thought about divorce for the first time after being married to Jacob for two years. She was taking his classes and tried to seduce him more than once. Things were kind of dense back then. It was also the first time I feared that Jacob could leave me for a younger woman. We fought almost every weekend for a year because of her.

"If you mention her name again, I swear I'll kill you and I'll hide your body so deep in the forest that no one will ever find it."

"Sorry." He grinned. "I guess I'm not the only one being desperate in this relationship…am I?"

Jacob was the master of love games but the teasing and taunting were very useful tools in our marriage besides being a major turn on.

"Let's tuck the boys in." He said taking my hand.

"Wait…I can't…not tonight." I said removing his hand from mine.

Jacob looked at me with a curious expression.

"You can't go put the children in bed?"

"Not that, idiot. I can't…you know…do the "s" word."

We never mentioned the word "sex" out loud in the house because of the kids.


"It's March and I forgot to buy the pill."

It looked like Carlisle Cullen was right about the wolves mating season. From January through April it was hard to control my desires around Jacob. The good news was that because he had claimed me, whatever that meant, the other wolves didn't feel attracted to me nor I felt any kind of attraction for them. The mating ritual only affected the alpha pair. The first three years of our marriage it was easy to control ourselves because he was in Seattle studying.

But when he was home for the weekends, the slightest touch could make us go wild, so Carlisle instructed us to control ourselves and try to interact together without close proximity, which would only happen at night, for the sake of the kids.

Because he suspected that I would get pregnant easily in that period, I had started to take the pill. After coming home permanently there was a time, two years ago, when we had a relapse and let ourselves be dominated by our inner wolves which made things got out of control. The twins had to go stay with my mother and Charlie for almost a month and after that we promised we would fight the desire and control ourselves in the future. Now we had things under control most of the times. We had finally submitted our inner wolves, or so it seemed.

"It's fine…we'll have plenty of time during our vacations…" He flashed me a cheeky smile that made my heart beat faster.

Six years of marriage and he still had that sort of power over me.

"When did I agree to go on these vacations?" I teased him.

"I find your attempts to resist me quite amusing, you know? Maybe I should sleep on the couch tonight."

"Maybe you should." I grinned. "I guess you'll need all your strength for next week."

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