Daddy's Little Cupid

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Chapter 1: Edward's POV

"C'mon dad… Nana's waiting dinner for us and I'm hungry!" Nessie yells as she runs to our front door. My sweet little princess was born almost 10 years ago. Her name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen, but she likes her nickname better. Nessie is an angel…most of the time…Her hair is just like mine, wavy with copper highlights… and her eyes are hazel, like her mom's were…and since my wife died from complications during childbirth, little Nessie has been my life. I've done everything I could to help her in and out of school…and I've done it with only the help of my parents and sister.

"Nana knows what time I get home, Ness, so she'll understand if we're late. Relax, sweetie." I say rolling my eyes. "You're definitely not going to go hungry."

"Duh, Dad… I know that! Look, I just got done with my homework and I wanna get over there quick so I can play with my baby cousin before he has to take his after dinner nap." She says rolling her eyes back at me.

"Ok, I guess I can freshen up over there. Let me grab a clean shirt. Take my keys and get in the car. I'll only be a minute." I say, thinking of my godson, little Hale Whitlock. Apparently it's a name that runs in my brother-in-law's family. Jasper and Alice had met in college and 'knew' they were soul-mates. When they graduated 2 years ago, they'd decided to get married and start having kids nice and early. Jasper is 25 and Alice is 24. My parents had been thrilled to have a grandson, but Nessie was still our little princess. So, I grab a plastic bag and stuff a clean shirt and my favorite facial cleanser into it. I set the alarm and run out the door to see Nessie waving shyly at the Burke house from the safety of the back seat of my Volvo. Our neighbor must be at the window, I think to myself, paying no mind to it.

My parents live just across town so it only takes 5 minutes to get there. As we pull up, my sister comes running out the door with her son in her arms. "Oh god, there's a bee! Oh, Edward…Save me from the bee! Kill it for me! You're always so good at that! Please…?"

"There's never a dull moment, huh?" I say to Nessie before running into the house. I know my mom's probably hiding since she and my sister are both deathly allergic to bee stings. Even Jasper can't catch and kill a bee as well as I can, so I'm always the hero in these cases. I sneak into the kitchen and see it right away. It's one of those annoying yellow-jackets and it's just sitting on the wall. I grab the fly swatter and swing.

Nessie has perfect timing as she opens the door just as I kill the thing. "C'mon, Aunt Ali, it's dead. Dad got it…as always. Now, it's time for dinner!"

She cautiously follows my daughter inside and places Hale into his highchair, not less than 10 feet from where the bee had been.

"Edward, did you get it, dear?" My mom's voice says from her bedroom.

"Yeah, mom, it's dead. You can come out now." I say. "It's safe."

Her door opens and she comes sweeping out. I hug her as she proclaims me her hero once again. "Your dad's been out in the yard BBQ-ing. Nessie, go and see if Grandpa is done yet."

The rest of the meal goes smoothly. Hours later, I realize that Nessie has school in the morning, so I say good-bye to my family and take her home to bed. "Bye, Mom…We'll see ya on Wednesday for dinner." I say as I kiss my mom good-bye.

She smiles and kisses my daughter, Nessie, good night. "Silly boy, you'll see me tomorrow night. I'm picking Ness up from school, remember?"

"Oh, that's right, I forgot!" I say, wondering where my head is at. Tomorrow is a PTA meeting and I had asked my mom and dad to watch her til late.

I drive us home and notice a U-haul truck parked in front of the next door neighbor's house. I guess the Burke family finally sold their house. It took them long enough…but who the hell was Nessie waving at when we left earlier if not Mrs. Burke? I'll have to go over tomorrow afternoon and introduce myself. Not only is that the neighborly thing to do, but I'll find out just who was going to be around my child. I pick my sleeping daughter up from the back seat and carry her to bed. As I tuck her in I take note of a few items that are out of place and straighten them up. Taking the dirty clothes to the laundry room, I also notice that one of the few family photos we own with my beautiful and loving wife, Nancy, is hiding on a shelf that's too low to see. I pick it up and stare at it for just a moment before placing it on my daughter's nightstand. I clean up the kitchen and take out the garbage.

As I step outside and then stroll down the driveway, I see a light turn on and the door opens at the old Burke place. I watch as a girl in glasses and old sweats walks out and unlocks the truck. Her brown hair is in a messy bun and she looks around 20 years old. I sigh in disappointment as I realize that she's way too young for me since I just turned 33 a few months back. I'm so busy watching her that I knock over my garbage cans making lots of noise. "Fudge!" I yell.

The girl is startled and looks over at me as I fall over. She smirks and puts down the box that she was carrying, and then she walks over to me. "Hi…I'm Bella Swan…I just moved in next door. Are you ok?" She says, leaning on my fence.

"Yeah, I'm fine…Bella… I just got distracted." I say, looking up at her.

"Well, maybe I'll see you around, Mr. …?" Bella says hopefully.

"Oh, sorry… Cullen… Edward Cullen." I answer her unasked question as I get up and brush myself off.

"Is that like 'Bond…James Bond…'? My dad always liked those 007 movies…" She smiles, but I sense the sadness behind it. "I used to watch with him…It was… our thing…"

I say nothing but wonder why she sounds that way. An awkward silence ensues until I realize I can start being neighborly right now. "Hey, listen… I'm pretty handy around the house… If you need any help with stuff… Don't hesitate to knock on my door… I mean, our door…I've got a ten year old daughter…Nessie would probably love to meet you."

She smirks again and nods. "Thanks… I'll remember that…I saw her when I got in this afternoon. She's cute… I love kids, so I'd love to meet her some time… Good night, Edward, it was very nice meeting you." Her hips sway slightly as I watch her walk back over to the box she'd put on the ground. She bends over, giving me a great view of her womanly bottom, then she picks it up properly and goes into the house leaving me with the biggest crush I've ever had in my life…

As I return to my house I feel the guilt start to crush me. I shouldn't feel that way, right? I've got the memory of Nancy… I've gotta think of Nessie. What would Nancy think of Bella…? No… I won't think of that. I miss my wife… I love my wife…I open the door and make my way to the kitchen where I find Nessie drinking a cup of water.

"What are you doing still awake?" I ask.

"I slept for a bit, but Mom woke me up…" Nessie says.

Startled, I stare at her. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about a dream, Dad. In the dream I was walking in a park. I'd never been to this park, but anyhow, I was walking along and I heard voices. I stopped to look and it was you and the new neighbor-lady…" She says. "She's pretty, right? Anyway, I sat on a bench and just watched you for a few minutes, when Mom came up behind me. You and the neighbor-lady walked away from us…"

I break in. "Her name is Bella, Nessie."

She rolls her eyes at me. "Fine…You and Bella walked away from us but I stayed to talk to Mom. She said that you might not want to do what's good for you this time. She said you'd try to tell yourself it was wrong, but you need to finally move on…"

"Ness… I…" I start, shocked.

"I see it happening, Dad. It's been 10 years. Mom's gone… You need someone that's here…" She walks over to me. "You need someone who's alive…to help you live…Please Dad…? For me…?" She kisses my cheek and goes upstairs to bed, leaving me extremely confused and strangely abandoned.

Bella's POV

It's been over an hour since I pulled into my new garage… at my new home. I'm feeling so proud of myself. I bought a home without anyone's help…except the bank, because I do have a mortgage, but I made enough in the last 3 years to have a decent down payment for this house.

I got a peek of my neighbors too, and I think it's probably a small family. I saw a gorgeous guy and a little girl get into a car. She looked around 10 but he looked about my age, which happens to be 28. I haven't seen his wife yet though… but a man who looks like him just can't be single. I don't have that kind of luck.

My brother Emmett pulled up with my U-haul truck just minutes after I waved to the cute little girl as her dad drove off. He helped me get some of the boxes into the house and he's staying over night to take the truck back tomorrow. I figure it won't take too long before I'm totally moved in. So I set up my room while Em took care of the guest room. Now he's sleeping and I need the box of bathroom stuff so I can shower before bed. I throw my glasses on and try not to care that I'm just wearing an old pair of sweats and a tank top because I don't want to put my contacts back in or get into my jeans for a 5 second trip to the truck. I walk out to the U-haul and unlock it. Finding the box I want is easy because I labeled everything myself. Suddenly, I hear a loud crash and someone yells the word fudge…like it's a curse.

Startled, I look in the direction of the noise as the DILF falls over his trash cans. I smirk and put down the box that I'd been carrying, and then deciding that there's no time like the present to meet the new neighbor I walk over to him and lean on his fence, saying, "Hi…I'm Bella Swan…I just moved in next door. Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine…Bella… I just got distracted." He says, looking up at me with the greenest eyes I've ever seen.

"Well, maybe I'll see you around, Mr. …?" I say hoping he'll give me a name to go with my new 'girl-time' fantasy.

"Oh, sorry… Cullen… Edward Cullen." He says answering my question as he gets up and brushes himself off.

Remembering how my dad and I used to have James Bond marathons, I smile sadly. "Is that like 'Bond…James Bond…'? My dad always liked those 007 movies…I used to watch them with him…It was… our thing…" *Before the Alzheimer's caused him to forget who Em and I are.*

He says nothing and an awkward silence occurs until he says, "Hey, listen… I'm pretty handy around the house… If you need any help with stuff… Don't hesitate to knock on my door… I mean our door… I've got a ten year old daughter… Nessie would probably love to meet you."

"Thanks… I'll remember that…" I smirk and nod. "I saw her when I got in this afternoon. She's cute… I love kids, so I'd love to meet her some time… Good night, Edward, it was very nice meeting you." I say as I turn to get my box and go inside. I walk back over to the box I'd gotten from the truck and bend over at the hip before remembering that the proper way to do it is to bend at the knees and lift with the legs. Finally I get into the house and close the door when my brother appears out of nowhere to scare me. "Emmett…! What the hell?"

"I woke up when I heard some voices through my window and so I peeked and saw you talking to the guy next door." He says. "I heard you say something about James Bond…"

I tell him about the way Edward introduced himself and he laughs until he remembers dad's condition too.

"Hey, didn't you and Dad…?" He says quietly.

I just nod and tell him that I'm going to bed now. Once I get into the shower, I start to think. I didn't see a ring on his finger…does that mean he's not married? Not necessarily… but it makes it less likely…right? I dunno… As these thoughts roam my head, I can't help but picture Edward and Nessie…I wonder what that's short for…I picture us walking along in a park and find myself wishing for impossible things.