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At this very moment in the town of Coeur d' Coeurs young Charlotte Charles, a.k.a. Chuck, was nine years, eleven weeks, six days, eighteen hours and twenty three minutes old. After her father's death and Ned's departure, young Chuck was feeling lonely and sad. Her aunts Lilly and Vivian, also known as "The Darling Mermaid Darlings", had given her bees and beehives in hope that she would eventually forget the Beaver Boy and move on with her life. Little did they know that in nineteen years, thirty-four weeks, one day and fifty-nine minutes they would lose their beloved niece. Forever…

Everything started out normal that Wednesday morning. Ned woke up before Chuck and watched as she was waking up. He liked watching her waking up but he would not tell her… Three hours, nine minutes and forty-six seconds had passed after that moment and it was already clear that this would be a different Wednesday.

"I have reasons to believe that there is no other way to go through this…" said Chuck. "We have to tell her the truth."

"No, we don't. Why do we have to tell her the truth? We don't have to tell her the truth. There's no point in telling her the truth. If we tell her the truth-" said Ned but Emerson

-obviously irritated- cut him before he was finished.

"Enough already! You said the word "truth" four times in the last five seconds! Now why do we have to tell her?" Ned opened his mouth. "Not you! I was asking the dead girl over here."

"How would you feel if you did anything you could to please your friends and they didn't seem to care about you not one bit?" said Chuck with a strange look on her face.

"First of all, I would feel fine! Been there, done that!"

"But- Really?" Chuck tried to protest but unsuccessfully.

"And second of all, what the hell is wrong with your face? You look… Strange."

"What's wrong with her face? Let me see. There's nothing wrong with her face. Now can we get back to the "tell her- not tell her" thing?" It was clear that Ned was not at all happy with Chuck's idea.

"What's up gang? What's you talking about? Tell who?" said Olive cheerfully as usual when she noticed that Ned, Chuck and Emerson were talking secretly -again- without including her.

"Hey, Olive." greeted Chuck.

"So? What's going on? Murder? Can I play?" said Olive without paying any attention to Chuck.

"If we wanted you to play, don't you think that we'd have already invited you?" responded Emerson with the usual tone he would always use when he was talking to Olive.



Olive hoped that Ned would say something like 'Of course you can play.' or 'You're our itty bitty, right?' but instead, Ned said something that made Olive feel like she had been feeling the last months that Chuck was around. Unwanted.

"Olive, please be a dear and go get me some more coffee, ok?"

"And a slice of the Triple Pie. A la mode." said Emerson.

"Ok… Chuck? What do you want? Strawberry? Raspberry? Cherry?" asked Olive while trying to hold up some tears.

"Nothing for me. Thanks." replied Chuck with a sympathetic tone and Olive left holding her pen and pad in one hand and wiping her cheek with the other.

"See what I'm talking about? We made her cry. I mean come on! That's cruel even for you Emerson!" said Chuck critically.

"Hey! You be nicer! And don't point me your finger!"

"Whatever! I'm telling Olive and that's final!" said Chuck and stood up.

"Chuck! Wait!" Ned wanted to stop her but he knew that he would kill her instantly. So, he didn't move.

"What are you gonna do? Stop me? How? You'll have to touch me to do that… I don't think you can touch me… You're not a murderer."

"Well, technically-"

"Here's your pie and your coffee." said Olive who appeared out of nowhere. "Can I ask who's a murderer or I'm not supposed to?" she asked but no one answered. "Ok. Got it…"

Olive could not understand why the three people she was so close to would always be so distant. Did she do something wrong? The only thing she wanted was to be included. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. She knew things about everyone that she wasn't supposed to but that didn't seem to change anything. Every single day she was feeling less and less as a part of their team…

"Olive!"shouted Chuck and grabbed her hand. "Can you come with me for a moment?" Olive looked at her confused.

"She's gonna do it isn't she? I knew it was a bad –no! A really bad idea to let her live!" Emerson was worried but he was also proud to be right once again.

"Emerson, you have expressed your opinion on this countless times."

"See what's happening now? The Dead Girl is going to tell everything to Little Big Mouth and then-What is it now?" he shouted when his phone started ringing. "Yes? Yes. No… Are you positive? No. Where? Ok. New case. Call the Dead Girl."

"Oh, now you want her with us?"

"Go and get her before she reveals everything to Olive!"

"Gees… Ok!"

"Oh and warn her that it's gonna be ugly!" he said and he looked the big half-eaten slice of Triple Pie a la mode in the plate in frond of him. 'One day, I want to eat a piece of pie like a normal person!' he thought while cutting a piece with his fork. Of course, in his opinion, money was far more useful than pie therefore he preferred some extra cash than some extra Triple Pie a la mode.

The facts were these: Young Ariel McCain was eleven years, one month, twelve weeks twenty-nine days and one minute old when she died. Her death was cruel. Her father appeared on the News earlier that day begging for help to find his daughter's killer. Olive would comment on the murder with the most well-aimed comment someone could make: "I hope whoever did this will rot in jail! Who kills a kid?" Everyone agreed…

"Ok. What I'm about to tell you, might seem strange and a bit like it was taken from a movie, but I swear it's a hundred percent true."


"About four months ago, there was a story on the News. The story of Lonely Tourist Charlotte Charles, who-"


"Ned? What…?"

"We have a case. Come on."

"What about me?" asked Olive with a last bit of hope inside her.

"You stay here. We can't close. It's just eleven o'clock…"

The smile on Olive's face did not go away. It stayed there. It became even bigger. It was an awkward smile that showed exactly how she felt when she heard the phrase 'You stay here.' Olive left the kitchen leaving Ned and Chuck alone.

"You… Didn't tell her, did you?"

"No… She still believes that I faked my death and I think that it will stay that way for some time…"

"Thank you… Telling her will probably put her life in danger and- Well, we don't want that…"

"No. We don't…"

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