"The most terrifying earthq (bzzt…) that shook the entire (bzzt…) of Tokyo…"

"Ungh…" Cerulean eyes squinted at the blustering sound of the TV, his brain still attempting to clear up the clouds of sleepiness undulating around his head.

"Many citizens, now homel (bzzt…), are living in temporary shelters donated by the govern (bzzt…), all of them shocked by the unexpected intensity of this earthquake. (Bzzt…) countries had already expressed their condolences as the Red Cross is (bzzt…) the loss of all Japanese people…"

Tanned hands rubbed his eyes sluggishly, a yawn escaping from his mouth afterwards. Arms were stretched wide accompanied with a contented grunt, sighing as he scratched his golden hair.

"Many homes, buildings and shopping centers were destroyed, (bzzt…)"

The blond groaned at the sounds of interference and moved to turn the television off, still not satisfied with his sleep interrupted. However, at the moment his finger was hovering around the off button, his eyes widened at the familiar image displayed on screen.

"Unexpectedly, the century old Mitsukoshi, a building in possession of Uchiha Corpor (bzzt…) and was in means of reconstruction, had survived this terrible fate even tho (bzzt…) some floors are severely damaged."

The blond man quickly shook the other lump of bed covers situated next to him. "Oh my god! Sasuke! Sasuke, Sasuke, wake up!"

An annoyed voice answered him. "Ugh…shut the fuck up usuratonkachi, my head—! Lem'me sleep…"

"No, you Bastard, wake the fuck up!"

A sharp glare suddenly glinted in the midst of covers as the voice continued. "Naruto, this better be worthy." Spiky black hair appeared from all the amount of fabric, altogether with a handsome, aristocratic face that was frowning.

"Asshole, just look at the building on TV!" Naruto pointed excitedly.

Sasuke rubbed one of his eyelid with his knuckle. "…so?"

"The earthquake is over! I mean, fuck, we're alive!"

In an instant, onyx eyes snapped open. "We're alive?" Sasuke repeated.

"Yeah! We're alive!" Naruto laughed cheerfully.

"We're alive!" Sasuke shouted relieved.

"We're alive!" Naruto immediately hugged Sasuke in reflex, the latter returning the hug with equal willingness. Then, as if they had received an electrical shock, they both bolted to opposite sides, staring incredulously at each other open-mouthed.

It was in this moment Naruto realized his state of undress. And Sasuke's equal state of undress. The questioned clothes haphazardly thrown all over the room. The fact that they were sharing a bed. And finally, about last night's turn of events that, as memories were rushing inside their brains, provoked this whole state of affairs.

"Many are now concentrating in their tasks to find any survivor in Mitsukoshi center, as it was rumored that Uchiha Sasuke, the youngest son of the current president of Uchiha Corporation and the future heir of Uchiha Corporations, was last seen visiting this place…"

A long silence stretched between them inside the room, the only sound coming from the buzzing TV as they slowly realized their very compromising position.

Naruto broke it first, muttering. "Oh crap."


2 months ago…

The pristine reflection of the bathroom mirror showed sun-kissed hands, frantically adjusting his orange bowtie for the hundredth time. He knitted his eyebrows into a pained frown, staring at his anxious blue eyes. With a groan, Naruto cupped some water with his hands and washed the cold sweat gathering on his forehead, sighing in aggravation. He closed his eyes, slowly gathering his nerves before, with another huff, he turned around and opened the door.

"How many minutes are left until they arrive?" Naruto muttered to his boss, looking at his watch.

"Two or three minutes…" Sarutobi inhaled another amount of smoke from his cigarette and chuckled. "Don't worry about it Naruto-kun, everything will be fine."

Naruto gulped dryly, nodding, before responding. "Well, it's natural that I would get this nervous, after all, we're meeting the president of the Uchiha Corporation, I mean—they probably manufacture every little thing we use, from toothbrush, chair and notebooks to even my underwear!"

"Relax Naruto-kun…" Sarutobi smiled in an attempt to comfort the young man. "I've known Fugaku-kun since he was an infant, we're very good, old friends." He paused slightly chew on the cigarette. "He…may be someone difficult to manage at the start, but after you get used to him, everything will go ok."

"Well, it's not me who knows him for so long, so who knows if I'll be incinerated alive if I say something inappropriate." Naruto muttered quietly enough so Sarutobi wouldn't catch his words, but a brunet wearing a pointy ponytail noticed.

"No need to freak out, Naruto. After all I'm sure Sarutobi will do all the negotiations, while we only pass through the whole presentation, just saying some words here and there." Shikamaru patted the blonde's hair mockingly, also awaiting their arrival.

"'m not used to important occasions and meetings. That's why I prefer to stay in my office on the computer doing my work…." Naruto rebutted, rubbing his palms to dry the gathered sweat.

"Sarutobi trusts your abilities and competency, that's why he wants you to meet these renowned people, to get in touch with them and discuss the projects. Sooner or later, I believe you'll be asked to join the board of directors. So start getting used to this."

"Sarutobi also trusts you, since you're also attending this meeting." Naruto pointed out, receiving a careless shrug in response. "What the hell? Aren't you also nervous about it? I'm so fucking nervous that my whole body is shaking from it!"

"I'll just keep a low profile and everything will be fine." Shikamaru answered, as both straightened up when they heard the door opening.

"Ah…Fugaku-kun, it's so nice to meet you after such long time…" Sarutobi readily opened his arms to give a heartfelt hug, in which Fugaku responded albeit a little stiffly.

Naruto couldn't help but to snort inwardly, Japanese people and their whole rigidness. Although Sarutobi was speaking with Fugaku in Japanese and Naruto and Shikamaru understood this language, the young men were born in the USA. Sarutobi immigrated over there thirty years ago, acclimating with western closeness and warmness durint that time.

The older men continued to talk about idle things as they moved to sit at the conference room table, with Naruto and Shikamaru following after them. Another Japanese man was walking a little behind Fugaku, half of his body wasn't visible but Naruto assumed maybe it was his secretary, translator or something of this sort. When Fugaku presented the brunet to Sarutobi, the latter answered:

"I see! Sasuke-kun huh? Wow, I remember when you used to be this small—" Sarutobi laughed fondly, raising his hand to mess with his dark hair. "I want to present the chief architects that will be responsible for your project." Both young men snapped to attention as they prepared to greet their future clients.

Sarutobi gestured towards them with his hand. "Naruto Uzumaki and Shikamaru Nara."

It was suddenly then that Naruto saw him. The whole world tilted around them, all sounds were being muffled, his vision narrowed to only one man. He observed sharp onyx eyes with long eyelashes, oval shaped face that gave a delicate allure but still maintaining a masculine appearance, pale smooth skin, contrasting greatly with his midnight silky hair. Broad shoulders complemented the perfect physique that fit like a glove the expensive suit, with his head held high and perfect posture, reflecting years of well-bred living in high class societies.

Every cell, every inch of his being was concentrated to gaze upon that man, his every sense focused to only one thought…:

If he'd have met such an attractive man earlier in life, he'd have embraced his newly-found bisexuality long time ago.

Naruto's fantasies were quickly broken into many pieces when, with a scornful snort, the young brunet turned to Fugaku and said in Japanese:

"What? That's Uzumaki Naruto? He's just a stupid, dumb-looking blond brat, otou-san."

The blond snapped with a growl.



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