Hello dear readers/writers! Here is a small peak at my new fave book X3

I so wish I owned these characters, but I don't...

"Who gives a flying ass about a schedule when we're on a vacation?" Blayne boomed out as she sneered down at the handwritten list of things to do, with times and everything. Why couldn't they just go on the ice or go running… yeah running, they could go- "We won't be able to do all the things we planned to do when we came to visit" Bo stated, snatching his schedule back from her hands, his eyes flickering gold then back to blue in annoyance, "and I did promise a run for you every three hours".

Blayne pouted but nodded… giving him those puppy dog eyes… Bo stared down at her, the Lion in him settling down and the Bear in him letting out a sigh of defeat.. Damn that hybrid wolf dog. He, a Bear-cat hybrid had no chance against his mate. "Fine, every two hours, but no tearing up Grigori's couch or table.

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