"Welcome to Haven, Dean Winchester, I hope you like the unexplainable and supernatural."

It was a habit these days to welcome the new comers, hoping they wise up and turn the hell around (one less person to worry about), and it helped when some of them turned out to be hot guys.

(not that I don't have the pick of the crop here in Haven)

"Miss Parker, I live for it."

He flashed me that million dollar smile of his, and I made a promise to never let him know that I melted a bit that first time, and we started our little tour of this strange town.

('and this is where I almost died, also there, oh and of course right there.')

"Well, good for you, Winchester, I hope that doesn't go away thanks to this little town of mine."

I could tell that this one town wouldn't break that need to figure it out, sadly mine is still very much intact, because he had the same look in his eyes that I see in the mirror.

(maybe this new comer will stay around and be new alone side me)

"It would take a whole lot to do that, Audrey, and I'm guessing you're the same."

It was comforting to finally have someone around that shares the same impulses as me, and I'm guessing it won't be long before he gets to use them.

(the 'troubles' tend to pop up whenever you don't want them to)

"That's why I'm still here and not going anywhere anytime soon."

Already after a few months of Haven, trying my best to tame the troubles and knowing that it's impossible, I was already looking into a house in this crazy town of mine.

(those hotels of mine are getting a little too small for my taste)

"I'll have to remember that, Parker, the next time I find myself in this lovely town of yours. I'm always up for a mystery to sink my teeth into."

Already a few of those lovely mysteries were coming into my head, hoping he would come and solve them with me, and I was jonesing to get started on them.

"Truth me, Dean, you're not the only one."