These are three short stories about Zoro in high school. Each story or one shot is set in a different AU. So they will include AxZ MxZ SxZ! YAY!


Roronoa Zoro took a deep breath before he entered the classroom that was already bursting with students. Walking into the classroom he didn't say hi to any of his classmates and didn't expect to hear any to him. He walked to the back of the room and took the seat that was isolated from the rest. Sitting down in the seat, a sigh escaped his lips as he thought of another year wasted at school. He looked at the people who would share this class for the next school year. Most of them were familiar faces he knew since last year.

He saw Nami and Vivi discussing their summer vacations. Bored of the conversation, he turned his attention to a rather loud voice that belonged to Usopp. He was telling an over exaggerated story about his summer to eager listeners Kaya and Luffy. He was good friends with Luffy but, the other two he didn't care much about. Taking one last look Zoro decided to get some sleep and promptly closed his eyes. Just in time too since a certain love sick idiot barged in yelling his love for the girls in the class.

He laid his head down and closed his eyes hoping he would sleep the class away. He heard the dartbrow mutter something about a shitty marimo and had to restrain himself from yelling an insult. Zoro was distracted by the tardy bell and soon heard silence as the class waited to see their teacher. The silence was tensed as they soon heard heels hitting the floor. A woman teacher they all thought. The smell of strong perfume was smelled as the heels headed to the class direction. The class heard "mellorine" in a love struck voice that was stopped by a punch from Nami. They all leaned in their seats to see the first image of their teacher. The heels stopped and with a leap the teacher presented Himself.

"I am Mrs. Bon Clay and I am your home studies teacher." a thin man in a tutu that showed off his rather hairy legs as he leapt across the classroom. He stopped and stared at his classroom that all had sweat drops and mouths hanging. Well except one man who was asleep in the back.

"First things first pick your partners for your first project that begins right NOW" He shouted.
The students began to walk slowly to their friends but were stopped short as Mrs. Bon Clay continued

"This partner will be your spouse for this project that will last for three days."

Immediately the boys direction changed as a mad chase went for the girls. By the time the chaos settled Zoro finally woke up from his nap with a grunt. The classroom had an entire different view that when he last saw it. He saw that all his classmates were now paired with the other sex.
To prove his point he saw Luffy paired with Vivi, Usopp with Kaya, and Nami with an Ecstatic Sanji. Everyone of his classmates has partners except him. He felt someone jump next to him and almost leaped out of his skin, when he saw the ugliest woman he had ever seen in front of his face.

With a twirl he said "Ah Rorona-chan it seems you have no partner and it seems we are out of students. Oh my what shall we do, what shall we do"

Before he could say anymore a knock on the door was heard. The class' attention was turned to the unexpected visitor and watched as a boy walked through the door. All the girls wished that they switch their partners for the smoking hot boy in front of them . All the boys noticed the girls leaning on their desk towards the visitor and immediately felt intimidated by the new student. Well except one.
"ACE" Luffy screamed as he flung from his seat and latched himself on the new student.

The class immediately began to whisper as they wondered how the two knew each other. The question was answered as Ace finally spoke "Oh man I'm going to have Home studies with my little brother, this is going to be an interesting year." Ace looked up and met eye contact with Zoro and an entire different look came upon his face. A smirk spread across his face and it spread wider as he saw Zoro hastily look away with a tint of pink in his cheeks.

"Oh I was hoping for a girl student to even the pairs but unfortunately it is a very attractive boy" Mrs. Bon clay whined

"What are the pairs for" Ace asked as he walked to the only available seat, which fate decided was right next to Zoro.

"Spouses for a marriage project" Luffy chirped up as he wrapped his arm around Vivi to make his point. Vivi blushed heavily at the show of affection which got the class laughing.

"Spouses eh" Ace said with mischief. The class watched as he leaned down on Zoro's desk stopping inches away from his face. The classroom was tensed as they wondered what was going to happen. In a volume that could only be heard from them ,and Mrs. Bon Clay, Ace asked in a lust filled whisper

"Ne Zoro you want to become my lover for a few days"

Bon Clay began to laugh and twirl in a frenzy while the rest of the class stared at the two in the back. They were oblivious to what Ace had whispered but everyone can see Zoro's whole face blush. Immediately the girls leaned over their partners to whisper to each other.

"So since everyone has partners by the end of this project each of you will present what you have learned."

Everyone processed what their teacher had said and realized that Ace and Zoro would be partners. Some girls began squealing while Sanji laughed loudly. After the girl stopped squealing and a glare was shot at Sanji the class became silent.

Bon Clay leaped to the front of the room and dished out a bowel filled with scraps of paper. "To make things more fun some partners will have a baby to care for. These babies will act just like a real one and will be needed to be taken care of just like a real one. Come now one partner from each group grab a piece of paper."

One by one partners would grab a piece of paper from a bowel. Only four groups picked out the papers that had a doodle that resembled a baby. Usopp and Kaya picked out a baby boy while Luffy and Vivi picked out a girl. At this time Mrs. Bon Clay presented out the babies that were programmed to act just like a real baby. Turning the babies on, the boys held the dolls at arm's length as they started to cry. They stood there while the class laughed. Sanji went next and everyone guessed he had picked a baby since he went into a frenzy over Nami-san and him being a "papa".

Ace was going next but Zoro cut him off and walked to the bowel. He stared at the numerous pieces of paper and hoped one would not have a doodle on them. He stuck his hand in the bowel and snatched a piece of paper. Turning his back to everyone he opened the paper and stared at the contents. Everyone knew what the paper had in it as they heard Zoro curse and rip the paper to shreds. "What gender is your baby Zoro-Chan" Mrs. Bon Clay asked while trying to hold his laughter back.

"A girl" Zoro muttered

"Whoo Hoo I'm a father" Ace yelled from the back. The whole class laughed at the comment but stopped as the bell rang. Zoro was the first one out as he fled the room his face flushed. He had no idea where he was going but he just walked to cool himself down. When he finally calmed down he found himself on the school roof. Stupid Ace. Why would he make me his partner. God sometimes he's just so stupid. Zoro thought. He went on cursing Ace that he was too busy to hear the footsteps.

Ace finally found Zoro on the rooftop mumbling to himself and heard his names a couple times in the gibberish. Wanting some fun with Zoro, he decided to creep onto him. He silently walked in the back of Zoro and gave the man a wet, open mouthed kiss in his ear. He ran his tongue inside his ear and nibbled at the tip. He moved back and watched in amusement as color ran to Zoro's face. He loved the way Zoro would blush just by a simple ear kiss.

"I'm still mad at you Ace" Zoro pouted

"I'm sorry Zoro but I couldn't resist." Ace laughed. He stopped laughing as that only Zoro even madder. He sat down next to Zoro and rubbed his head against his chest. He repeated this motion until Zoro looked at him. This was when Ace pulled his puppy look and stared at Zoro. Zoro stared at Aces pathetic look and couldn't help but smile and forget his anger. Greeted by his smile Ace straightens himself and pressed his lips against Zoro's. Zoro tried to pull away but Ace tenderly bit his lip which made Zoro moan a little. Ace grinned and deepen the kiss. He pressed his tongue against Zoro's lips asking for permission. To his dismay Zoro stopped kissing back and turned his head away. "Not here Ace" Zoro said quietly

Ace knew he went too far and was mad at himself for once again going over the line. He stared at Zoro and grinned "Fine I'll wait when we get home then Wifey"

Zoro rolled his eyes and scooted himself away from Ace mockingly. Ace laughed and pecked him on the cheek as an apology. Zoro smiled back and rested his head on Aces chest. "Did you bring the kid with you" Zoro asked. His question was answered by Aces silence. Zoro shot his head up to see Aces surprised face.

"You lost the doll already" Zoro scolded. Ace's head snapped back and snores followed.
"Oh no asshole don't me give me that fake sleep act"

Yeah just fluff in this chapter but next one is going to be a lot of fun (if you know what I mean) ^_^