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A Fig

Gazzy walked into the main room of the new house with intent eyes. His prey was Max first. And Iggy second if she wasn't going to pay attention to him. Then Nudge and maybe Angel after that. Fang would have to be a last resort. Since he was Fang and all.

"Hey, Max?" asked the fifteen year old girl with the brown, dirty blonde streaked hair. He tried to keep his big blue gaze as innocent as possible.

She spun around from the computer desk and pulled the headphones out of her ears after clicking the pause button on the Angels and Airwaves song. She had suddenly found the band utterly addictive. Especially their song "The Adventure". "Yeah, Gaz?" asked Max, leaning towards him to show that he had her full attention. "What's up?"

He smiled at her politely. "Do you want a fig?"

A slight expression of confusion crossed her features but cleared up again quickly after as she regained her composure. "No thanks," Max replied, voice soft. "I'm good."

So The Gasman turned to Iggy who was sitting on the couch. "A fig for the Ig?" he offered his best friend in the whole wide world, staring at the tall blind kid with the biggest smile on his face that he could muster without messing up his cute little nine year old face.

"Nah, I'm good," said Iggy, just staring blankly at the pages of a magazine that Nudge had given him to read. She forgot sometimes that he was blind because he acted so normal, but when she did realize he wasn't reading it, she suggested that he try to feel the color.

That worked for him. Good enough, anyways.

"You sure?" asked Gazzy. He really didn't want to have to go to Nudge. It would either be a nightmare or pure gold.

"Yeah." Iggy's fingers ran over the sleek, shining pages of the magazines a bit more. "I'm fine, but thanks for asking." He actually seemed intent on the magazine.

With a short, exasperated sigh, Gazzy made his way over to Nudge. She was sitting near the window, the light making her almost caramel colored skin glow in the sun's shining rays. "You want a fig?" he asked her, voice bright and cheery.

"Is it sugary?" she asked, neglecting to look up at him. Instead, she was poring over fashion magazines. Suddenly, they were becoming a trend in the new house. Gazzy shook his head, trying to ignore how weird it was. And if Fang started on it... He suppressed a shudder.

"No," came Iggy's reply. He didn't look from his magazine either. Not like he had to...

Nudge looked up at Gazzy now. "Then no. Sorry, Gaz." Her eyes found his for a mere moment before she looked back at her fashion magazine to read about the latest hairstyles in Europe.

Gazzy wasn't sure how long he could hold up against Angel. He wasn't even sure where she was really. So plan B.


All he got was a glare in the form of dark obsidian colored daggers from the raven-haired teen.

"Okay then..." Gazzy let out a long sigh. "So no one wants a fig?" he asked the whole room again, knowing Max still hadn't turned on her music yet and Iggy and Nudge could hear him. And Fang... Yeah.

"If one of us has a fig, will you be happy?" asked Max, watching him with her intent eyes.

Gazzy nodded quickly, finally glad to be getting his way for once. His expression was eager and smiling and overjoyed.

Max just gave him a small grin. "Alright, give it here." She held out one long, slender hand, palm facing up towards the ceiling. "I'll have one just to make you happy, Gaz."

"Oh, I don't have one."

Max groaned. "Gazzy, you're such a weird little boy..."

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