Finally! My first Digimon Fanfic…This is actually a crossover of 2 Digimon Seasons, but I'm not yet gonna tell the other one for suspense! Hahaha! (I think this story is late… It's set in Christmas…but it doesn't matter! UPDATE: It's September already! SO CHRISTMAS IS REALLY NEAR! OH YEAH!) Anyways, what I can only say is that I have 3 OCs (Original Characters), but they'll appear for about some chapters later…Just for you to know, I am used to the Filipino Dub, so I'll follow their names there…(But not all! I use a mix of Japanese & English names, for I just pick names that are better [and what I prefer!] for each version. I mostly use Japanese terms for the Chosen Children…)

Full summary: It was almost the perfect Christmas day for the Chosen Children when suddenly Takeru has gone missing when he was caught in an accident! Hikari went desperately to the Digi-World to find him, but everything seems completely different now... Everything's new: new Digimons, new Friends, a new threat, and even a new legend! 10 Digimons of the Legend expects Hikari's help... But what has all of these things have to do with Takeru? Find out!

By the way, this is set in the Episode 38 of 02! In other words, it's like a remake of the episode… I'll just say the timeline of the other (secret!) season in the next chapter! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon & its characters, for the exception of 3 OCs (Original Characters) that will appear later on in this story.

"An Irreplaceable Gift"

Original (Original Version, from the notebook) & Sub-chapter Title - Chapter 1: "The Mysterious Disappearance"

It was a very peaceful day…7 days left before Christmas, and everyone was busy preparing for the holy day. They had their own things to do for the whole day, and everybody was very excited for it, especially Daisuke.

-Dec. 18- -Motomiya Residence-


Chibimon: "That" what?

Daisuke: The Chocolates I bought for Hikari! Where is it?

Chibimon: Well…. I sorta, kind of-

Daisuke: WHAT?

Chibimon: …ate it.

Daisuke: So what I worked hard for a year will end up in smoke? How frustrating…

Chibimon: Actually, you didn't even work hard for it, and I know that you only got your money from the allowance your mother gives you.

Daisuke: B-but -

Chibimon: And you put that where I should be getting my chocolates! Also, the one that was wrapped was your chocolate, instead of Hikari's gift & I didn't know that!

All of a sudden, Daisuke turned white & melted like ice…

Chibimon: Poor Daisuke…

5:29 PM –Yagami Residence-

Yamato, Taichi & Hikari & all the others were preparing the things needed for the Christmas Party. Well, for the exception of Takeru.

Yamato: This is a very tiring task to do.

Taichi: Not just tiring, it's EXHAUSTING! I'm dying over here! How can carrying dozens & hundreds of gifts be so easy?

Hikari: Come on, oniichan. I know you two can carry all of that with your super-strong bodies, right? You're not that weak.

Taichi & Yamato: THIS IS NOT WHAT LIKE YOU THINK OF, HIKARI! Oh, and we're really not weak. Thanks!

Hikari: By the way, Yamato-san, where is Takeru-kun?

Yamato: Oh, him? He said that he's going to do something important today. He won't tell me what he was going to do…

Hikari: I understand… But I'm sure he'll be safe if he brought Patamon with him!

Taichi: I hope so… Ne, let's go on with this already! (If we could just call the others to help, we'll just loaf around here doing nothing! Hehehe…)

5:30 PMOdaiba Streets-

Takeru was actually going out to buy something important for the party… but Patamon was not with him. Still, Takeru was really serious in what he was doing, so he didn't mind Patamon not accompanying him at all.

Takeru: Hmm… This isn't still the best one I could find… Well, I should try my luck on this one.

He searched for what he wanted, but, alas, it's still not there. But Takeru was optimistic: he was frustrated to he came up with, but the Child of Hope said….

Takeru: This may not be the one I wanted, but if given whole-heartedly, it may be the perfect gift!

-At the shop…-

Takeru: Umm, could I please request to make a necklace with this pattern?

Oh, and please put up this message too.

Salesman: Sorry kid, but I'm afraid that we cannot accept requests now.

Takeru: But, sir, I searched all day long for this! I don't want my effort be worthless of this after doing my best! Please understand…
Salesman: You know, If I were you, I'd rather give up & find a simpler one. That would be better.

Takeru: But that thing is special…

Salesman: Now, you heard what I said, go home & give up already! IT'S JUST A SIMPLE GIFT!

Takeru: "…"

Y-yeah… Only…. A gift….

Takeru walked out of the store with much frustration. He was so desperate to get a gift for that person, but why?

Takeru: A…gift… Just a simple gift, right..? But, it's not just any gift… It's a special one that can last for a lifetime… But what I did only ended in smoke, so why should I continue? I don't know what to do…

While Takeru keeps on talking about the gift in despair…

Takeru: There's no chance that anyone will appreciate a cheap gift…

…The traffic light turned green, but Takeru at that time was still walking on the pedestrian lane!

Takeru: I can't do it… HUH?

A car was already speeding up to move when the driver lost control of it, as the brake got broken. The car was going towards Takeru, quickly moving, and CRASHED to the lamppost where Takeru stood next!

Driver: Kid, are you okay? I'm really sorry, my brake lost control and-

Passenger: Sir, uh, there's no one in sight, and there's no kid here whom you're apologizing to.

Driver: Eh? B-but, I saw him just before I crashed with my own bare eyes! There's no way that he can slip out of this sudden situation!

Passenger: Actually, I saw that kid too, but when we crashed into that lamppost, he disappeared in the nick of time. That was really strange…

Salesman: [Goes out of his store] Hey, kid, I've decided that I'll make your- Huh? W-what happened?

Driver: Well, I lost control of my brake and the traffic light unexpectedly turned to green… At that time, the kid was crossing the road, then we accidentally crashed to the lamppost where he was standing! Mysteriously, that kid wasn't there, like there's no trace of him!

Salesman: It's my fault… I should've granted his request a while ago… Too bad for him…

9:51 PM –Yagami Residence-

All the other Chosen Children were really worried about Takeru still not going home. Daisuke was also worried, just for the sake of Hikari being impressed by him. Yamato was really out of himself, while Hikari was very quiet.

Sora: Y-yamato…

Yamato: B-believe that he wasn't in danger! I know he'll come back home safely…

Taichi: You know what, guys, rather than worrying about him all day, let's just lounge around here while waiting for him. He should be able to come back safely! Now, let's just watch TV…

Taichi got the remote & turned on the TV. The first thing they saw was breaking news. Listening attentively, all of them quickly went near the television to know what the latest news is all about.

Reporter: Breaking News! Just this afternoon, approximately around 5:35 PM, an incident occurred in Odaiba.

Jou: Hey, wait, I know that place… It's near here…

Reporter: This involves a child, of about the age of 11, was crossing the street when the traffic light flashed green. One driver had the brake suddenly broke, and so he lost control & crashed to the lamppost near the said child. As expected, the child should be injured & seen where he car collided with him, but mysteriously, there is no sign of the child. Only the damaged car is seen here.

Driver: I really saw him walking then we were moving towards him! Then he suddenly gone into thin air!

Salesman: He requested that I make a custom necklace for his friend… but I rejected it. I think that gift has a great significance to him…

Koushiro: An 11-year old kid huh… that mysteriously disappeared when he was about to be crashed by the car…

Reporter: What does the child look like?

Salesman: Well… As what I remember when he went inside my shop, this kid had blonde hair…

Miyako (I'll refer to her as Kyo): Blonde hair…

Salesman: Wears a green, long sleeved shirt with a vest on top..

Iori: "Green long-sleeved shirt" …?

Salesman: Has sapphire-colored eyes…

Ken: Blue eyes…. What?

Salesman: …And wears a white hat.

Daisuke: WHITE HAT? Oh yeah! Takeru's –

Hikari: How dare you say that! He's indefinitely the victim of this accident! He will come back! He's probably just missing…

Taichi: Hikari…

Daisuke: G-gomenasai… I didn't control my feelings so I said what I've said…

Hikari didn't believe all of what happened. She always thought that her best friend Takeru would not be in danger. Because of that, she didn't say a word & went inside their bedroom and blurted only these words:

Hikari: Takeru's… not… dead…

Kyo: Look at what you did, Daisuke! Now Hikari will probably HATE you more…

Daisuke: H-hey! It's not my fault that Takeru was caught in an accident! B-but... Hikari? HATING ME? Aww, SNAP! [Wilts]

Later, Taichi went near Hikari to comfort her. But still, Hikari was so motionless…

Taichi: I know how you feel Hikari. Let's just accept the truth.

Hikari: "…"

Taichi: Also, just for your sake…I will not let you go to the Digi-World all by yourself. You know… Takeru's… not here, so I'll only let you go when your friends are with you, okay?

Hikari: [in a feeble tone] He's not dead, oniichan… He's just… lost…

Taichi: Okay, okay, fine! Takeru's not dead, only missing. But still, I'll only allow you to go alone for a certain period of time, like, let's say… an hour. Deal?

Hikari: If so… I'm going to find him now.

Taichi: Hey, wait, Hikari! It's 10:00 in the evening… It's too late to go outside now. Let's sleep now.

Hikari: B-but… A-alright…

It was morning. Taichi told about Hikari's new rule to everybody else. Daisuke listened attentively to it, and, in the classroom, he always had his eyes on Hikari, even though he wasn't listening to the lecture…

-Dec. 19 - Classroom-

Hikari: [whispering] I must… find him…before it's too late…

Teacher: So, who wants to answer? Anyone?

Hikari: He's just… here somewhere…

Daisuke: (What is she thinking now? Ooh… If she got caught by our teacher, we're screwed!)

Teacher: Hmm? Hikari, are you saying something? Ms. Yagami? Are you still paying attention?

Hikari: "…"

Daisuke: Uhh… sir, ah, she's just, um, counting something! Yeah! A-and it's nothing sir! I saw her, hehe…

Teacher: Okay, I understand. [the bell suddenly rings] Oh, and look at the time! Class dismissed!

Daisuke: [hurriedly catches up with her] Hey, Hikari! How 'bout I walk you home? That'll be great!

Hikari: No thanks, Daisuke. I appreciate your concern, but I can go home by myself…

As Hikari walks past the main school gate, she was talking about something…

Hikari: If Takeru was here… No. I can do this without him. I would just go home by myself, and that's a simple thing to do…

While walking, Hikari decided to rest on a bench nearby. There, she spent time for herself & thought about Takeru.

Hikari: Demo… Why do I seem frail without his presence? This is the first time I felt like this…

Daisuke, all this time, was following Hikari. He wanted to guard Hikari in place of Taichi & to steal Takeru's role, and so he was really determined in doing that.

Daisuke: * Huff, huff * W-what is she thinking again? TAKERU AGAIN? Hmm… I better listen & hide behind those bushes!

Hikari: Of course, he'll return safely! But the others are worried about him, too, for the exception of Daisuke. Oniichan said that he can't find him anywhere in Odaiba but… [thinks for a while] …Ah! Wait…

Daisuke: I'm worried too! Kind of…

Hikari: [In an optimistic tone] If he's not in our world, then he might be in the Digital World! It might seem impossible to find him there but… There's nothing bad in trying!

Daisuke: (WHA?) Hikari-chan, matte yo!

In a blink of an eye, Hikari rushed back to school to open the Digital Gate. Daisuke did not manage to keep up with her, but continued to follow her tracks.

Daisuke: HIKARI, WAIT!

Hurriedly going to the computer room, Hikari quickly got her D-3 & opened a random portal to the Digital World.

Hikari: I must hurry before anyone sees me… Well, here goes! Digital Gate, open!

Daisuke: STOP!

He was too late. As he exclaimed that, Hikari was sucked in the Digital Gate. Too bad!

Daisuke: NOOOO! But… I remember about Taichi's rule… Will I say this to him, or not? But, Hikari forgot her Digi-cam back at the bench! Good thing I got a shot of her for evidence… I think I better say this to Taichi-san! (Sorry, Hikari-chan…)

Now with Hikari in the Digital World, what will happen to her, now that Tailmon's not by her side? And... could Hikari find Takeru in there? Many dangers will threaten Hikari's life in the Digi-World! What will happen to her next? The next chapter is: "Meet the Frontier!" The gate to a new adventure opens!

The Japanese words you've might not know…

*Oniichan – Big Brother

*ne - Hey

*Demo – But

*Matte yo- wait

I've used the last words in the Digimon Adventure 02 preview! Well... That suited the events... ;)

Hmm… It's so suspenseful about what could have really happened to Takeru, right? And Hikari being so worried to him… Well, this is all for now for the first chapter! Pls. leave a review for this chapter! And, chapter 2 will be up sometime! Stay tuned for it! Good day! ^_^