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Original Chapter Title – Chapter 5: "Hope & Light can make Miracles!"

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Sub-Chapter Title – Chapter 14: "Time is Running! The Peaceful End"

Getting the Digi-Spirits of the Legendary Warriors, including the Spirits of Darkness, the true form of the evil Dark Warrior revealed himself, as Kouichi Kimura. He was weakened as he descended to the ground, unconscious… And the Spirits were returned back to their respective partners.

Kouji: K-kouichi… [runs over to Kouichi]

Takuya: He… he's the one back then! I saw him before I returned back to the Real World as Flamemon… I know he's the one who followed you… back at the Shibuya Train Station…

Kouichi: [regains consciousness] W-what was I doing…?

Kouji: Kouichi… I'm glad you're okay…

Takuya: Yeah! He is the one from before! I'm sure of it!

Kouichi: W-wait… that guy… The one wearing blue clothes, has blonde hair and with the lance & eyewear…

F.A: *Huff… huff… huff…* [suddenly loses balance, uses his lance to support his body] U-ungh…

S.A: [clutches her stomach] Takeru-kun… We did our best & won, didn't we…?

F.A: Yeah, we really did… And, if our friends are not by our side, we wouldn't be able to do this… Because everyone's hopes are my hopes…

S.A: Then it means that the light of others is my light, too… We've said that before, when we were configured into data 3 years ago, right…?

F.A: Un… We've been through a lot of things together already… And yet, we can't conquer all of those by ourselves… We need our friends too…

Kouichi: Hey, you're… FighterAngemon, am I right? Or more specifically, Takaishi Takeru…

F.A: You're correct… Are you okay now?

Kouichi: Yes, Takeru, and… I really thank you for your loyalty. Even though I've been so bad, hurted you a lot of times, you still never gave up to save me from Kerpymon's evil control…

F.A: It's nothing, really! You've become my friend too… I always wan evil out of my way & from everyone, so I repel it with my hope…

Kouichi: But- ungh! [falls to the ground]

S.A: [Reverts back to Hikari, catches Kouichi] I'll take you to your brother right away!

Kouichi: You don't have to do all of these for me… I can, ungh, do this myself…

F.A: Don't try to act as if you can do everything without help… We're always here to help you, so don't worry… [pats Kouichi on his shoulder]

Kouichi: Thanks again, Takeru. I really appreciated it…

Patamon: F.A. & S.A. helped him without hesitation even though he's a former enemy!

Zoe: They're really friendly & kind people, or Digimons in S.A. & F.A's case, aren't they?

Tommy: That's why I really liked Hikari-neesan & Takeru-niisan!

Bokomon: From what my book says, aside from hope & light, F.A. & S.A. had very good traits they also possess!

Neemon: Traits? WOOH! Being handsome & beautiful Digimons LIKE ME?

Bokomon: That's not my point! [pulls Neemon's pants]

Neemon: YOWCH!

Bokomon: [clears throat] F.A's a really brave warrior. He always fights against evil, and he wants justice to prevail. He is also very loyal to his friends, the ones he love, his family, all those who are close to him… He will do everything for their sake & safety, even if he risks his life… like in S.A's case. He does not treat S.A. as just a partner in battles, but I know she is much more… To him, S.A. is like his sister, or even his whole family! That proves his strong bond with SereneAngewomon and his great loyalty & devotion to his friends.

Tommy: He's a really great friend & brother to have!

Bokomon: S.A, on the other hand… Well, she's not really brave like FighterAngemon, but to save her loved ones, she will do her best to stay strong & courageous in front of others, even though S.A. is also scared… She is very caring & considerate to the rights & feelings of others. If she has problems, she will tend to hide it from the ones she really loves like her friends & relatives, so they wouldn't worry about her. She doesn't want anyone else worrying about her, so that's why she hides her problems to make others feel carefree & happy. S.A. is also as gentle as the light that brightens our life… She will not tend to hurt others & she will think of a way that no one will be injured. Best of all, S.A. always puts others first before herself.

Kouji: That's what I always liked about Hikari…

J.P: WHAT? You liked Hikari?

Takuya: As a CRUSH?

Kouji: Shuddup! *blushes*

All: WOOT! Kouji admitted it! He likes Hikari!

Kouji: Oh…!

Kouichi: Don't worry, Kouji. I know Takeru & Hikari understands…

F.A: (I'm glad everybody's happy again…) U-ungh… [falls on his knees, reverts back to Takeru]

Hikari: Takeru-kun! [Takeru falls on her lap] Are you… alright?

Takeru: Y-yeah… Hikari-chan… [stares & pauses, thinks of something]

Hikari: Huh? Do you want to say something?

Takeru: Nothing much, but… Hikari… I… I missed you so much! [hugs Hikari]

Hikari: Me too, Takeru-kun… All of our friends do. And, did you think of introducing yourself to our new friends?

Takeru: Oh, right!

Later, Takeru approached the others with a cheerful smile.

Takeru: Hi guys! Let me introduce myself properly to you… My name is Takaishi Takeru, wielder of the Crest of Hope.

Patamon: "Crest of Hope"? So you also use my powers! [flies to Takeru, then cuddles to him]

Takeru: Aww… You're pretty much like my good old partner, which is also a Patamon like you… I miss him too.

Hikari: Wait a minute, what is the time already…?

Takuya: Huh? What about it?

Hikari: What? 11:50? Oh no! We really need to hurry! [suddenly grabs Takeru's hand] Let's hurry home, Takeru-kun! Our Oniichans are surely worrying about us!

Takeru: Hey, H-hikari…! W-WOAH!

Takuya: (This is our chance!) Hikari, we'll go home with you two!

Tommy: We really, really want to see our world again!

J.P: I miss my chocolates…

Zoe: I can't wait to see Japan again!

Kouji: Mother…

Kouichi: Daijoubu. You'll see her when we'll get back there!

Takeru: Then, get your Digivices!

Hikari: [stretches out her D-3] Digital Gate, open! Okay, Chosen Children, let's go!

And so, the Chosen Children got sucked by the T.V. into their world…!

~Yagami Residence~ 11:50 PM-

Yamato: Why the long face, Taichi?

Taichi: I received an e-mail from Hikari… And she said that Takeru already died…

Yamato: No, no, no! TAKERU! Why… Why would this happen?

Sora: I'm sad… really sad… for Takeru…

Mimi: I… don't want to know what would happen next…

Jou: Hikari's probably defeated by that monster, too!

Taichi: If Hikari's mad at me of not letting her go, I'm so sorry… But if anything bad makes you think of me as evil, I'll still protect you… Because, Hikari, I'm your brother and I… I… I LOVE YOU!

Koushiro: Wait, guys! I received an e-mail just now from Hikari!

Daisuke: Takeru's dead, so she's gonna show us his body for proof, right? YIPEE!

Koushiro: No, he's been found alive!

Kyo: Yeah! They survived!


Iori: Do you really think so? We're not that sure…

Ken: They might get stuck in their travel. We're not really sure of the truth…

~Odaiba Elementary School~ 11:54 PM-

All: AAAH!

J.P: So, this is your school…

Takuya: Yahoo! But… how can we get back to Shibuya?

Takeru: You can stay with us first! Don't worry, I know how to get there!

Tommy: Takeru-niisan, you're the best!

Hikari: It's really late in the evening… The police might have been roaming around for the curfew! They might catch us and I know our families are liable for that…

Takeru: Wait, Hikari-chan! We could make use of Spirit Evolution! Our Digi-Spirits could surely help us!

Kouji: Good idea…

All: Digi-Spirit Evolution!

Takuya: BurningGreymon!

Kouji: KendoGarurumon!

Zoe: Kazemon!

J.P: Beetlemon!

Tommy: Kumamon!

Hikari: Takeru-kun?

Takeru: Let's go, Hikari-chan!

Both: Digi-Spirit Evolution!

Takeru: FighterAngemon!

Hikari: SereneAngewomon!

KendoGarurumon: Kumamon, Nii-san, ride on my back!

BurningGreymon: Then, let's go!

~Yagami Residence~ 11:55 PM-

Taichi: Then, Daisuke…

Daisuke: Nani?

Taichi: Give me your D-3! We need to find them!

Kyo: Then let me do it!

Iori: Wait! We don't know where we should find them! We don't-

Suddenly, knocks were heard from the door.

*Knock, knock, knock*

Taichi: I'll get it! [opens door slowly] Hikari, is that you- Wha?

S.A: Oniichan! [hugs Taichi]

Taichi: A, aah… I don't know you, and… Anyway, who are you?

Yamato: Who's there, Taichi? [approaches Taichi]

KendoGarurumon: [looks at Yamato] Hey, there, buddy.

Yamato: Eeep! A robotic, scary & terrifying Garurumon is staring at me! Literally!

Kouichi: M-matte yo! He's not a scary Digimon! He's my twin brother, Kouji, just in the form of KendoGarurumon.

Daisuke: [talks to others in a whispering tone] That? His twin brother? Do they really look like each other? Hahaha! That guy's crazy, you know! How could that weirdo be his twin?

Kyo: Daisuke! Don't just say such things! You're being rude!

Taichi: Wait a sec, there's no costume party right here. We're celebrating Christmas, not Halloween!

Kyo: Yeah, and what's the point of these costumes? You look… weird.

Iori: Hey, the lone human over there, did you say something about Digimon?

Kouichi: Yes… You know about the Digimons too?

Iori: Un… We're the Chosen Children.

F.A: (Hikari-chan, we look different than before… we're Digimons now, not humans!)

S.A: (Oh… then let's reveal our true selves to them.) S-sorry for the interruption… Our friends' "costumes" might have scared you all… But I bet you know the two of us here. Right, FighterAngemon?

F.A: Yup, SereneAngewomon! They just don't recognize us…

Mimi: Hey… "FighterAngemon"? "SereneAngewomon"? Are you two Digimons?

F.A: Yep! Actually, all of us here are Digimons.

S.A: And we're part-human too! If you want to see, then look…

F.A. & S.A. removed their eyewears, revealing their real selves to their friends…

Ken: …Huh?

Jou: Woah! They're…

Sora: I-impossible!

Taichi: [tears began to fall from his eyes] H-hikari…? Is that really you…?

Hikari: Un… Oniichan! [hugs Taichi even tighter]

Taichi: Hikari… I thought I lost you that time… But, no, you even get to return with Takeru alive!

Yamato: Takeru… We're very worried about you when you're gone.

F.A: Aww… But, thanks for showing concern to me. Without Hikari, I shouldn't have returned here by now.

Kyo: Then… Let's PARTY! Oh yeah! PARTY PARTY! It's 11:58 already…

Daisuke: Gifts! Gifts! I can't wait for them!

Yamato: It's okay, Takeru. All of us understand that you don't have a gift.

Legendary Warriors: Let's show our real selves! [reverts back to human]

Iori: Impressive…

Takuya: Well, well! I'll first introduce myself. My name is-

F.A: Oh… my gift for Hikari! I can still make it in a jiffy… Do all you need to do, and exchange gifts without waiting for me! I'll go back shortly!

Koushiro: But… The police are in full alert at this time… Recently, there were several Digimon outbreaks while you were gone. They might think that you're an evil Digimon & attack you!

F.A: Don't worry! Trust me. Just have faith in me!

Odaiba Streets~ 11:59 PM-

F.A: (I need to give that to Hikari-chan! If I don't give that… I'll disappoint her. Well… Here I go!) [stands in front of the shop where he'd been gone before]

Salesman: Hey! Why are you here? A-are you a Digimon…? D-don't hurt me! Or else…!

F.A: W-woah! Wait a sec! I-


F.A: Wait! Listen! STOP! [removes eyewear] I'm the kid from before! I'm just here to get the gift, that's all.

Salesman: You're alive? Thank God… Here. I should have given this to you when you were caught in that accident. Take this!

F.A: Thanks! See you again next time!

Salesman: I hope your friend likes your gift!

~ o ~ o ~

Sora: What could have happened to him? He might have been caught by the cops…

Takuya: If he doesn't return at 5 minutes… We'll back him up!

~ o ~ o ~

F.A: I have to get there immediately…

Policeman: What the-? Look, a Digimon! Get him!

F.A: O-oh no! I must run as fast as I can…!

Policeman: He's too fast… Hurry, shoot his leg!

F.A: No…! I'm harmless! I'm not one of those monsters you're talking about!

Policeman: We don't care! [shoots gun] *BANG!*

~ o ~ o ~

Tommy: I… I sensed something bad!

Hikari: Me too… It's like… Takeru's in danger! No…! Takeru-kun!

Yagami Residence~ 12:05 AM-

Takuya: We need to get to Takeru! Something bad might have happened to him!

Kouji: Come on, guys! Let's help Takeru in this! We can't afford to lose him again!

J.P: Yeah! Let's go!

All of a sudden, sounds of guns shooting were heard from a distance…

Taichi: Oh no! Takeru might be related to that gun shooting scene!

Hikari: Let's look!

~ o ~ o ~

F.A: [runs away] I… I can't hurt humans like you… So please, spare me your mercy…

Policemen: Then, stop running & freeze!

F.A: Y-you don't understand, but-

Policeman: If you don't want to, then…!

Hikari: Stop this!


Zoe: What happened…?

Kouichi: Takeru! Are you okay?

F.A: D-don't worry guys… Only my eyewear & lance are hit…

Mimi: Thank goodness! Let's go back already…

Policeman: We're sorry for misunderstanding him. We hope that you forgive us.

Jou: It's okay! We'll be more careful from now on.

F.A: [reverts back to Takeru] This is my gift of thanks… Please, accept it… I can only say that I will give this with all my heart to you, as a best friend…

Hikari: [gets the gift] Then, what would this be…?

Zoe: I think it's the thing Hikari longed for years!

Tommy: Or an expensive toy!

J.P: Chocolates!

Takuya: And a love letter…


Takuya: Why only me? J.P. said something about love, too…

J.P: [whistles innocently] Heh, love? Did I say something about that?

Takuya: Don't act like you don't know! [hits J.P. on the head]

Kouji: Stop this nonsense…

Kouichi: Hikari's already opening the gift!

Hikari: …Wow! A necklace!

Takeru: I know that's too cheap for a Christmas Gift… I can't think of anything to give to you…

Hikari: No, Takeru-kun! This is wonderful! If you really put yourself in even just a simple thing, it will be perfect!

Takeru: Really…?

Hikari: And… It's shaped like the Crest of Light…

Daisuke: (WHA-?)

Kyo: It's like a pendant. Go on, open it to see what's inside!

Hikari: Got it!

The girls went near Hikari to see the special thing about the necklace. What they saw is…

Sora: Aww… It's so cute!

Mimi: Yoohoo, Takeru! You're soo sweet!

Zoe: Look, Hikari, Takeru really cares about you as his best friend!

Kyo: He put the picture of you two on the right side, then a special message on the left side… Read it, please?

Hikari: Okay… It says here that, "Hope & Light, shine in Darkness, together forever."

Takeru: Did you like it, Hikari-chan…?

Hikari: …Very much, Takeru-kun! So far, this is the best gift I've ever had!

Daisuke: Hikari-chan doesn't like my gift… WAAH!

Hikari: I will always keep this, and this will always be one of the most important material gifts I will keep.

Takeru: Then… What is your real best gift, Hikari-chan?

Hikari: The best gift was… for all my loved ones, friends & Digimons to be in peace, and to me, that is the gift like no other… And one of those is you, Takeru… You're a friend like no other…

All: Aww…

Daisuke: "…" [turns into white]

Hikari: All of who are close to me… Like S.A, Oniichan & you… You're one in a million, that no one can ever be like you… All of who are close to me… Or, one of a kind, the ones who will always be in my heart… And these people… are an irreplaceable gift.

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"Hey Taichi, guess what happened to me while I was gone. I met 5 new friends who could turn into Digimon, became able to turn into a Digimon myself, fought two evil Digimon, became friends with one of them, got captured, found Takeru's body laying motionless, found out that the other evil Digimon was the twin brother to one of my new friends, found out that the evil Digimon I befriended was Takeru's spirit without his memories trapped in the Digi-Spirit of Despair when he was dying, and he came back to life after Azulongmon brought him back to life and turned his spirit of Despair into the Digi-spirit of Hope. So basically just another normal day, so when is dinner?"

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The Rough (AND LONG!) Summary for my next fanfic! =D

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It's just a normal day for Takeru & Hikari saving Odaiba as their secret Digimon forms, F.A. & S.A… not until an evil Digimon appeared that kidnapped S.A. as her human form, as it had discovered that she is Hikari from its observations. That Digimon tricked everyone into hating S.A. & used her identity to successfully deceive them into thinking that S.A. already became evil. Little by little, the people losing their trust to S.A. multiplied & multiplied… Hikari was freed from the Digimon's clutches, but upon her return, she was not welcomed. Instead, everyone but Takeru that were close to her became furious of her, but Takeru didn't lose his faith to her. Hikari was greatly depressed, not knowing what to do… although there were still some loyal believers of S.A. that wanted her to be declared innocent of the things that happened to the society. Finally, S.A's "end" came, all events of her life ending in the revelation of the truth that S.A, or Hikari, was truly innocent of all crimes that the "fake" S.A. did, and came to the point of a heroic sacrifice to save the people.

But the story does not end there. A year had passed since Hikari's death… And Takeru struggled to save the place alone, even worsening when a new evil Digimon came. Then, that's where the real journey begins…

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