"It... cough... It hurts." Naruto wheezed out in a broken voice.

Kakashi tightened his hold on his lover. "It's gonna be alright soon, just hang in there."

"Cough I'm so... cough cold."

"Come on, we're almost there. Just a few miles more and we'll be home." Kakashi would be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little worried, he hadn't seen Naruto paler than this except when he got poisoned on a mission to An no Kuni* and that had been a very near thing. But Naruto, like the stubborn nr. 1 surprising ninja he was, had pulled through after days that had felt like months for Kakashi and he was gonna pull through this too.

He just really wished they were closer to the village already where Naruto could get the medical attention that he needed because, although Kakashi knew some healing jutsus, nothing he had in his arsenal would help now.

"Ka... cough..coughcough.. kashi.." He could feel Naruto feebly grasp his uniform vest with one weak hand as he all but coughed out his name. "'m so cold."

Kakashi really had nothing to say to that other than another "Just hang in there." as he hoisted him into a better grip on his back and kept marching, because although he could feel Naruto shiver uncontrollably on his back he could also feel the burning heat coming from his fevered body and the cold sweat that occasionally dripped off of him when Naruto's head bounced over his neck . He'd already given him his jacket even though he knew it wasn't a good idea to bundle him up too much with the fever but he just couldn't stand hearing Naruto complain about the cold anymore.

"I really... cough... really wanted to become Hokage..." Naruto mumbled into the back of his shoulder. "Really wanted.. coughcough.. to make a difference."

Kakashi ground his teeth together and walked as fast as he could without jostling his lover too much. Only a few more miles and they would see the gates. About 20 to 30 minutes and they would be home.

"I.. cough.. I never thought it would... cough cough.. be like this."

Kakashi squeezed his eyes shut before he turned his head and ground out over his shoulder. "Naruto, for the last time, you have the flu! You're not dying!"

Naruto brought one limp hand up to his throbbing head and mumbled back. "Well I might... cough... if you keep shouting in my ear."


* This honestly means Red Bean Jam Country and was apparently in one of the filler episodes XD found it on a wiki site when looking for country names.