I Hate Campers

By Mighty Lu Bu

I don't own Call of Duty

Besides I review anyone who reviews me. I'm honest and accurate and i don't flame.

I strode through the a crash site in Afghanistan, carefully observing with my FAL. The enemy is here. I know it. Ever elusive and dangerous. The warm sand hits my face as sweat rolls down from my stomach to my balls. I hear a noise as I jump to a kneeling position with my FAL aimed at the sound. But nothing is there.

I slowly crept around the crashed airplane and through the rubble. Checking under the wings for any clues or any enemy soldiers. Nothing. Another sound as I turn my weapon in the direction of the noise. Yet nothing is there.

I slowly creep to the cave carefully listening for the slightest noise. The suns disappears from the back of my neck as he goes into the opening in the cliff. Scanning my surroundings closely to locate the ever elusive bastard. But I find nothing there. I make it through to the other side and head towards the cliff itself expecting perhaps a sniper to be there.

No sniper. I turn around and head toward the metal railing and quickly ascend down the stairs while still crouching. I quietly walk across paying close attention to all my surrounding. I get about half way through when suddenly I feel three shots of pain. I turn to see a man hiding in a shallow opening on the side near the metal railing. My last image is that man staring at me with his MG4 smiling. I hear a voice "I got you!" He starts laughing as I shout into my mic. "Fuck you man!" I fucking hate campers.