This is my first Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind fanfic…Well it's more of a drabble than an actual story but whatev. Inspiration struck, thus it was written.


He could feel their stares on him. Their awe. Their fear. Their disgust.

His purpose.

That did not matter. No. He had been brought out of his dormant sleep hastily. His purpose was even more important now.

He crawled forward, following the tiny lady riding the small vehicle. His flesh oozed and rippled, not meshing together like it was supposed to.

He had been awakened too soon. But it did not matter.

His torso detached itself from his bottom half, the flesh slipping off his bones. His torso paused and he hesitated, knowing moving too much would cause the rest of his body to fall apart.

The lady who awakened him stopped. And spoke.

To him.

"Incinerate them!" When he didn't move, she grew irritated. "What are you waiting for? Were you not designed to be the most evil creature on the face of the earth?"

A blast of incineration from his mouth would quicken his death. The lady wasn't aware of that and was still ordering him about but he didn't care.

She woke him. Even if it was too soon, she woke him.

Groaning, he summoned the fire and aimed where she had gestured; to a crowd of tiny insects. Why she wanted them dead, he did not know nor did he care. He shot the blast and watched as the insects exploded, the light reaching as far as he could see.

The shrieks of the humans barely reached his ears.

All that mattered was he satisfied her. The lady was happy.

"Hit them again!"

Apparently not.

But he couldn't. He was dying, dying, almost dead, but he summoned the fire again. The blast was much weaker than before and barely did any damage.

He was dying.

No. No.


His flesh started slipping but he still wanted to revive the lady's pleasure. He liked making her happy, he wanted to fulfill his purpose, he wanted to destroy, he wanted her—

"The giant warrior's dead!"

"That's the way it should be."

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