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Where is my Mind?

Ch.1 Whoops!

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground

Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Your head will collapse

But there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself

Where is my mind?


Angeal plastered a fake smile on his face. He hated mingling, but most of all he hated all the female higher ups that continuously tried to coerce him into their bed…most notably, Scarlett. The woman was cheap. From her blonde hair to her fake nails, she was in every sense of the word tacky.

She did everything in shades of red, Angeal was surprised her hair wasn't red, but realized that might have been overdoing it just a bit.

Yeah, right.

This time she smiled at Angeal from across the room, her lips smeared in the red lipstick she carried on her person at all times. Despite the fact that he hated the very sight of the woman, she was still a higher up and therefore he had to pay respect to her. It wouldn't do if one of trinity were to be seen as nothing short of charming Hero's.

Of course, it didn't stop Angeal from lamenting the fact.

Why couldn't she bother Genesis?

Oh, right.

Out of the three, Genesis was the most flamboyant and he made no secret about how much he despised Scarlett. Whenever they were in the same room as each other, Angeal made sure to keep Genesis away from her. It was about a year ago when she made a comment about Loveless. It was something or other, but the point was Genesis heard and he blew up at her. Ever since, they'd kept their distance to avoid the same incident from occurring.

By fault she didn't bother Angeal because he was always with Genesis. However, as luck would have it, Genesis was exempt from the current idiocy as he was on a mission in Wutai.

Angeal couldn't help but be jealous.

Sephiroth normally never came to these things, but the President had requested his presence, as if it wasn't much to ask. Sephiroth had to contain his anger, although as soon as he was behind closed doors he hit the roof at the first chance he got.

Sephiroth glided over and Angeal's fake smile turned into a genuine one.

"Is she harassing you yet?"

"Not yet. But the look in her eye says otherwise."

"I guess I should be glade everyone's afraid to talk to me. Unless, I'm at the President's side." Sephiroth commented.

Angeal chuckled at that. "Well, almost everyone."

At that, Sephiroth made a sour face and glared into his champagne flute. "Don't get me started on the little monsters."

A few years ago, Hojo created more children like Sephiroth. He wanted to keep them in the lab, but ShinRa thought it would be a good experience for Sephiroth and the children if he took care of them instead.

Sephiroth, calm cool collected, Sephiroth lost his damn mind. He bitched up a storm the likes the scientists, the Turks, SOILDER, and the whole of ShinRa had never seen. Genesis thought it was librating. Angeal almost had a heart attack.

"I thought I hated Hojo. Oh, how wrong I was. If I killed him today, it still wouldn't be enough with the little monstrosities he stuck me with." Sephiroth silently seethed. He stopped glaring at the wineglass in his hand and just glared at anyone in front of him.

Sephiroth was used to getting his way. Sometimes…he didn't.

Angeal smiled nonetheless. "You can hardly call them that. They're just kids."

"They're demons! And Kadaj is the worst one. I don't have to worry about Yazoo. I mean, sure he's conceited, but at least he's quite."

"And Loz?" Angeal asked. He hadn't seen much of the teen boy around lately. Sephiroth sighed.

"I'm afraid he's going to end up getting some girl pregnant. I can't control those kids. At least, ShinRa gave me a bigger place." Sephiroth lamented.

Angeal smiled sympathetically, patting Sephiroth on the shoulder.

"Well, on the plus side at least they all get along with Zack."

Sephiroth snorted at that. "Just barely."

Kadaj didn't get along with anyone. Yazoo was just plain anti-social unless he's was talking with someone just as conceited as he was. Loz was the only one that really got along with Zack. But then Loz was an animal and probably contemplating getting into his pants.

Sephiroth sighed again. "Ya know, if I didn't already have silver hair it'd have gone white by now."

Angeal chuckled at that. Between Genesis and Sephiroth, Angeal heard enough bitching from the two over the years to know they enjoyed the challenge of having to work for what they got.

"How's the puppy?" Sephiroth asked after downing the rest of his champagne. Angeal smiled fondly. He'd been taking care of Zack as part of a mentoring program ShinRa had funded to produce better SOLDIERS. Genesis got out of it by threatening to desert if the company stuck him with a kid. That ended talk of Genesis being a mentor. On the other, Angeal didn't mind.

When he first met Zack, he was a ball of timid energy, shyly looking up at Angeal behind dark bangs. As time passed, though he began to show more of what he was really like. Zack became a joy to be around. In time, they went from teacher student, father son, to best friends. Some people even said that Angeal was more approachable now, that Zack came into his life.

"He's doing great. He passed the 2nd class SOLDIER exam last week." Angeal responded nodding to an Executive that passed.

Sephiroth gave a sly smile. "Sounds like the puppies growing up. Pretty soon he won't need mentoring anymore."

Angeal sighed at that. "Don't remind me. Just thinking about it makes me feel old."

Sephiroth snorted at that. "Hardly. If Genesis heard you talking like that, you'd be in trouble."

Angeal grinned. He would be in trouble if Genesis caught wind of that. That would mean he was either getting old too, or that he had an old man fetish. Neither was appealing, even if Genesis was willing to try anything.

The festivities were winding down now. People were leaving tipsy-if they got drunk it would surely end up in the paper or in the news-the stragglers getting around to talk with people they didn't get a chance to.

Sephiroth left Angeal's side, saying he was tired and leaving. Angeal nodded his head, sipping champagne.

Soon, not many people were left except the maitre d' cleaning up what was left. Angeal downed the rest of his drink, feeling a nice warm buzz flood his system. Just as he set down his glass and turned to leave, Scarlett saddled up to him with a wide smile on her sickening face.

Up close, it was worse. Angeal could smell her god-awful perfume and caked on make-up she never bothered to fix during the night. Angeal had to fight the urge to recoil from her. He didn't bother putting on a fake smile. Instead, he kept his face perfectly neutral.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Scarlett asked, casually laying her hand on Angeal's bicep. He really wanted to pull away now more than ever and put some distance between them. She continued on like nothing was happening, however and Angeal had to fight the urge to shake her hand from his arm.

"As best as can be expected, I suppose." Angeal replied, slightly backing up.

Scarlett only smiled at him, her eyes roaming over his upper body. Angeal had to hold in a shudder.

"Well, that's nice. I was so glad that I was finally able to get you alone." She replied, stroking his arm. The woman just didn't know when to give up. Angeal felt bile rise to the back of his throat. And suddenly, an inspiring idea came to him. He let the bile rise further and let the disgust he felt for Scarlett fuel it.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Angeal said, hoping she walked away before he really had to follow through.

She laughed that high pitch noise of hers and it only served to nauseate Angeal more. "My, had too much to drink have we?" Scarlett replied, taking a step closer not realizing that Angeal was doing this intentionally. So intentional in fact, that he'd reach the point of no return.

Angeal doubled over spilling the contents of his stomach all over Scarlett's red Gucci pumps. Scarlett let out a high pitched scream in horror and disgust. The remaining party goers turned in alarm, watching the scene unfold.

Angeal dry heaved making sure nothing was left to bother him later on. Scarlett stood motionless and horrified at what just happened. She looked down at her feet and paled. She swayed slightly, and then went pale and fainted.

Angeal stood straight again, turning to leave. He kept his face neutral, staggering away from the mess he made. He inwardly grinned maliciously, though. 'That will teach her to leave me alone.' Angeal thought.

Finally outside, Angeal sighed. He would hear from Lazard in the morning. And he'd be lucky if Genesis and Sephiroth didn't catch wind of this. Although, as a SOLDIER luck was never really on his side. Sighing again, Angeal began walking.

There was no use in crying over split milk…or in this case vomit.

He had to consider this a victory. No one that he knew of had made Scarlett faint. He was sure that she would stop seeing him as a sex toy after this. After all, no one vomited on another person and still saw them as sexy, did they?

Angeal thought not.

He started to walk back to his apartment. Well, his and Zack's. It was already very late, Angeal noticed. The stink of smog ruined what could've been a nice night out. The overcast sky blotted out the moon and stars, the only illumination being the street lights and neon signs from restaurants.

Angeal tried not to breathe too deeply. He was a country boy. He'd never known such pollution, always used to the crisp, clean air of Banora. Yet, even then he couldn't get over his fascination with city.

He reached his apartment in no time flat. Digging around his pockets for his key, he finally pulled it out inserting it into the lock. Crossing the threshold, he saw the lights in the living room were on. They were set to dim, and he stopped momentarily to make sure he wasn't walking in on anything messy. His enhanced hearing didn't pick up anything from the living room, so he continued on.

The room was empty. He sighed in relief. Zack wasn't a kid anymore. Furthermore, he wasn't his kid. He didn't have a right to say he couldn't have company over. Still, it bothered him to think of it. He didn't bother turning the lights off as he crossed the room towards the bathroom. He really felt like he needed a shower.

Shucking his clothes as he closed the door, Angeal stepped into the shower grabbing the Nivea body wash for men. He quickly lathered up and rinsed off. After he dried off, he brushed his teeth, gathered up his clothes and left the bathroom.

Indecently, the bathroom was across the hall from Zack's room. Angeal walked by without much thought and heard something he knew he shouldn't have. He pressed his ear to the door, and heard the sounds of heavy breathing and groaning.

Angeal backpedaled fast, a blush creeping across his face. He hadn't meant to hear that. He had to remind himself that Zack wasn't a kid anymore…and that he wasn't his son…and that he was only dressed in a towel and if he barged in there it would be pretty awkward.

For all three of them.

Despite all this, Angeal pressed his ear to the door again hoping to find out who he was with.

"Ugh…ahh, ahh…Loz…"

Angeal frowned. That was Sephiroth's kid. His frown grew deeper as he kept listening. He drew away from the door and continued on to his own room. Despite everything Loz was a good kid deep down. Hopefully.

Angeal was a pretty good judge of character. He only hoped he wasn't wrong this time when it came to trusting his puppy. Zack deserved as much at least. Sighing, he dressed in his pajamas which consisted of a black tank top and plaid bottoms and tried to banish the sounds that Zack made playing on repeat in his mind.

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