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Chapter 1

Dreams come true? Dreams you thought that could come true but didn't. Dreams of meeting someone you would love so deeply that every time you would be away from them your heart would be shattered to pieces. Dreams, your parents dreams, your dreams.

When I look back I remember her and immediately I feel tears on my eyes. When I look back I wish I could do everything different. To be more mature. To be more true to my feelings. But at the end I was just a coward. Afraid. Scared if you want say the exact word.

Ashley was a big part in my life. Actually the biggest part. After so many years and I still remember her face at that day. Her tears on her face, the tears on mine. After so many years and I still cry at night of what I lost. Of what I could have if I wasn't such a scared child. Such a big coward.

Four years tomorrow after our break up. The break up that I asked. The break up that made us lose each other. The break up that made me lose her. You are wondering why or how? Sometimes I feel the same. Sometimes I ask myself the same questions over and over. Why? How? But there is no one here to answer me. She is not here to answer me. Of course she is not. Why should be after what I did to her.

Four years back. That summer that was the happiest and the saddest. The summer that I had her back and I lost her.

Ashley was surprising me by coming here for my birthday. We were on a break before that and I was so glad that we discussed it and we were back together. She surprised me by coming to Greece. I was surprised and very very happy. I didn't think of my parents or my friends. All I could think was Ashley and only her. She occupied my thoughts, she held my heart. I couldn't see beyond her. First mistake..

Those days were magical. I was living a fairy tale. The one when then princess takes the prince and they have their happily ever after. Only this fairy tale didn't have a happily ever after.

Ashley told me that she would stay in Greece till it would be time for me to go back to the states. So imagine how I was feeling. I would have my girlfriend with me for two months. I was making plans for us. Where to take her, what she should see. You know, being a tour guide for my girlfriend and I didn't have a problem when she was paying me with kisses.

First week was perfect. My parents didn't know yet about Ashley's visit. I wanted to keep her mine. To have her without thinking. Second mistake.

My best friend was 'helping' us. She was my cover. Every other night I would tell my parents that I would stay with Georgia and I would be laying on the same bed with Ashley make love to her. Mesmerize her body, inhaling her intoxicating scent. Till that night..

I kept arguing with my best friend and Ashley that I should tell my parents about her visiting Greece. About my roommate from the states visiting me, but I couldn't. I didn't know what I was thinking then. Maybe I did. I was scared. Why my roommate from the states was here, surprising me? I was afraid of my parents reaction. Now that I think more clear I know that I was overreacting.

It was another beautiful night with Ashley. I took her out for some dinner because I knew she liked her food being all American and everything and we were heading at her hotel. I had called my parents telling them that I would stay to some friend's house with Georgia because they had a party so I was drama free for another night. I would make love to Ashley all night. She would be all mine.

That night I was so overwhelmed that I didn't check my phone. Third mistake. My phone was dead. I was so focused on Ashley that I didn't even care to check it. All I wanted was laying right next to me. We made love four times that night and after that we cuddled to each others arms. Every night Ashley was putting her hands around me and I was falling asleep right away.

I go back to that night every night. Although I want to forget it seems so difficult to do that. I remember everything. Every little detail. Because after that night everything wasn't the same again. I wasn't the same again.

We were sleeping so deep that we didn't hear the knock to Ashley's door. I didn't hear when the door opened minutes after. What I saw was my mother and father looking at me. My mother yelling at me and my father trying to hold her. Me trying to cover myself and Ashley trying to understand what was happening. Sometimes when I close my eyes I still hear my mom's words 'you discussed me'. The person I loved the most in this world thought I was a disgrace. Behind them was Georgia, my best friend. My mind was not working. I was naked on bed with Ashley. My mom and dad were at the same room with me. But how? What happened?

Georgia was looking at me with apologetic eyes mouthing 'I am sorry'. She was sorry. Why? She was showing me my phone. The phone that was dead because of battery. I was trying to speak but every time I would open my mouth words couldn't come out. All I could see was my mom crying over my dad's arms. I couldn't see anything else or anyone. I didn't even turn to look at Ashley who was still there looking at me.

That night was the beginning of an end. The end of Ashley's and mine's relationship. You are wondering again how everything happened. All I can say is that my parent's were looking for me. Of course my phone was dead and they called Georgia's house. My best friend was there but I wasn't where I supposed to be. They asked questions and Georgia told them where I was.

My mom was in a state that I never saw her before. She was crying and I knew I was the reason for that and I hated it. My father didn't say much. He was quiet, trying to understand everything. Trying to understand that his daughter, his princess was on the same bed with another girl. No prince charming. Dreams shuttered.

They told me to follow them right away and that I did. I put my clothes on and tried to walk out of the room. Ashley didn't let me though. 'Spencer, please. Don't walk away again. We need to talk about what happened'. I couldn't even look at her. It wasn't her mistake. She did nothing wrong. But right now I couldn't even look at her and that hurt me as much it hurt me watching my mother crying. I stood up from the bed but she held my wrist. 'Please baby'. Her pleading tone was too much to handle. I didn't say anything and I walked away leaving her there for one more time. Fourth mistake.

The ride back home was in complete silence. That was killing me inside. My mom would never hit me. She never did that to me or Glen. My father was the same way. They were the best parents in the whole world and right now I was causing them pain. I was searching both their faces to see what they were thinking. All I could see was tears and more tears.

Once we were home my mom started to talk. All she said was that I wouldn't go back to the states. I would finish college here in Greece and I should forget Ashley. I was expecting her to say worst because of the incident back to Ashley's hotel. I tried to object but she didn't listen. She told me that I was a disappointment to her and that she should never let me go to the states from the beginning. Well she did talk after all and it wasn't all roses. I was 19. Still young and I loved my parents to death. I didn't want to lose my mom although she thought I was a disappointment to her. I had to choose between love for Ashley and love for my parents. I guess you all know what I chose.

Ashley kept calling me and texting me for days. I didn't have the strength to talk to her, face her, telling her my decision without considering her. But I knew that I had to. She deserved that.

One evening I texted her and told her to meet me at the beach. It was our spot so she knew where to find me. I was anxious meeting her after so many days. I was surprised she was still here and not taking the next flight to California. Till now I remember each word we said to each other.

Once I saw her coming closer to me my heart bit so fast. She was so beautiful but she looked so broken.



'Glad you called'

'Sorry but I..'

'Are you ok?'

'Not really' I remember her trying to reach my hand and me stepping back

'Spencer what's wrong?' I turned my face from her and looked at the ocean. Ocean always calmed me.

'Everything is wrong'

'Talk to me'

'I won't come back to the states with you Ashley'


'My mom.. She won't let me'

'Ok. I understand'

'Do you? Really? Can you understand what is happening Ashley?'

'I know that what happened wasn't ok but I'm here baby. I am right here and I am not going anywhere'

'But I am not here anymore Ash. I can't be here.' In a second I was feeling my eyes watering and Ashley's doing the exact same thing. She knew what I was trying to say

'Don't say that Spence. Please. Fight for us. Fight for me. I would fight for you. I ask you to do the same'

'I am sorry but I can't. My mom..'

'I know how you feel about your mom. Ok. She won't let you come back to college. I can come and study here. We can be together'

'No we can't. She wants me to stay away from you.'


'Oh, Ash'


'Ash, I am sorry but I can't. I can't be a disappointment to my parents. I love them'

'If they loved you they would accept you'

'You don't understand'

'I don't? Let me remind you my relationship with my mother.'

'It's not the same'

'She was my mom. I loved her but she couldn't control my life. If she couldn't accept me for who I was then she wasn't my mother'

'I am not you. Ok?'

'Tell me you don't love me and I will leave and you will never see me again'


'Tell me. You don't. Love me'

'I.. I..'

I didn't know what to say. I loved her. I did. And I don't think I would love anybody else as much as I loved Ashley. But I loved my mom too. So I said something that I will regret for the rest of my life 'I don't love you'

I saw the tears in her eyes. I could feel my tears on my face too. I knew that that evening I lost her forever.

'Goodbye Spencer. Hope you will find what you are looking for in your life. I am happy but sad at the same time because I found what I was looking for in mine but I guess it didn't worth it at the end.'

I wish she would kill me with a sharp knife and not with those words. They still echo in my ears. And I still I can't forget them as I can't forget her.


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