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By Waterrain

Warning Blood, Unwanted touching, Rape, and other stuff in this FanFic.

Claude smiled as he watched Ciel sleep in his arms and looking so peaceful, but that will change and personally he was looking forward to playing with him. He gently placed Ciel onto the bed and carefully removed the wet clothing from him. Claude hummed quietly as he chained him to the bed and then waited until Ciel woke up on his own.

"I'm not Alois Trancy." Ciel said quietly and he managed to glare coldly at Claide.

"You are correct." Claude said calmly and then added lightly while smiling. "However it matters very little, Ciel Phantomhive."

Claude held a black handle knife in his right hand and he could not wait to sample more of Ciel's blood.

"What are going to do to me." Ciel stated flatly and he was trying to act uncaring, but his heart was beating faster and Claude just smiled in amusement.

"What do you think little Ciel?" Claude asked in a somewhat mocking voice and he carefully made a shallow cut on Ciel's cheeks. He licked his lips and eyes flashing in hunger at the sight of that delious blood that has haunted him. Ever since he licked it from his cheek which had been slapped and Claude wanted to taste it again.

"Stop looking at me you filthy creature." Ciel said coldly and he kept himself from shivering from Claude's intense staring.

"I will enjoy playing with you." Claude commented caussly and that was when he moved to Ciel's right cheek. He begun to slowly lick the blood and Ciel gritted his teeth mentally cursing the chains that kept him here.

"Do not touch me so easily." Ciel stated firmly and Claude chuckled lightly.

"So stubborn, but I will not stop touching you." Claude told Ciel and he moved his hand between Ciel's legs that were slightly parted due to the chains. "I want to hear you cry, beg, moan, and long for more of my touch, but no matter what I shall have all of you."

Ciel tried to close his legs, but it was in vain for Claude's grip was strong and yet Ciel struggled with all his might.

"Keep on struggling in my web and become more tangled." Claude whispered in a haunting voice and he smiled faintly at Ciel's pale face. He licked away all of the blood from those pale and smooth cheeks. Claude moved his lips to that slender neck and begun suckling every inch of it along with biting it gently. Ciel forced himself not to shake or tremble, but his heart was beating quickly and he hated the fact of being helpless. He bit his lip and tried to keep from showing any type of reaction to Claude.

"So very adorable no wonder why Sebastian was attached to you. I wonder has he ever touched you like I'm doing right now." Claude said calmly and his eyes darkened in hunger as he looked down at Ciel.

"He is just a butler." Ciel said simply and he watched as Claude grinned.

"Oh how cold you are little Ciel." Claude stated in amusement and he watched as Ciel struggled to get out of the chains. "You struggle and keep on struggling. The more you become trapped in my web and I will not let you go."

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