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By Waterrain

Claude was blinded by lust, greed, and believing no one will save Ciel for he did not notice that someone had managed to sneak into the bedroom after he had left to take a taste of the blood flavored water in the bath tub.

"Sebastian, What kept you?" Ciel asked smoothly and he could tell who it was by the feel of those gloves.

"I'm sorry, My lord. I was taking care of a few pests." Sebastian replied calmly and his gloved hands were still covering Ciel's eyes. "They were more bothersome than I had first thought."

"It does not matter. I order you to appear before my sight and take your hands from my eyes." Ciel stated firmly and he could see again. Sebastian was kneeling on the ground and he looked up at Ciel with a slight smirk on his lips.

"Yes, My lord." Sebastian said calmly and he smirked at Ciel.

"Unchain me from this bed." Ciel commented firmly and Sebastian stood up.

"Oh, but of course. My lord." Sebastian stated smoothly and he begun to slowly unchain Ciel.

'He should have stayed in the box, but then again my Young Master can be quite a hand full always getting into trouble.' Sebastian thought to himself and he noticed that Ciel was slightly tense.

"Afterwards, It is time to have some payback." Ciel told Sebastian and he gritted his teeth while remembering what Claude had done to him.

"Of course and I will deliver it with pleasure." Sebastian told him and his eyes flashed in anger for Claude taking Ciel, but he forced himself not to full transform and it would not due for his Young Master to see him in such a state.

"That vulgar and filthy creature will pay for humiliating me." Ciel said smoothly and he wanted revenge.

'Claude will also pay for taking what is rightfully mine and thinking that I would just let him get away with it.' Sebastian thought silently to himself and his eyes flashed for he will make sure to have his revenge on him for doing such things to his Young Master.

"Just make sure to please close your eyes." Sebastian said in a serious voice to Ciel and he heard a short dry laugh that made him sigh heavily.

"Just like last time." Ciel commented lightly and he noticed that Sebastian's expression was one of surprise.

"You remember?" Sebastian asked in a slightly startled voice and he heard Ciel sigh heavily.

"Somewhat, but everything is mixed up. I will have to sort through it after Claude is killed and after I'm back at the mansion." Ciel stated flatly and he honestly wondered how his mind became so mixed up in the first place.

"Do you want to keep the dress as a souvenir?" Sebastian teasingly asked and he enjoyed the dark expression that came over his Young Master's face.

"No, I want it to be burned." Ciel whispered in an angry voice and he had almost forgotten what Claude dressed him in a dress.

"After you return to the mansion?" Sebastian asked smoothly and he does enjoy the reactions that his Young Master gave him which is something Claude did not take away.

"Yes and I do not want the others to see me in this hideous outfit." Ciel replied in an annoyed voice and he felt irritated at Sebastian's condescending smile.

"If only you had just listened to me and stayed inside of the box." Sebastian commented lightly and he received a cold glare from Ciel.

"I'm not one to follow or listen to orders." Ciel stated firmly and his right eye twitched in annoyance, but he managed to keep his cool.

"I only do what is best for you." Sebastian told Ciel and he was able to keep himself from snickering at his Young Master's red cheeks.

"If you had just brought me with you-" Ciel started to say, but then stopped when he saw that mocking smile and his cheeks turn a faint shade of pink.

"You missed me? I'm quite touched." Sebastian said in a half mocking voice and he truly did miss his Young Master.

"You are just a butler." Ciel stated firmly and then he sighed heavily to himself.

"Oh, but I'm one hell of a butler." Sebastian commented calmly and he noticed Ciel's cheeks were back to normal.

"Are you done with the chains?" Ciel managed to ask in a calm voice and he looked at Sebastian with serious eyes.

"Yes and I have been for a while." Sebastian replied smoothly and he noticed that Ciel fixed him with a glare. It was rather enjoyable making his Young Master angry and he smiled faintly.

"Why did you not tell me." Ciel said in a irritated tone and he glared at the smile that was seemly mocking in a way, but yet polite and it is rather annoying.

"I thought you wanted to chat." Sebastian commented lightly and he tried to look innocent, but Ciel was not fooled by that display.

"No. It is time to make that creature pay." Ciel stated firmly and he looked at Sebastian with deadly eyes.

"Of course." Sebastian stated calmly and he smiled faintly for this is just like his Young Master to want revenge. At least that part his not changed and it made Sebastian smile slightly. Maybe he has grown attached to his Young Master and does not want to let him go at least not yet, but who knows what the future might bring.

"I order you to kill Claude." Ciel said coldly and he stood up from the edge of the bed.

"Yes, My lord." Sebastian replied slowly and then he quickly picked up Ciel not caring that his Young Master was scowling for he could sense that Claude was coming back. Along with being able to feel the angry and irritation that was radiating from Claude who was growing closer by the minute. Sebastian smirked lightly and then he looked down at Ciel.

"What did you do, Young Master? To make him become so angry." Sebastian commented calmly and Ciel smirked at him, but he received no response from him.

"Now then please stay under the bed and when I say 'To close one eyes to danger is a fatal mistake and being obvious is yet another fatal mistake'. When I say that please do close your eyes and cover your ears." Sebastian stated smoothly and he smiled faintly at Ciel's glare at him.

"Fine, I'm only doing this because I want too. Just to inform you." Ciel told Sebastian and then he crawled under the bed while frowning to himself.

"Of course, My lord." Sebastian said calmly and he smirked for Claude will pay the price for stealing not to mention defiling his Young Master. His eyes darkened and he felt himself starting to transform, but managed to hold himself back for Sebastian does not want Ciel to see him in his fully transformed form.

"It is time to destroy the last spider web." Sebastian commented darkly and then he quickly removed his gloves. His finger nails were black and Sebastian smirked for he was fully prepared to destroy Claude. Ciel was on his back and he could only see Sebastian's shoes.

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