A/N: This was just an idea I've had for quite some time just didn't know who should be the focus here. I ended up switching it though to Naruto being the one tempted instead of Ino being tempted by him. I think it will probably be more successful this way, but what do I really know here lol. Enjoy.

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"Crap I'm late." Naruto shouted as he picked up speed while running to the Hokage tower. He knew he had to meet Tsunade for a mission briefing and had not meant to over sleep but unfortunately he had anyway.

"Shit Baa-chan will kill me."

He ran up the stairs and burst through the doors.

"I'm sorry Baa-chan I…"

To his surprise she was fast asleep at her desk Naruto frowned.

"Aw what is this here I' am running my ass off and Baa-chan is asleep."

He almost went over there to shake her awake but decided against it.

"Uh, Baa-chan?"

She only shifted in her sleep muttering a few words.

"Baa-chan," he called her name a little louder this time yet there was still no response. He walked closer. "Wake up!" he yelled.

Instantly hazel eyes opened and she punched him in the face which sent him flying back.

"What the fuck?" Tsunade exploded.

"Damn," he groaned in pain.

"Oh Naruto it's you. I'm sorry about reacting that way. What are you doing here anyway?"

Naruto looked stunned but it quickly faded.

"Eh, don't you remember you asked me to be here, a mission remember?"

Suddenly it was as if a light went off in the blonde-haired Hokage's head.

"Oh yeah that's right. I have a mission for you it requires you and your partner to leave the village. It should take a week or so at most."

"Alright," Naruto nodded. "So who's my partner?"

"Hm," Tsunade thought. "I wonder why she isn't here oh well there's no time for that now, the details of your mission are in there so just go pack and get ready to leave as soon as possible. I'm sure you won't have a problem collecting Ino."

"What!" he shouted. "Yamanaka, Ino?"

"Yeah do you know of any other?"

"Why her though?"

"The mission requires some spying to be done so the Yamanaka clan jutsu will come in use."

"Oh, okay." Naruto nodded then realized if he had no say in the matter if this was a mission that required Ino then it was just so.

"Alright so go get going already."

"Right, sure, bye Baa-chan."

The young man then exited the Hokage tower. He decided he would just swing by Ino's place to let her know that they should probably leave soon.

"I wonder why she didn't show up though she had to know there was a mission."

He had to take a minute to remember where her place was but soon he enough he was standing outside of her apartment. He couldn't help but notice the front door was slightly ajar it was definitely something to be concerned about.

"Why is her door open?"

He let himself in to see if perhaps anything suspicious had taken place here.

"Hey Ino are you home?"

As he was walking towards where he thought her bedroom to be he heard some noises coming from one room in particular. "What the hell?"

He followed the noise and peered through the door.

"Oh shit," he mouthed at what he was now currently seeing.

There was the platinum-blonde sitting on her bed with her legs spread wide currently masturbating.

"No way."

"Mmm…" she moaned.

He watched as she slammed her two fingers moans louder.

"Shit, she's…"

Naruto felt his cheeks turning red and even his lower half felt like it might start to react.

"Oh fuck I shouldn't be here watching but…"

For some reason he found that he could not look away. He had never witnessed anything like this before. It was so very interesting, erotic, and hot. Ino threw her head back in pleasure apparently finding her sweet spot.

"Mm…oh…oh." She moaned.

"God damn she's getting really into it."

"I'm…I'm going to…"

He watched as she pulled her fingers free and ended up having an orgasm. Naruto swallowed hard it had to have been one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

"Wow," he thought. "Oh fuck.

He realized that he needed to get out of here quickly before she found out that she had just been watched. Naruto quickly but quietly left and leaned himself up against the wall outside of her apartment.

"Damn that was…that was so hot."

He never would have imagined he'd ever be attracted to Ino but he could not get that image out of his head. There she was on that bed with her legs spread and really hot moans coming out of her mouth.

"I don't think I can forget it, it was really…"

Naruto took a breath and then paused when he heard footsteps.

"Naruto," Ino spoke with clear surprise.

"Shit," he thought. He looked to the blonde female. "Hey," she smiled nervously. "Hey, Ino-chan."

"Hi." She nodded with her eye brow raised curiously. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, um I came to tell you that Tsunade-Baa-chan wanted us to do a mission together. We should probably get going soon."

"Oh yeah." She suddenly remembered. "I can't believe I forgot I'm sorry you shouldn't have to have come here to get me that's so unprofessional."

"Its alright you were pretty busy." He thought. "Do you need some time to get ready?"

"I'll be ready soon I'll meet you at the village gates okay."

"Sure I'll see you there later bye."

The blonde female gave him a smile then headed back into her apartment. A sigh escaped Naruto.

"Now how in hell am I supposed to forget that and go on with this mission with her pretending that everything is okay?"