i own nothing

this is a short one-shot,

and i hope the grammar isn't to bad

It took her dying for me to finally realize what it was. That feeling I always seemed to get whenever she was around, the feeling in the pit of my stomach, butterflies, I think people called them. I had asked Martha about it one time and she told me that you only get them when you're around the person you love so much that you're willing to die for them, or spend the rest of your life with.

Though even that will not bring her back now, as I sit in the middle of the street holding her lifeless body in my arms. My sobs are ignored as the people around whisper things like 'oh, that poor girl, so young.' Or 'she didn't even have time to react.' It did not matter; none of it did, especially when the paramedics came to take out of my world. I felt cold and dead before then, no, I died the moment I heard her last words. She said, "I love you Yusei, good bye"

Yeah, I love you to Akiza, but you're gone and it's to late for you, for me, for me.