I played the demo to The Fortieth day yesterday and this came to mind…

Salem felt like playing around, which wasn't unusual. Five times now, he had tried roping Rios into playing around with him, but the older man wasn't in the mood for it. They had a mission to do, and all Salem wanted to do was play around.

"Come on, Tyse. Loosen up! You're too goddamn strict." Salem moaned.

"We have a job to do, Salem." Rios scolded. "Quit fucking around."

"Tyson…." Salem shook his head. "You never wanna do ANYTHING fun. It's always by the goddamn book.. Fuck the book!"

Rios turned around. "Salem…"

A smirk creased Salem's face. "What are you going to do about it, you goddamn boy scout?" He said teasingly.

Rios glared at him and turned back around. Salem snickered.


Salem smacked Rios on the ass. "Got you!" He said, laughing.

"You're dead, Salem!" Rios roared, chasing after his partner.

"If you can catch me!"

"You didn't do the mission?" Alice was astounded when they returned to T.W.O's headquarters. "Why didn't you?"

"This asshole decided to fuck around." Rios said while Salem was wheezing while still laughing.

"I.. I got you good, though…" Salem breathed.

"Fuck you." Rios said.

"You know what I did yesterday, though?" Salem asked after regaining his breath.

"What?" Alice and Rios were now curious.

"I sold my car for gas money!"

That got them cracking up. All three of them.

I used a joke from Dragon Ball Z Kai. It would suit Salem… He's a jokester sometimes. And does he really love his job?

Oh, well. Read and review if you wish. ^w^