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My Love

My feet tracked through the forest as quickly as they could. My mind racing with hurt and rude thoughts due to the memory of what I've unfortunately discovered. How could he? Tears continued to stream down my face as my breath continued in short pants. I hadn't the slightest idea of where I was going but I knew I had to get out of here, away from him. My heart ached as I clutched my chest as if my fingers would keep it from shattering into a million pieces. I don't know why but I feel dirty and stupid, so I look for a place to stop and rest confident that I had ran far enough to not be found. I stopped by a stream not to far out of the forest.

My knees dropped to the floor by the stream. I cupped my hands together, dipped them in the water and brought it up to my lips. I felt refreshed as the cool water touched the inside of my throat. I threw water on my face and felt my body instantly cool. I'm sure I looked a mess between my red eyes, my flushed cheeks and my sweaty body. But I don't care, I really don't. If anyone came by and said anything to me it wouldn't hurt or even matter because no one could bring me any lower than I already was.

-Flash back-

I was laughing with Kagome and Inuyasha about something when Inuyasha suggested I get Miroku to join us. And that's what I intended to do. I was walking through the village looking for Miroku still laughing at the thought of our conversation. "Miroku." I called lightly, it was night time and I didn't want to wake up anyone. Still I continued to walk around looking for him...his voice finally reached my ears and I followed it. My smile widened because I finally found him. I continued to follow his voice until he came into sight. There my fiancé was entangled with another women a week before we were suppose to be tied together in holy matrimony.

"Sango." He said surprised as he grabbed his discarded robes and threw them on. My voice was caught in my throat. I couldn't talk I could barely breathe. My feet took a few steps back and he reached his hands out to me. "Sango wait. I didn't mean for you to find out like this." He continued to say. 'So how did you mean for me to find out?' I intended to say but I didn't, I couldn't. I turned around and got ready to leave. I slowly walked away and I felt his hands grab me. Tears began to sting the edges of my eyes. "Sango." His voice was low.

"Please just let go." I whispered as his grip loosened and I slithered my way out. I walked away calm and my heart beat faster as I finally broke into a run.

-End flashback-

My hands were gripping the grass violently as tears continued to cascade down my face. I screamed at the top of my lungs. It helped me feel better, I guess. I sat in sorrow for a sew more minutes and got up to continue my escape. I guess Miroku didn't tell Inuyasha and Kagome otherwise I would have already been found. I continued to run blindly through the forest until I bumped into something hard. My bottom met the cold hard dirt ground quickly and painfully. I held my spinning head until it calmed. I looked and came face to face with no other than Sesshomaru. I sat there stunned. I lowered my gaze down to my feet. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you." I said quietly.

"Then next time watch were you're going." He simply stated. His cold voice made me begin to cry hysterically. What was wrong with me? Never have I cried because someone wasn't nice to me. Usually I would say something sarcastic roll my eyes and leave. But now I was crying on the floor because Inuyasha's half brother told me to watch where I'm going...I'm such a loser. My tears weren't the only thing that drenched me anymore. I looked up towards the sky to see rain droplets smack down on the earth, it was gentle at first and then it began to pour down on me so I put my face down into my hands.

He must have picked me up gently because I didn't notice until I lifted my head to see blurs of colors. I looked up to see myself in his arms. We stopped and everything came too quickly into focus. We must be in his castle, because everything was far too beautiful for anyone but royalty. He put me down and I fell only to be caught by his strong grip. I could hear the little girl he traveled with approach us. "Lord Sesshomaru you're back and you brought a pretty lady with you." She said beaming up at him.

"Rin." He stated in the slightly warmer tone than earlier. "Show..." He looked at me. I guess he didn't know my name. He started again. "Show her to a free room." He walked away and the little girl dragged me to a room on the other side of where he went.

"Would you like a room near me? Or would you like one separate from everyoneee else in the castle." She chirped.

"I guess one near you would be fine." I said smiling down at her.

"Perfect. You're the first woman here who's not a demon servant. This is going to be fun. We can hang out." She continued smiling. I was too far off into space to realize I was making a sad face. "You don't have to hang out with me. I'm use to being alone." Her smile dropped.

"No. I mean I would love to hang out with you...but shouldn't I go thank Sesshomaru for bringing me here." I asked looking back.

"I dunno. He can be pretty mad when people go to his room. But you can see him later on. Like tomorrow or the day after that." She said happy again.

"Oh. Ok." I said as we finally reached my designated room.

"I'll leave you alone." She said walking further down the hall.

"No. Don't." I hope I didn't sound to desperate for company. "I mean I would like if you stayed with me for a while." She skipped back over to me and we went into my room.

"I think you're so pretty ms..." She trailed off not knowing what to call me.

"Sango. Its Sango. And thank you Rin. You too are a very pretty young lady." Her smile threatened to crack her face in two.

"I hope I can grow up and be as beautiful as you Ms. Sango. I bet where you're from every man falls in love with you." I smiled at her compliment.

"How about I fix your hair for you." I said sitting down on the fluffy bed and patting next to me for her to join. She complied and I got on my knees. I pulled out the ponytail she had on the edge of her hair. I grabbed the brush she supplied me with and brushed her long hair. I grabbed the top half and put it up. Now her hair was half up half down and she really did look pretty. Next was her kimono. "Would you allow me to alter your kimono Rin?" I asked hoping for a yes.

"Oh please that would be soooooo nice." She said getting up and looking in the mirror placed in the room. "Wow Ms. Sango I look so great. Thank you." she said turning around and giving me a hug, I returned it.

"Now to take care of that kimono. Do you have something to wear until I'm done fixing it?"

"Oh yes I do. Its very ugly and Lord Sesshomaru doesn't like me wearing it but just for the time being."

"I don't want you to get in trouble so if you wear it, you may stay with me. I don't think he will barge in here."

"Perfect." She said amused clasping her hands together and looking at me with shining eyes. I laughed a hearty laugh as she began to leave.

"Oh wait Rin." She stopped to look at me. "Would you be able to get me some scissors and perhaps something I could sew up your old one with." I said hopefully.

"Of course Ms. Sango I'll be back as soon as I can." She said running off into the castle. I smiled. It was wonderful that a small being cause me such joy after...after having my heart broken. I heard a knock on the door and figured Rin came back quickly.

"Come in!" I said loud enough for her to hear. I turned around smiling...and then my smile fell. "Oh. I'm sorry I thought you were Rin." I said feeling stupid.

"I see. Now demon slayer you travel with Inuyasha am I right?" He said looking at me intently.

"Y..yes I do." I said stuttered. My eyes found the need to stair at the ground.

"Why did you leave then?" He continued with the questions.

"I...I...I" he stopped me from talking.

"You don't have to explain. You may stay here if you like. But soon we must go to the village and get proper attire." He said ready to leave.

"Proper attire?" I asked confused.

"Yes. If you live in this castle, you will dress as if you do."

"Like royalty?" I asked hoping I didn't sound as stupid as I felt.

"Yes. Like royalty." He smirked leaving. Rin came running in with a basket.

"I got the supplies Ms. Sango." She said smiling.

"Rin you can just call me Sango. Really I don't mind." I said as she handed me the basket. She changed kimonos and I got to work.

"Are you sure to just call you Sango." She giggled when she said my name with ought the 'miss' in front of it.

"Yes I am." I said smiling. She chatted with me as I worked. Two hours later I smiled and handed her the newly tailored kimono. She switched and it looked even better than before.

"Wow Sango I look amazing. Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it!" She jumped into my arms and I hugged her.

"I'm glad you like it." I said setting her down. She left the room singing and jumping. I was happy I was allowed to meet such a sweet girl. To be honest I didn't want her to leave, I just didn't want to be alone. My thoughts irked me. I hated them. I needed to be distracted and this was the best way. I lied down seeing as it was dark outside. The darkness consumed me leaving me with my terrible nightmares, I wish they would just go away!

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