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My Love

"Push Lady Sango push!" The midwife encouraged me. There were beads of sweat covering my body. I pushed with all of my might and shut my eyes close to hold in the pain. I let out a big scream and knew it was my final push when I heard an infant cry. I laid back and let out a heavy sigh. I was weak from exhaustion but still needed to hold my baby. I put my arms out in front of me as my baby was passed to me. "She's so lovely." The midwife said smiling. The minute I saw her my heart fluttered and a tear cascaded down my face. I had the most beautiful daughter in the entire world and it was the one thing that belonged to me.

"She's perfect." I whispered.

"What should we name her?" I almost forgot that Sesshomaru was right beside me.

"Ayoki." I said simply. I always thought it was a beautiful name.

"That's a suitable name." He said. I hate that he's like this when others are around. He's so distant. I looked up to see the way he looked at Ayoki. I've never seen such a gleam in his eye not even when he looks at me. It made my heart smile.

"I'll leave you two alone." The midwife said closing the door behind her. I rested my head on his shoulder as he took our daughter from me.

"Now I have the three most perfect girls in my life. My dear wife and my two loving daughters." I always knew he considered her his daughter.

"Oh Sesshomaru." I said weakly as my eyes closed.

"Ayoki." I called as the five year old ran away from me. Although I was twenty-two I still looked like I was seventeen, due to me mating with a demon, now my aging slowed down dramatically-I guess Sesshomaru left that detail out. "Ayoki." I half sang that always made her come to me. Just as I planned she came running into my arms. I gripped her and spun her around. We were in a flower field on the outskirts of the village. Sesshomaru was off on the side sitting and watching us and Rin was in a corner making flower tiaras. We were a strange family, but a good one.

"I knew I heard you." I turned around to see Miroku and the rest of my friends. I naturally held Ayoki tighter in my arms.

"Hi Miroku its nice to see you." I said smiling. I could feel Sesshomaru at my side in an instant.

"You have a little baby." Kagome squealed coming to take the baby from me. I handed her Ayoki and smiled as she played with her. I wonder when her and Inuyasha will have their own child.

"Her names Ayoki."

"That's beautiful."

"Thanks." I said smiling.

"Congratulations." Miroku managed to say.

"What'd ya think was gonna pop out when you saw her, a melon?" Inuyasha snorted.

"Nice Inuyasha." Kagome said looking at him and handing me back Ayoki who began to fuss. I smiled I haven't seen my friends in a while and it felt nice. "She's lovely Sango and Sesshomaru." She was the first to acknowledge him. He didn't say anything, just looked at me.

"How did you get Sango anyway? Had to kidnap her?" Inuyasha asked smirking, knowing he was starting problems.

"No. He didn't have to." I defended him while leaning back to rest on him.

"Feh. Yeah right." He retorted.

"Sesshomaru is the nicest sweetest man I've ever met." It was funny to see their eyes almost fall out of their head.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Their eyes watched us intensely.

"What Sango and I do. Is none of your concern. Inuyasha." His voice reamined cold. He walked up ahead of my friends and I knew he was ready to leave.

"I guess this is goodbye." I said quietly.

"Don't ever be a stranger ok." Kagome said hugging me. I hugged her back and smiled at the group.

"I won't." I smiling. "Rin." I called as I picked my baby up, and we were on our way. I felt like I was walking away from my prior life and it hurt, but only a little. I would soon be home with my loving family. What could be better?

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