Title: All The Wrong Reasons
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


"Mirads" are my made up creatures. A more in depth description of what a mirad is will be coming in future chapters.

Shizuo's POV

I took a long, deep drag of my cigarette as I stood at the entrance of a private room in Ludo. Ludo was an underground nightclub, as seedy and wretched as the rest of these drug-and-prostitute filled institutions around the downtown area of Ikebukuro.

At least I was able to smoke in here.

Tom was currently talking to a sleezebag named Takito, who chose to spend his money on alcohol and women rather than pay his home taxes. If anything got physical, I would have to get in there and set some people straight. Luckily, after Takito realized we weren't going to leave him alone to tend to his women until his debts were paid, he threw the money in Tom's face.

The action made me angry, and I was about to march over there, but Tom's stare stopped me. I had no idea how this man could remain so calm in a disgusting place like this, especially when shitheads were demeaning him like that.

But I didn't like violence, so I should be happy a man like him was my partner.

After Tom picked up the money, he bid farewell to Takito, and we walked out.

"It's all there, right?" I asked, watching him count the money. Takito had probably been drinking enough to think two plus two was five.

"Yeah, this is it. I'm glad that went well," Tom said, sighing and pocketing the money.

We both turned down an alleyway; the only way to get to Ludo's in this concrete jungle.

"Come on. He'll be pissed if we're not on time."

I turned my gaze to see two men in the alleyway just ahead, walking our way. It was impossible to make out any physical features from here. It was only due to the city lights coming from the end of the alley that I could make out their figures.

"Man, fuck him. Thinks he's all that. I say we just take it and run!"

Something glimmered. The man who had just spoken was holding something shiny in his palm.

"HA. You'd be a dead man. Don't even joke."

We were now just about to pass each other.

"But I could have as much sex as I wanted to with this baby!"

He gripped at whatever was in his palm. I bit down on my cigarette and growled.

"Shizuo-" Tom tried to say, but I was already striding toward the two strangers. They stopped walking at my approach, turning to look up at me.

"So you want to use stolen money to buy sex, eh?" I snarled, carefully balancing the cigarette in my mouth, "Men like you disgust me."

The man holding the jewel puffed up his chest like he was trying to look intimidating.

"What's it to you? Fuck off," he said, while his friend grabbed at his arm worriedly.

"That's Shizuo Heiwajima dude!" His friend whispered frantically.

I casually took the cigarette out of my mouth, breaking it in half before throwing it to the ground and mashing it with my foot.

"I hate violence. But it's dipshits like you who make me use it," I spoke, letting that be the only warning they received before I pulled my fist back and slammed it into his face. There was a sickening crack, and then the guy went soaring into the side of the building. The jewel he had been carrying soared up into the air, and I grabbed it when it came back down.

I turned to the other guy, whose jaw was touching the ground. Shakily, he gave me a quick wave before turning on his heel and screaming as he ran back the way he'd come from.

I grunted, shoving the jewel into my pocket. I almost went and spat on the guy I had knocked out for good measure, but Tom was already over there shaking his head disapprovingly, so I figured I was done.

"You really need to let things be," Tom chided.

"I held back from punching that Takito for throwing the money in your face and then those two pissed me off," I reasoned, shrugging my shoulders. As far as I was concerned, people like that had it coming to them.

I reached for another cigarette.

It wasn't until I had bid goodnight to Tom and was in my apartment, about ready to crawl into bed, that I emptied my pockets.

I furrowed my eyebrows, picking up the 'jewel' from earlier. After closer inspection, I noticed it wasn't a gem at all, but rather a small box with jewel decorations on the sides. Maybe it was worth a lot of money? The red and purple jewels on the outsides looked real.

Maybe there was money inside.

With that thought, I brought my fingers down on the lid and pulled.


I almost dropped the damn thing when a bright, multi-colored light emerged from the box. In a flash, it was gone, and I was looking down into an empty, red velvet bottom.

I blinked, not sure what had just happened, and then looked up.

There was a man on my bed.

He was skinny with pale skin, choppy raven hair, bright red eyes, and a scowl on his face as he stared down at my carpet.

… let me get back to, there was a man on my bed.

"What the fuck?" Was all I could yell in my confusion. He wasn't there just a second ago! How can someone just appear like that?

The man looked up at me then, those freakishly bright red eyes widening before a look of confusion crossed his features.

"Who are you?" He asked me.

I swear something inside me snapped.

"I should be asking you that," I growled through my teeth, marching over to him, "but I don't care," I grabbed him and braced my knees, seeing the shock on his face for a split second before I lifted him over my head and stomped toward my front door, "Get the fuck out of my apartment!"

I got as far as my living room before my arms suddenly became extremely light.


I looked up, flabbergasted at my empty hands.

Frantically, I looked around, stopping when I saw Bright Eyes peaking over the back of my couch with wide eyes.

"That strength is insane. What are you? A monster?" He asked, astonished. Astonished, but not the least bit afraid.

I faltered.

This was not the reaction I was used to. But more important than that...

"... how did you do that?"

"What? Teleport?" He asked, and then he was gone again. The hair on the back of my neck stood on edge when I felt a presence materialize behind me. His breath tickled my ear when he whispered, "Easily."

With a war cry, I turned and swung, only to hit nothing but air.

"Oooow," I turned back to the couch, where he had made himself comfortable again, "That would have really smarted."

What... the... hell?

In a rage of bewilderment, I trampled over to the couch, lifting it and throwing it across the room. It hit the dining room table, and there was an awful screeching sound as the wooden legs scrapped against the floor until the wall stopped its slide.

There was laughter somewhere in the apartment and most definitely not a body left in the mess of couch, chairs, and dining room table.

Huffing, I placed a hand on my head, closing my eyes.

This must be some kind of a fucked up dream. I would just wake up from this tomorrow and everything would be back to normal.

"I'm going crazy," I mumbled, about ready to turn and go to bed. The sooner I woke up from this, the better.

"Nah. I've known some real crazies. You're just kind of a freak," Bright Eyes said, now standing by the TV.

Why did this seem so real...?

"Get out of my apartment," I growled. He clicked his tongue, shaking his head back and forth.

"No can do. You're the one who opened the jewelry box. Now you're stuck with me," he said with a grin, "Oh, but you get wishes! Wanna try one out? You could wish for an anger management counselor. I think you need one."

"... wishes." I said flatly, crossing my arms, "Are you really trying to tell me you're some sort of genie?"

Bright Eyes seemed to get rather offended by my comment.

"No, I am not a genie! I swear, those guys get all the credit. Us mirads are way better," he claimed, pointing at himself.

"... mirads?" I asked dubiously.

Now he was just making up words.

"Mhm. Mirads don't have those freaky transparent bodies and we aren't limited to giving three wishes! Waaaay more awesome," he replied, waving his hand in the air.

Like that made anything better.

"Uh huh..." I mumbled, scratching the back of my head, "I'm just gonna go to bed."

I turned, walking back to my bedroom.

"How rude! You haven't even asked my name!"

"Don't care," I replied, shutting my bedroom door and leaning against it. The silence was safe and welcoming, and the sheets were cool and soft.

A dream.

Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up, and everything will be as it should be.