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Chapter 1: Still reeling from the loss

Jake Clawsom sighed as he walked into the small living room. His eyes wandered over to Chance and Mina who were busy watching a movie on their television. The tiny she-kat was curled up against his best friend's broad chest. He put his coat on the coat rack and walked into the kitchen. He saw Chance tear his gaze from the movie to look at him.

"How'd the date with Callie go?" he asked.

"Uh...well...let's just say there's no more Callie..." he whispered at this Mina looked at him sadly. He hated people pitying him.

"Jake, I'm so sorry..." she apologized and he shook his head, getting out a can of milk.

"Yeah buddy, you wanna talk about it?" Chance questioned.

"Not'm just gonna go to bed okay?"

"Sure, see ya tomorrow Jake." Chance called before looking at Mina with worry. She met his gaze and sighed.

"He probably just needs time Chance. They've been going out for a while haven't they?"

"Yeah...but I'm still worried about him...I've never seen Jake so defeated before...I mean there was the one time he thought he hurt those kats with a missile but..."

"Sweetie, you're rambling."

"Oh...Maybe I should go check on him." Chance began to rise and Mina smiled kissing him softly.

"Yeah, I should probably be heading out too. Goodnight tough guy."

"Night beautiful." he called as she walked out their front door. With a sigh he shook his head, walking up the stairs to Jake's room. Quietly he knocked on the door opening it to see his best friend curled on the bed. Tears soaking his fur. Chance sat down on the floor. Sadness eating away at him.

"Why didn't she like me Chance?" he asked and the larger kat shook his head, reaching a hand up to rub his best friend's back.

"I don't know buddy. She's a complete idiot for not though. You're a great guy Jake. She should have been lucky to have someone like you."


"Yeah. Get some sleep buddy. My door's always open if you need me." Chance stated as he got up. Jake nodded from his curled position.

"Chance..." he called the tiger striped tabby turned.

"Yeah Jake?"


"You're welcome." he smiled closing the other kat's door softly. He fought the urge to go and call Callie and chew her out for what she did to his best friend and just went to his own room.

A month later, Jake was walking through the supermarket, a gallon of milk in his paws. He still wasn't over the break up with Callie. He moped around the house and slept more than he should of. Chance had him running out to do different chores to keep him busy and take his mind off of Callie. He walked to the magazine section and pulled out the newest mechanic magazine and flipped through the pages. The fur on the back of his neck began to stand up, something it always did when people were staring at him. He turned and saw a black furred she-kat starting at him from her gossip magazine. He tried to ignore her but he couldn't seem to get her blue eyes off o him. Finally he had enough and turned to face her.

"What?" he asked and she gasped, blue eyes wide.

"Oh, nothing, I was just wondering what's wrong. You seem kinda down."

"Do I?" Jake asked, he didn't even know he looked depressed. The she-kat nodded making her long black hair bounce.

"Yeah, you wanna talk about it?" she asked and he laughed bitterly.

"I've never met you before in my life, what makes you think I'm going to open up to you?"

"Well, sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger and because they don't know you, they can't judge you."

"Right...what are you some type of therapist?"

"If I said yes, would you believe me?" she asked and he shook his head.


"Well unfortunately for you I am. Here's my number. Drop me a line when you feel like talking. Okay?" she said, handing him a card.

"Why the hell would I call you?"

"Because I know for a fact you will. My name's Trish by the way." and with a flick of her bushy black tail she turned heel and walked away. Jake staring after her. He walked back to the garage and put the groceries away. Chance came in and saw the piece of paper Jake held tightly between his fingers. A phone in his other hand.

"What's that?" he asked and Jake looked up before shaking his head, putting them both down.

"What am I doing?" he growled, shocked at what he was about to do. There was no way he was going to call that insane she-kat. Chance looked at his friend before assuming something.

"You see Callie or something?"

"No! I ran into this insane she-kat named Trish. She told me to call her if I wanted to talk to her about why I'm so depressed. Can you believe that?"

"Not really. Jake maybe you should talk to her. I mean, you won't talk to me, and we're like brothers." Chance suggested and walked to the closet grabbing a coat, "Look, I'm going to be out for a bit. Mina has our cake tasting today and then we're going out to dinner."


"Just call her, please for me." he begged the smaller tom, "It's obvious you're not yourself Jake, and it's been a month since you've broken up. You're not eating, you're sleeping more than usual...and you're just lethargic. I'm at the end of my rope buddy..."

Jake opened his mouth to shoot a retort when he got a look at his best friend. His eyes had dark circles under them, from when he went to do solo missions as well as late nights at the garage and he looked a tad bit thinner than he used to be. Guilt filled him, this was supposed to the best time of Chance's life. He was going to be getting married, he should be smiling more than he did. Mina should have littered the house with her notebooks, and wedding catalogs. But because of their worry for him, they couldn't enjoy what they were going to do. He nodded. Chance sighed once more and walked out the door. Jake picked up the phone and called the number.


"Trish, it's me, the kat you met at the supermarket..."

"Oh yeah! Are you ready to talk or what?"