So this is the end of Near to you. I think this might be the final installment of the multi-chapters for the Hurry Up and Save Me universe. But I will be posting more one-shots fear not and starting to work on other fanfics. Once again, I want to thank all my viewers out there you know who you are. And I want to thank my reviewers. This story was really hard to continue and you all gave me the motivation to continue. So I thank you all so so much.


Chapter 8: I Only Know That I Belong Where You Are

Jake saw that Trish's car was still there so she hadn't left the property. He ran through the yard. "Trish?" he cried his heart was beating so fast with worry. What if she left him. He couldn't bear it. He just couldn't. "Trish come on! Answer me please!" He was growing desperate until his ears perked forward at a noise. He could hear someone sobbing from a old torn up car. He walked over and peered in through the window. His heart broke as he saw Trish curled up into a little ball, her tail curled around her feet and her face was hidden by her knees. Her thin shoulders were shaking with the force of the sobs that echoed through the small beat up car. Jake opened the door, ears pinned against his head. He sat beside her placing a gentle paw on her knees. She flinched but refused to look up at him.

"Hey..." he whispered, "I...I'm sorry...I should have told you...and you have every right to be made at me. You have every right to hate me. Hell you should leave me for what I did, but don't please, please don't leave me..." he whimpered the last statement. Her head slowly rose from her knees as she stared into his mournful green eyes. She didn't want to leave him. But the constant worry and fear that one day, he just may not come home. He would leave her alone and worried about things to come. She felt him wrap his arms around her and bring her close. She turned and rested her head against his chest. She knew somewhere deep inside her that she still loved Jake. She knew she had to take the good and the bad. She looked up at him and then turned away. She couldn't bare the thought of him leaving her. She would be so incomplete.

Jake saw the inner war going in her eyes. He was actually worried she may not want to be wit him anymore after what happened. he prayed that didn't happen. But he loved her so much, he couldn't let her go through the pain of loss if he died on a mission. He knew death was always lurking in the corners of what he did and he couldn't bring himself to let her feel pain if he didn't come home one day. He didn't want to leave Chance with the responsibility to tell her what happened or take care of her. "Trish, you know I would do anything for you. But the city needs the Swat Kats. But it would be unfair to you...I can't leave you with that worry. How Mina does it, I'll never know. So, if you want to leave me. Then go ahead. I'll understand." he whispered to her and she lifted her head even more and shook it slowly.

"I can't leave you..." she said, "I need you that's true, but the city needs Razor and if you don't protect hose people who will? The Enforcers? Ha, they can barely keep themselves organized." she got up and held his face gently between her paws, "I love you for YOU Jake. And I'll gladly take the good with the bad. Even though I personally don't like what you do, I will always support you."

"Trish...there was a time, when I wasn't sure who I fought for anymore. There was a time when I fought for myself, then Chance, Callie, and now I fight to come home to you." he told her putting their foreheads together, like he had seen Chance and Mina do so many times.


"I will love and support you. I will pick you up when you fall, I will be your shoulder to cry on, you're listening ear. I will be anything you need me to be. Anything."

"I love you Jake..."

"I love you too, more than you could ever know..." he whispered, kissing her. She returned it fully.

Chance and Mina stood outside with Mina watching from the back porch. She turned and smiled at her husband. "See, everything worked out." she felt him wrap and arm around her shoulders as he smiled down at her.

"I should learn never to doubt a she-kat's intuition ever again." he said and she laughed as they walked back inside, not caring what the future was bound to drop on their doorstep.