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I know it's been a WHILE since I wrote a fanfic but Im letting everyone know now that I will no longer be writing IchiHime fics because of a huge reason. It may sound crazy but since I have started writing fics for that pairing I've been having Extremely bad luck (I got arrested, mom underwent double by-pass, called off engagement) Im not kidding for those couple of months it has been the worst of my life and I noticed when I would start drafting for my next chapter the terrible luck would start so I am staying far away from that pairing. It broke my heart really (I really loved that pairing too) so believe me if you want but my old fics are going under a permanent hiatus (until I find a religious councilor to solve that matter)

On better news I have moved on to a more cannon pairing which has slowly grown on me and now they have become my absolutely favorite pair as to date. And thanks to Kubo-sensei for the latest chapters that's satisfying all GINRAN fans out there. I had an idea for this fic for a while, and I have made it my muse. So far it will have 20+ chapters and will chronicle the life from start to finish of Rangiku and Gin. So far I have done the first 5 chapters which I will release in quick succession of each other. I have worked really hard on them so please enjoy for they are heart breaking.


This story is T+ rated but will have brief nudity, vulgar language, suggestive sexual themes, angst, violence, and tearjearking moments. Later chapters will include sex but I will keep it tastefully written and who knows if reviewers want to up the sexuality please feel free to let me know.


I do not own Bleach or any of its characters, it is a dream of mine but unless I marry Tite Kubo this will just stay as my muse. So enjoy.


Soft weathered hands reached up to cup a face that has experienced her soft grace on countless occasions, many of them which were full of a longing need other times filled with anger and resentment but this touch he sensed an emotion that frightened him to the core. Inevitable grief. His body reclined against hers as she dragged him down from rubble, he awoke when he heard her sharp gasp at the sight, he was relieved to see her alive for Aizen's reiatsu disappeared a short while ago.

Golden hair cascaded around like the rays of sun that has warmed their naked skin of earlier youth. Her fingertips slid down to brush crimson drops away from his thin pale lips. Lips that have taken her to the highest peaks of heaven just before dragging her to the dark chambers of hell. And this was their darkest chamber yet.

His artificial sunshine was accompanied by a light rain as warm saline drops fell from above and rolled down his shape features, for a brief moment the memory of them in summer rain came to mind and he wondered if she thought the same. It wasn't the first time he was bathed in such waters but as much as he hated being the source of them he now found himself cherishing every drop from her cerulean orbs.

"Ah...I'm afr...ack" blood dribbled down his mouth as he tried to speak, she sealed his lips with two soft digits as she lowered to his ear. Her sorrowful voice reverberating within his head.

"Don't speak" she hushed. Tears that left her eyes were not felt until she noticed them wetting her hand, completely shocking her as she promised not to let him see her fall once more in that pitiful state.

"I can't believe you, I thought after everything I would have figured you out by now but you... wind up doing this to yourself" Her emotions revolted inside her that she couldn't find the right words to say, she figured it be best to say as little as possible.

"Oh Ran...I'm always dissapointin' ya...aren't I?" he slowly opened his eyes to meet into hers, it made him reach up with his only remaining arm and stoke her cheek tenderly as he caught a raindrop halfway from leaving her. She leaned for his touch as she always does and locked eyes with him, for it was the only way she knew how to read him even after so long.

"I told you not to speak, there you go again not listening to me" she cracked a small smile, her features were a stark contrast of the turmoil she was feeling within. He let his hand drop lower as his knuckles passed lightly over the long cut that he inflicted on her recently, feeling remorse as he stopped right up her heart, an emotion he felt only a handful of times and it always came through him like a slow chain lined with nails dragging his soul.

"Do you hate me more 'cause I injured you... yet again...I " he croaked she interrupted him by saying she knows enough even though she doesn't understand his motives, then again he's always been a wild card.

"It's my fault...I let this drag on more than I...ack...should've..." he coughed up more red blood and she just held on tighter as if to push his life force back in him. He wanted to say more but he found it so difficult to take a breathe as he knew his wound was severe.

"Gotten that damn orb when I had the chance"

"There was nothing more you could've done..." she responded back which made him wonder if she was trying to convince herself than stating.

"So many open chances Ran, you wouldn't believe. But I didn't move, I didn't want to risk it until I had him completely alone". The pain of his body was agonizing him with every word spilled along with his blood.

"Why? All I wanted was you, I told you that already you stupid fox faced jerk" the light rain started to become heavier as she couldn't hold back the dam that was pounding behind her eyes.

"Fix you Rangiku, I wanted to put back what belonged to you so you'll never feel that emptiness...I saw them take it from...you" he raised his hand to clasp hers above him.

"I was close so close..." he was interrupted as she crashed her lips towards his, she did not flinch back as the foreign metallic taste invaded her senses, he felt relief to taste her sweetness one last time and did not care to continue his train of thought. Her lips were the only source of warmth that he felt in his failing body. He loved her and his hand began to loosen his grip while hers was getting stronger.

"Don't cry any more Rangiku, you know I don't like to see you sad especially over someone as inconsiderate as me" his smile was one of true sincerity as he brushed his lips against her cheek almost nuzzling her. Rangiku choked back a sob.

'Im so glad that at least I said sorry to you' was his last thought as his mind began to go dark he slowly closed his eyes. Rangiku's tears began to form small rivulets and she held him now impossibly tight against her. She couldn't believe what was happening to them. She was losing her best friend, her rescuer and most importantly her lover.

"Gin...please" she finally couldn't hold back any longer and let herself fully grieve over him as she felt his fingers slowly grow cold. Her soft lips rushing over his pale face hoping to see him opening his eyes once more.

"Gin please, don't leave me yet...I want to see them, open your eyes for me...just this last time" she waited for what seemed an eternity before he responded weakly.

"I've never...have...seen...a more lovelier...angel than you, I wanted...you since I...first saw you...I'm sorry I've never...told you that" he managed to smile one last time and as he felt his sight becoming darker, the image of his beloved above him began to change as he saw her become the young girl he saved so many decades before.

"I would've loved... to live just one more day with you...in that shack, what I wouldn't give Ran...just for...one more day" he kissed her hand with his last strength as he took his final breath.

She wrapped herself around him when his chest didn't rise once more and the aquamarine of his eyes grew into a dull dusty blue. A sorrowful wail escaped her throat, as began rocking his body in her arms as if he were a child, cold blood staining her robes. She has now lost her home, all she wanted now was to stay at that spot and not even that damn Aizen could've ripped her apart from him.

"I wish I was home too Gin" she kept repeating that phrase over and over. All their memories of their past began pouring into her head as each feeling began to manifest itself in her.

"And now I'm going to wake alone again, because you left me" she muttered as she kissed his forehead.

The world went black once more for Gin Ichimaru.

Authors Notes:

Well that was the prequel so the next will begin the story, hope you enjoyed it. Next chapter will have how Gin and Ran start living with each other and getting to know one another. It will be a light slice of life chapter with some comedy.

Playlist that inspired me during this fic:

The Scientist by Coldplay

Don't' Speak by No Doubt

Be My Last by Utada Hikaru