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This is my first fanfic, bear with me; it may not be very good :) Just a random idea I came up with

Sam's POV
I was slouched in the armchair of the hotel room Dean and I had rented for the night. It was hardly a five-star suite. It was complete with a bedroom (where Dean happened to be, sleeping presumably), the sitting room, and a cupboard-sized-bathroom (if you could even count that as a room). I made myself comfortable on the couch in the sitting room. My elderly laptop was running at a snail's pace and was starting to heat up my legs considerably. The only reason I couldn't bare to get a new one was because my Dad gave me this one for my sixteenth birthday.

I miss my controversial Dad. Knowing that he was suffering in hell for eternity right now and knowing that his fatality was a sacrificial act for Dean, his eldest son, my brother, was painful, yet inspiring. To see his calm, loving face once more, to be together as a family once again, would mean the world to me and I'd never let him go. It truly pained me that we rarely got along, but if he was still here I reckon we could work it out.

However, my wistful thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a naked Dean darting across the room to the mini-fridge. Grabbing a bottle of whipped cream, he turned around and sprinted back to the bedroom without a glance towards my direction.

I gaped and almost threw up. He could've at least had the courtesy to cover up his-
Well. That.

I shuddered at the thought and continued to observe my laptop screen blankly. Who'd he even have in there! I only got in about half an hour ago, so the girl must've been there the whole time.

My thoughts were interrupted again by a sudden throbbing in my head. I blinked furiously, trying to make it stop. And then I got a vision.

Dean and the girl were in the bedroom under the covers.

I didn't want to see this! It was like staring straight in to the next room!

The clock in the bedroom rung midnight and the girl's eyes shot a deep black.

I gulped. The girl wasn't who Dean thought she was and he was in serious danger.

The girl glanced down towards Dean and then smiled a harsh, evil smile. Dean looked up and his naked body was flung to the wall. The girl mercilessly raised him, bashing his head against the ceiling, and blood started to gush down the wall. Before long he was white as a ghost, and his thrashing slowed eventually to stillness. Then he fell to the floor. The demon's job was done. She smiled and then strolled towards the door.

As if I hadn't had enough "brother nudity" for one day. But whatever the circumstances, he was in trouble. The time now was ten to midnight. It was going to happen in ten minutes! I started to panic. My laptop fell to the floor and the top screen disconnected from the keyboard with a thud as it came in contact with the carpet. Where was the colt! Dean must've left it in the trunk of the Impala. So where were the keys? I wasn't just going to barge in and shout "Dean! The girl's a demon! Stop screwing her!" because that way we'd probably both get massacred. I frantically began to turn the room inside-out in search of the keys. It was now five to midnight, so I had to find them fast.

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