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I hate Richard Grayson, Jump City High School's famous playboy. Handsome and charming he and his best buds, Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, Rachel Roth, Wally West, Roy Harper, Karen Beecher ( Victor's girfriend),Alan Aqua and Terra Markov ruled the school. Oh please. The rest of his friends were nice enough, but Richard...that boy gets on my last damn nerve! We've known eachother since preschool, and since preschool we've hated eachother. I don't know why he hates me, I don't know why I hate him. We just do. And that's that.

Today was the first day of our Junior year and I was majorly excited. I could barely contain my squeal as I looked for the perfect outfit. Hmmm, how about this? A dark purple mini skirt and this gorgeous new off the shoulder top. Ooooh perfect! I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. " Mom! You're home!" I smiled and hugged her.

I had missed her over the week, my parents, Luan and Myan Anders, ran their own business and traveled a lot. I didn't usually mind since, by now, I had gotten used to it.

" Oh yes my little bumgorf, your father and I got back last night. We wanted to say hi, but you were asleep."

She handed me a buttered piece of toast and shooed me out the door, " Hurry up or you'll miss your bus."

I yelled my goodbyes and rushed out. I generally hitch a ride with my Jennifer Hex and Jade Nguyen my best friends, but Jade was on holiday and wouldn't be coming back until the day after tomorow and since her brother was the only one old enough to drive, Jenny and I were stuck on the bus. Oh joy.

" Hey Kori!" Jennifer called out to me.

" Jen!" I hugged her and appraised her outfit."

" Nice style there Jen" I told her laughing.

The thing with Jen is she comes each year with a new style. Last year was gothic, it was kind of depressing to shop with her but she made life interesting. This year she went for an Avril Lavigne look. Punk Princess. I liked it. " Thanks, took me ages to come up with it."

I shook my head and climbed up the bus, " Come on, High School awaits."

We got our shedules to find some depressing news. " Kori! We only have two classes together! History and Chemistry." she moaned.

" Oh well, maybe we'll have Jade," I consoled her and led her to homeroom. When I bumped into somebody,oh great.

" Move it Anders." a gruff voice ordered.

" Make me Grayson. I came here first."

" Oh shut up. Move it."

I refused and stood my ground. He growled and pushed me out of his way...right into the water fountain. The kid drinking squirted my shirt and widened his eyes. " Oh god, I'm so sorry." I said frantically as I heard the stupid Richard Grayson's laugh echo into my ears. He has a nice laugh I realized. Shut up! He's an idiot and you best remember that.

I glared at him as Wally made his way up to me. Jennifer came to stand beside me.

"Hey Kori, Jennifer," he smiled flirtatiously as Jen blushed, " Sorry about the water, Richard didn't really mean it. He says he's sorry."

I sniffed and looked over to where Richard was sitting, he was laughing and flirting with yet another girl and I suddenly felt like punching something. " Oh yeah, he looks real sorry." I glowered at him.

" Hey, hey, don't take it out on me. I'm just his good looking buddy. But seriously he doesn't really mean it."

I was about to say something sarcastic when-oh dear sweet lord no. We have for homeroom...and math. Oh great. This guy's a total nutcase.

" Good morning class! Well why are you staring? Say you kids are here!"

I saw Rachel glare at him from her book and smiled, " Flowers for the glaring lady." he pulled a ridiculously scrunched up bouquet of flowers and handed it to Rachel. I laughed as she grabbed the flowers and stuffed it up his shirt. " Why you-" he started before the bell rang. History it is.

I filed in and sat next to Xavier Redd. Oooh he is handsome. " Hey Cutie."

A nickname! I silently squealed and tried to look calm and collected. " Hey Xavier, what's up?"

" Trying to live through the day, you?"

I giggled, " Same here," that minute Richard walked in, " And trying to stay away from Richard."

Xavier glared. " You know if he's bothering you..."

" No, don't do anything to him. I'll get back at him my own way. Just watch at lunch.''

" Oh, your an evil one aren't you."

" You can bet your life on it."

" Hello me duckies, are you ready for a pop quiz?"

As the class groaned I could just tell this day was going to be horrible.

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