A bright sun filled day was drawing to an end as the sun began to decent towards the horizon. A young boy, no older then eleven, made his way up the stairs and shut himself in his room, his dirt splattered jeans and shirt indicating that he had just returned from a long day of misery and pain.

A voice suddenly broke the silence he had looked forward to upon returning home.

"Oh Twerp!"

The voice was kind, yet it chilled him to the bones. He shuddered, almost as if a cold breeze had penetrated the cozy walls and disturbed the rooms ambient feel. However it was not the voice that brought this chill about. It was from whom the voice had come from. He knew that beyond his bedroom door, down the stairs and in the living room, there was pure evil. This "evil" stood twice his size. She had long red hair and glaring pink eyes that could burn right through you, their gaze tore at you in a stare of superiority.

"Twerp!" The voice came again. Yet this time it was backed by a furious gust of force. A mix of anger and what seemed to be pleasure laced the words now screaming in the back of his mind. He knew what would happen if he didn't answer. When the first call had come, he had been lying down on his bed, staring blankly at the wall as he rested from a long day at school. But as his babysitter summoned him once more, he had no choice but to get to his feet and make his way down stairs, where, he had a bad feeling that a long list of chores awaited him.

He glanced towards a large fish bowl that had been placed upon a small side desk that was located to the right of his bed. Two little goldfish swam steadily along its edges. They looked, as if they were nothing more than mere pet fish bought at a store. Appearances aside, they were far from normal.

"Wanda, Cosmo, are you ready to do some more of Vicky's bidding?" the boy asked solemnly. A look of pure dread fused with a morose tone of depression formed upon his face. This was obviously a normal routine for him. "Sure thing Sport. anything to help." replied one of the goldfish. Strangely This didn't seem to astonish him in anyway. and at that very instant, the boy's tiny goldfish leaped out from their bowl and began to take a different shape. Once again, this seemed to strike no surprise in the boy.

"So Timmy, what does she have you doing today?" asked the male fish once he finished his transformation into a fairy, A smile crossed his face. Cosmo wore a white, button up shirt with a black tie and matching black pleat pants. If he were bigger, he would have looked like the average human. if it weren't for the addition of his wings and levitating crown that sat nicely above his head.

"Don't know yet. I have to go down stairs and see. Wait here until I call you okay?" Timmy asked kindly. The female fairy gave a curt nod. She, like her green counterpart, looked just as human. But like him her off color hair and fairy additions gave her away.

"Okay Timmy. But don't let Vicky get you down." she told Timmy as he shut the bedroom door. Slowly, Timmy made his way down into the living room until at last, he reached the foot of the stairs. With a gulp, he closed his eyes and stepped forward, not at all looking forward to what horror awaited him.

"Finally. I thought you'd never get your lazy ass down here." hissed the voice that had called him down the stairs. Without taking a breath, Timmy opened his eyes. There, right in front of him, was the dreaded evil from before. She was sprawled out on the living room couch. One of her legs was thrown over the chair's arms, the other stood dangling over the edge, her arms were placed behind her head. To no one's surprise, she bore a wicked smile. She was tall, thin, and shapely. Her large breasts pushed against her chin as she pushed her head upward. Her red hair wrapped tight in a ponytail as her long,
untrimmed bangs flapped carelessly in front of her face. "Glad you decided to show." Vicky giggled in a sinister way.

"I have a name you know?" Timmy murmured under his breath, still not able to make eye contact with her.

"Like I give a shit." Her voice suddenly turned harsh and bitter. "All I care about is that you finish all these chores your folks left me. And stay out of my way! Got it?" Upon speaking her last word, Vicky stood up off the couch and lent over Timmy.

"Yes." Timmy replied timidly.

"Good. Now, take this list and finish it by 9 o'clock tonight. Otherwise-" Vicky picked Timmy up by the collar of his shirt. holding him suspended in mid air. "You will be wishing you were never born." Vicky, now finished with all she had to say, threw Timmy on the floor. With a feeling of fear, Timmy nodded his head, and started on the long list of chores.