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Timmy was thrown aback by Vicky's quick and almost rash reaction. He had expected her to push him even further away, or unleash a long list of demands upon him. Crying was far from what Timmy had expected. In a sense, he knew what to expect, but he would be lying if he said he was hoping this would happen. Yet, no matter what, Timmy had to tackle this issue head on - which he was going to do by tip toeing his way carefully into Vicky's heart.

"Vicky, it's okay. I'm... here for you?" This couldn't be any stranger than if Timmy had been speaking in an alien language. Trying to comfort Vicky was foreign to him. How do you help someone who's been the pain of your existence for almost two years now? It's a difficult task, and not just for Timmy. He was sure this would be just as uncomfortable and new to Vicky as it was for him. Regardless of the nagging facts, he urged forward, determined to be there for her.

"It's okay," Timmy repeated himself, guessing Vicky couldn't hear him over her gasps and sobs. Steadily, Timmy removed his hand from the couch and placed it ever so nicely on top of Vicky's. She was shaking something fierce. Along with a steady quiver, Timmy could feel each and every sob, violently making its way through Vicky's body. Her constant cries and shakes were beginning to make his stomach retch. Here was his maniacal, arrogant, heartless babysitter, crying. She was the reason for a great deal of his suffering, and the very reason he had received his fairy godparents. Now here she was, broken and confused. It was upsetting to say the least.

Still, Vicky's reply did not come. With no options left, Timmy decided to try something new. Fingers crossed, Timmy made his way onto the couch. Slowly, he inched his way closer and closer to Vicky, until they were just an inch apart. With his hopes still up, Timmy leaned over and threw his arms around Vicky.

Before Timmy even had his arms fully around her, Vicky threw him from her with pure force. Without showing a moment of hesitance, she retreated back into the arm of the couch. Her eyes were wide in confusion, not to mention tear stained and swollen from all of her crying. Yet something was off. It was almost as if Vicky had thrown Timmy from her with no consciousness of her own. Timmy was left sitting with his head cocked to the side, lost and bewildered from it all.

Vicky was frozen completely solid. Her eyes were wide open in utter shock. Timmy's actions had severely thrown her off, and as a result, she had cast him away. Not so much by choice, but more like a sudden reaction. Why? She had no inkling as to why she would react in such a way. Maybe it was the oddness of it all. Aside from the incident where the two found themselves trapped after an avalanche, Vicky never had much physical contact with Timmy. That was paired with the fact that no one had attempted to consol her in years.

"Timmy. I'm- I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to push you like that. I just..." Vicky was losing her composure once more. Everything was so out of order for her. She was finding it hard to keep her footing in this conversation. Vicky was used to ruling with an iron fist. She may have been brushing her feelings under the rug, but to say the least, she was used to being the cause of tears, not pouring them out like she currently was. "Ugh! What's wrong with me? I'm just, so...so sorry." Eyes filled with self doubt, Vicky gazed outward, far too fearful to meet Timmy's worried stare.

"Vicky, it's okay. I just startled you is all. I wanted to let you know, it will be okay. This must be very difficult for you, but I'm here and you can tell me anything. I'm not going to run away. Instead, I'm going to sit right here, and I want you to tell me what's up." He was so bound and determined. Vicky still could not understand why Timmy wanted to help her so badly. Though in the end, she knew there was no use in stopping him.

Witch a graceful ease, Timmy placed his hand on Vicky's arm. She felt her whole body pulse with the touch of his hand. It was a small action, nothing much, yet instantly, Vicky could feel sweet relaxation and comfort warm her icy stone body. It was so immense that it caused her to let out a tiny squeak. To her relief, Timmy didn't seem to notice.

Timmy's soft touch had almost succeeded in washing all of Vicky's thoughts away. Yet a quick glance over to his once calm face stopped the wondrous sensation in its tracks. "Vicky, we really need to talk." The look in his eyes was so intense, so serious and focused. It took a hold of Vicky and rendered her motionless. "What happened? Why are you so angry and upset all the time?" He paused, only for a moment to make sure Vicky was listening. "I want you to tell me and I don't want you to avoid my question. I know something happened and I'm not leaving you alone until I know."

She was stuck with nowhere to turn. Timmy had Vicky pinned to a wall and he knew it. Who was she kidding, she was sick of keeping all of this locked up inside. It was time she unlocked all of those feelings and set them free. So, with nothing left to lose, Vicky opened up and shared her hidden past with the only person with open ears.

Timmy held on to Vicky's every word. He was gawking and shaking his head at the end of her every statement. Unknown to Vicky, Timmy already knew a vast amount about her past. Contrary to Timmy's belief, this did not make hearing Vicky's stories any less horrifying. Quite the opposite actually. Vicky only added a new sense of emotion to those awful actions. Her words told of her pain, her feelings of loss and abandonment. Above all of that, they told of her rage. It wasn't until she mentioned Tootie did Timmy almost fall out of his seat. 'What is this Tootie business? I don't remember seeing anything about Tootie in Vicky's past.'

"I've always hated that brat. She's the reason why I ever had that monster of a babysitter. When my mom was pregnant with Tootie, she ran into some complications." She paused for a moment likely debating whether or not she should explain the complications part to Timmy. Obviously she decided to skip that part of the conversation. "Once my mom became sick, she was always in bed or at the hospital. She had no time to look after me, let alone prepare for a new baby. With my dad working a nine to five job, that left no one at home to watch over me…"

"And in came Brent right?" Timmy finished off Vicky's statement, meaning to say it in his mind and not so much shouting it out loud.

"Yep. But it only got worse as time went on. Brent would blame his destructive habits on me and of course my parents would believe him. So it didn't take long for me to go from the perfect daughter to a demon child in the eyes of my parents." Her voice was so tense. Timmy could see why her parents would be such a touchy subject. She obviously had a strong connection to them at one point in time. "Then to add more to my plate, Tootie was born. At least my parents gave me some sort of attention before she was born, but once she came into the picture, I was completely forgotten. "

Timmy had always known Vicky to hate Tootie, but he never thought of it more than mere sibling rivalry. Now he only knew how far off he really was. It seemed so unfair that Vicky had to go through so much in such a short amount of time. Then to top it off, she got no comfort, no love, nor would anyone even bother to hear her out. She deserved so much more.

"From there I just decided to keep everything to myself. No one would bother to listen to me, so I thought why should I let them know how I feel? Instead, I decided to be the rotten kid they all thought I was." Everything she said sounded so dead. It was as if throughout the entire conversation she was losing her strength. Might as well have been. Timmy couldn't even begin to reason as to how drained Vicky must be. She just spilled her guts out for the first time ever. Retelling all of these events must have let loose a lot of negative emotions in her. Ones she suppressed for years.

"Vicky, I would have never known. I always thoug-"

"Timmy I'm sorry!" Vicky blurted out, cutting Timmy off before he even got a chance to explain himself. She barely noticed a thing. Tears were pouring down her face once more and she suddenly looked so timid, so frail and frightened - like a child left for the wolves. "I'm just so sorry. I always treat you like shit. Even though you don't deserve it. It was just... the only thing I could do. And when you're always trying to play the bad guy, you tend to get carried away at times… I just wanted to keep you far away from me. So I thought if all I did was torment you, abuse you, and treat you as inhumanly as possible... that you would learn to hate me."

Timmy couldn't help but wince and recoil a bit. All this time he truly believed Vicky was just born heartless. Now he knew all too well that he had been led into a lie. At first, the thought somewhat infuriated him, but he knew now that there must be a reason behind her ruse. With a quick gulp of air, he readied himself for the next question. "Vicky, why would you think that? Why would you want me to hate you?"

He was almost sure he would get the stereotypical "You're too young, you wouldn't understand." response. Yet the reply he received was the farthest thing from your normal response.

"It's because... I found myself... falling for you Timmy." Her eyes locked onto his, and with a heavy heart she waited. She waited, holding her breath until someone broke the silence.