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Chrome96: No I do not but I sure do love the series!

Hime: Hmph.

Chrome96: Welcome Mayor-san! Also thanks to momoxtoshiro-san! Enjoy!

Ao sighed as she rested her tired head on her desk. The others had left for school a few minuets ago leaving the tired and bored girl alone with all the work. She shook her head and got back to the paperwork that had to be done for the town. The only noise in the room was the typing of the computer. The door opened with a slight creak before a certain short haired boy entered. "Hello Ao." Akina said with a smile as he sat down next to her.

"Hello Akina." Ao chirped before Akina went on to tell her why he was late. However Ao's mind was thinking of the romance movies that she stayed up all night to watch with Kotoha. The tired satori couldn't deny the smallest crush on the man beside her or the flush that crept onto her face when he learned she wasn't paying attention to his story. Ao apologized before the two decided to finish the work that was still lying in the desks in front of them. This task didn't take them long since there wasn't that much work to be done in the first place.

Shorty after they were done Akina's stomach growled loudly to his embarrassment. Ao sweat dropped as it was the black haired boy's turn to flush red. "Let's get something to eat. We're done anyways." Akina said itching to get some ramen before Hime came back to empty his wallet. Ao stopped giggled and nodded before she walked out the door with Akina. Ao pulled on her hat a bit as they walked through the small town to the ramen shop that their mayor loved. When they finally entered the shop they were greeted with a smiling Rin. She looked as if she was about to go on an order which reminded them that they could have ordered. "Just the two of you today?" The old lady asked as she sat the two. They nodded before they happily ordered what their stomachs were craving. Ao smiled brightly as they got their bowls. She began eating immediately as well as Akina. Akina glanced up and Ao who was still smiled brightly. For some reason her wished this moment alone with Ao could last forever. The boy quickly put the thought aside.

Chrome96: Sorry If they were ooc and because it's short! This is my first Yozakura Quartet fanfic. Hope you enjoyed! I do plan to continue! Ciao for now!