I am not sure whether or not I am doing this right. I have never even considered blogging before though I have read a few. In fact most of my staff is violently opposed to me doing this. As they were opposed to bringing the bloggers on. They said I would regret it. And I do. Not because they hurt my campaign. In fact they did the opposite. They put me were I am today. No it is because they died in defense of me and mine. When I hired them to follow me I was not aware they would save my life and see justice served where others didn't think to look.

It is in the honor of one of them that I right this now. Georgia Carylon Mason was the one I wanted. I trusted her to tell the truth. And when that truth stung I sent her away. I sent her away, placing her in the thick of events that led to her death. I will live with regret for the rest of my life.

I would like the world to know that I am and will always remain, deeply in her debt. Without her dedication to the arts and her persistence in finding and giving the world the truth that I sit in the office as president elect. It is because of her efforts that I will be inaugurated tomorrow.

Georgia was one of the finest people I have ever had the honor of knowing. She was medically diagnosed with KA of the eyes. She worked through it and didn't let the problem and the pain stop her from doing what she knew was right. For her, journalism was not about rating or the pay check. It wasn't about the danger or the thrill. She didn't do it to be famous. Ms. Mason reported the whole truth without contaminating it with her personal feelings. She reported because her personal belief is that no matter how hard the truth might be the people had a right to know. She died for that belief.

She died saving this country that we love from turning to fear. She believed that once people understood a problem there was no fear. She strived to improve the world. To free it. To allow us to understand and live our lives. She died, in my eyes and in the eyes of everyone one that knew her, a true Hero.

As I serve my term I swear to do everything in my power to see George's dream come true. To honor her strength and determination.

Words cannot do Georgia justice and I will not try other than to say she was a strong brave and courageous woman, who, by living her beliefs has helped me to be better. I will let my actions thank her. I will strive to be honest always and create a world were people can live without fear. I may not succeed but for her I will not only try, I will give everything I have, as she did everyday.

Georgia, I know it has been said, but from the bottom of my heart you will be missed. But more than that you will be remembered. And I hope, with my actions, you will be honored.

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First and only Blog by Peter Ryman, President Elect