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It started with losing his mother. She and his father had raised him, but that wasn't the problem. She yelled, and he was scared of her. It continued when his role-model, his older brother rebelled. His brother was awful, but he didn't care. The brother that was born after him was a major part in the timeline. How are you supposed to live in the shadow of a genius, I mean, really. There were also two smaller ones, the angels of the family. That was why these things happened. He wasn't special, he was mean, and he hurt, in his soul. He masked it well. He lived in his head, pretended to be dumb, and didn't have a care in the world. Secretly though, he broke every time he did something nasty. It came to a time though, when his mother didn't just give him a crack, she shattered him completely.

"We all know you aren't going to make something of yourself! You won't even have this fat-assed janitor job for more then a couple of days! Then they'll learn just how much of a lazy screw-up you actually are! You are worse than the rat Dewey left in the God damn fridge! You know how they say, 'something only a mother could love'? Well let me tell you one thing, even a mother can't love what you got! I know because I am your mother! And there is nothing I can do about it. I Have tried!"

She left it at that, but that was more than enough to hurt. It was more than enough to shatter. It was more than enough to hurt. But hurt it did.

The officer didn't know where the kid had gotten a gun, but it didn't matter, it was her job to make sure no one got hurt.

Shoot me

The kid was insane she decided. He raised the gun.

Shoot me

Another kid came running out from behind her. Stay back she yelled. The new kid didn't listen.

Reese, I know she hurt you, I heard everything she said. It's just mom, you know how it is.

Shut up

Reese, you need to trust me. Its Malcolm, your brother. I know what she said and it wasn't right. But what you're doing isn't right either. You don't need to end it.

The new kid, Malcolm, hesitantly took a few steps toward the first kid, his brother, Reese. The elder finally looked as though he had seen the younger. He looked down at himself, and the gun. He looked back at his brother.

What am I doing?

That was when the gun went off. The younger of the two jerked backward. The elder dropped the gun. The officer was on her radio immediately requesting an ambulance. As the one brother crumpled, the other remained immobile, staring at the rapidly increasing red splotch on the once grey t-shirt. The officer came around and handcuffed the shooter. The shooter then started crying, and sobbing out "I'm sorry" and "I didn't mean to" and "It just went off". The younger brother just remained on the ground, bleeding, unmoving. He was gone by the time the ambulance came.

After the police removed the body, it gently rained, washing away the anger, frustration, pain, and blood that had been there before.