"To Make You Happy"

Hope you guys like it XD

Ace's POV:

I drove up to the back of Pokey Oaks High School on my Harley, I pulled out the small picture I had of her, in my wallet. She is beautiful, everything about her is,

Her smile.

Those eyes, Man those eyes could take my breath away.

The way her nose wrinkled when she got mad.

And her laugh...

I was snapped out of my daydream when I heard that laugh around the corner.

I got off my bike and peeked around the building to see her and Butch (her best friend) and their siblings at the outdoor lunch area.

Butch and Buttercup were arm wrestling, and Buttercup almost had him beat.

But her concentration, was interuppted when some kid with scraggly brown hair, came up behind her and kissed her.

I felt my insides boil.

She jumped up and was about to beat him up, but Butch held her back.

"You little freak!" She said fighting Butch's hold on her.

"Buttercup don't try to hide you real feelings" He teased

"Go away Mitch!" Bubbles yelled glaring at him

"That kiss was probably amazing compared to kissing that sack of garbage your with now" Mitch said never deverting his attention from Buttercup

"that's it!" She yelled and flew out of Butch's hold, and slammed Mitch up against a nearby wall, and lifted him off the ground by his collar.

"I am not gunna tell you again, one more time and I will beat you to a pulp in front of the whole school! And as for the sack of garbage I'm looking at it! Don't you ever talk about him again, got it?" she said getting up in his face.

He put his hands up and she let go of his collar and flew back to her table.

Mitch was joined by his friends, and smiled at Buttercup while she had her back to him.

"Oh and Doll face! When he uses you like last time, the offer's still on the table!" He said laughing and walking away

Buttercup ignored him and grabbed Butch's hand from across the table and started arm wrestling before, he could even react, and slammed his hand into the table.

"Damn, BC!" He yelled yanking his arm away from her.

She just laughed it off and so did Butch and his brothers.

Just then the bell rang for dismissal and I took that as my cue to make my self known.

I slipped the picture and my wallet in my back pocket and walked around to the side of the building so she could see me.

Buttercup's POV:

I looked up and there he was, leaning against the side of the school, acting like Mr. Cool

Blossom was saying something to me, but I tuned her out like I always did.

I grabbed my bag, and high fived Butch.

"I'll see you guys later!" I yelled flying over to where Ace was.

He smirked when I landed, and I couldn't wipe the stupid smile off my face.

I took his hand and he led me behind the school to his bike.

"Ay" He said with a smile as I put on the stupid helmet he made me wear.

"Hey yourself" I said smirking as I got on the bike.

He just laughed and got the bike too. I wrapped my arms around him, for warmth from the cold winter air, and held on tight.

"You ready kid?" He asked as he started the engine.

"Yep!" I yelled for him to hear me, and clung on as he kicked the kickstand and took off out of the school parking lot.

Today was Friday, the day I loved because I got to stay with Ace longer, while Dad thought I was with Butch, and our siblings hanging out.

I couldn't wait to get to the shack and spend time with Ace and the guys, but mostly Ace.

Before I knew it, We were there, and the engine stopped.

I sat up and Ace got up, and took my helmet off and put it on his seat.

I got up, and he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hey" He said again

"Hey" I said smiling up at him. "You gunna kiss me or what?"

He leaned down, and his lips met mine, and like every other time that happened my heart sped up and it made me breathless.

When He pulled away I had to remind myself to open my eyes again.

I looked up at him in a dreamy state and smiled.

He smiled that one fanged smile I love so much and let go me and took my hand in his.

"Come on, I gotta show you somethin'" He said

I followed him to the little clearing in the dump we hung out at, and I made a fire, and we sat in the December evening air, next to some broken down cars and just talked for hours.

Ace took off his black leather jacket and draped it on my shoulders.

I cuddled up next to him, and he rested his head against mine.

"I got somethin' for you" He said pulling something out of his pocket.

"Do I want to know where this something came from?" I asked

"Relax Kid, I didn't steal it" He said pulling out the small velvet box from his pocket.

I watched as he opened the box, and pulled out a silver necklace, with a heart shaped locket on the end.

I stared at it in his green hands, and admired it's simple beauty.


"It was my mom's before she died, she gave it to me. I want you to have it, cause you remind me of her a lot. She always wanted me to be a good kid, but I guess as much as I hate it I followed in my dad's footsteps. But you helped me, change that about myself. You saved me from myself." He said looking down. "Here let me help you put it on..."

I turned around and moved my hair to the side so he could clasp the necklace.

I turned around, and took off his sun glasses to see his, beautiful ebony eyes.

"Thank You" I said looking deep into his eyes.

He smiled and pulled me in front of him, and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned my head back against his chest and looked up at the stars.

After a while, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear "I love you, Kid"

Ace wasn't an emotional person, but when he did show emotion, you knew he ment it.

"I love you too" I whispered

Just then my phone rang, it was Blossom.


"Buttercup, Bubbles squealed!" She said frantically

"What?" I said sitting up.

"Bubbles squealed about Ace, and Dad is livid! You better get home before he drives over there to find you himself"

"Shit! Ok I'm on my way"

I got up and grabbed my bag, as fast as I could.

Ace stood up, and looked at me confused.

"What happened?" He asked

"I gotta go, I'll explain later ok?"

He nodded, and caught my hand right before I took off, and kissed me softly.

"I love you, I'll be back later ok?" I said and before he could respond I flew off towards home.