Taking Control- NCIS Fanfiction

Chapter 1- Audrianna's PoV

Author's Note: I own nothing aside from Bryants, Audrianna, and the plot so don't sue me!

I sighed dramatically as I walked out of the hotel bathroom and picked up a pile of clothing that I laid on the bed earlier this morning. I exited the bathroom once more, but this time I was actually dressed. I wore a basic camisole tucked into a pair of faded vintage flares, and a pair of comfy and pratical pair of white tennis shoes. I quickly threw my long ash-blonde curls into a low ponytail and grabbing my shoulder bag, I raced down to the lobby to meet up with Bryants, a friend of the family and my boss at the French NCIS base.

~*The NCIS parking lot*~

I drove my green jeep into an empty parking space, and sighed once again as I slid my sunglasses onto my forehead. I mock glared at my passanger who was chuckling at my current dislike of my new position here at the American NCIS office. As I locked the jeep, I looked over at Bryants and told him

"Well my dear friend Bryants," I chuckled lightly at the look he gave me, "if we're going to do this thing, then for all that is good can't we just get on with it?" He chuckled deeply and pulled me in for a one-armed embrace as we walked towards the looming brick building.

"You should not worry so much, love. It will just ruin your beautiful pale complexion." I heard a voice who was clearly amused speak to Bryants and I,

"You know, I've heard lots of things but never beautiful and pale in the same sentence. However," he paused here to take a quick glancing me over but before he could say anything more, a distinguished older-looking man walked by the three of us and promptly slapped the younger guy up the backside of the head.

"Don't even think of starting anything DiNozzo, and that's an order." The younger guy said nothing, and merely walked over to a desk. The older man walked over to Bryants and I. His hand was held out in an offering of welcome.

"It's good to see you again Bryants," as he turned to face me we both let out a gasp simeltaneously but I said nothing. The older man however, for all appearance's sake looked as though a ghost from his far distant past had suddenly jumped out from behind a bush yelling "boo." His voice barely trembled, or showed emotion of any kind as he whispered a name that was quite familiar and comforting.

"Celeste, is that you?" I shook my head before responding

"No monsiuer, I apologize. My name is Audrianna Bellerose." I hold out a trembling hand which he shakes.

"No, it is my fault. It's just that well…you look exactly like a girl that I once knew quite a few years ago. Oh, and the name's Gibbs." With that he walked away towards a set of elevators. He did, however, yell over his shoulder.

"Oh and yeah, McGee? It's your job to show Audrianna around and make sure that she gets settled in." I was stunned speechless when Gibbs mentioned the name 'McGee." I had just managed to convince myself that it wasn't the same person when an all too familiar voice spoke up behind me."

"Hey Audrianna, long time no see huh?" I turned around so fast, that my ash-blonde curls probably got a whiplash. I looked into the eyes of my friend…and my college sweetheart.