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Once the three teens awoke, Adam was happy to actually see Eli asleep in the bed next to him and not in his brother's room. Adam was okay with them being 'together', just as long as he got his fair share of time with each of them. You'd think one would be absolutely appalled by the fact there best friend was going out with there brother but, let's face it, Adam was an accepting person (for the most part) and he really did think they were a cute couple.

Eli woke up a small while after Adam did to find him grabbing a shirt and his binding, "Morning." He mumbled groggily, "You going to change?" Eli swiped his hair into place.

"Yup. Don't worry, I'll be back in a flash."

"That was lame." Eli giggled.

"I know." Adam chuckled as he went to the bathroom.

Drew awoke and headed for the bathroom, just to find his brother occupying it. He decided he would have a spot of breakfast, "I'm getting breakfast! Want anything Adam?" He informed through the dark wooden door.

"Yeah. Can you make pancakes?"

"Sure." Drew sighed as he marched down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Adam! I'm going to help Drew with breakfast." Eli exclaimed as he passed the closed bathroom door.

"Kay." Adam sung. Eli strolled down the steps and started to gently massage Drew's shoulders.

"Hey." Eli smiled from behind Drew, luckily there parents were both at work. Eli continued massaging the taller boys shoulders as he mixed pancake batter.

"That's nice." Drew moaned as he rolled his shoulders back a little.

"Thanks. Y' know. You look good cookin' me breakfast." Eli smirked evilly.

"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I was playing." Eli shrugged as he dug his long thin fingers into the boys shoulders.

"Okay." Drew sighed and moaned as Eli gently massaged his tense shoulders.

"Ugh. You guys are like a married couple." Adam huffed as he descended the stairs. "When will the pancakes be finished?"
"About ten minutes or so. Depends on how many you want." Drew shrugged.

"How's it going." Eli stopped massaging Drew's shoulders and joined Adam at the dining table.

"Good. You?"
"Awesome." Adam could truly see the happiness shinning in Eli's beautiful green eyes.

"That's good." Adam smiled delightfully at him.

"Yeah." Eli sighed as he sipped at a glass of milk he had gotten out earlier. About ten minutes later, Drew brought a big plate of pancakes to the center of the dining table.

"Here ya go guys." He turned back around and washed his hands, after washing his hands, he poured more milk for Eli, Adam, and himself. He grabbed the syrup and got each of them forks and knives. "Dig in!" He smiled at the two of them, his two favorite guys in the world, maybe even his two favorite people in the world.

They gobbled up the whole plate of pancakes, just like boys would. As they let there full tummies settle, they chatted about the weather, homework, how they wished there wasn't school the next morning, and general things about life. They all stood at the same time and moved the party to Adam's room. They each grabbed a comic but they really just sat there and talked some more. "You going to spend the night again?" Adam wondered.

"Yeah, I suppose so. My parents could care less." Eli flipped a page in his comic.

"That's cool. Are you ready to go back to school?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, your all better from what happened?"

"Yeah. I'm ready. I was fixed by the best doctor in the world."

"Let me guess, doctor loooove!" Adam teased.

"Yes!" Eli chuckled. "But seriously, hanging out with you guys has made me feel loads better. Thanks you guys." He stretched his arms around both of them, taking them in for a group hug.

"Ha ha! How corny! But so cool dude." Adam smiled and gave Eli a fist bump.

"Not as corny as doctor love! I mean seriously Adam! Where did you come up with that!" Eli chuckled hysterically.

"It's a kiss song!" Adam laughed.

"Oh, I see." Eli chuckled sarcastically.

"Ha ha! Yeah." Adam calmed himself down. "Phew! Got a little carried away, huh!"

"Yeah." Eli was still smiling. After the three boys read, talked, and had a great time, they had to retire. They had school to go to in the morning. Oh how they all wished that weekend would never end. But alas! It had dramatically wound its-self down to Adam and Drew's mom sticking her head in the door and singing, "School in the morning, get to sleep." The teens brushed there teeth and whatnot, then said there final goodnights. They each cuddled up into there beds and fell asleep instantly, hoping for a great day at school.

Adam woke up and shook Eli awake, He got his clothes and binding and flew off into his usual bathroom routine. Eli undressed himself and put on some fresh clothes he packed and brought along with him. He, once again, smeared his eyeliner around his eyes, perfectly, from memory. He didn't much feel like waiting in Adam's room so he decided he would pay his lover a little visit.

Drew's eye's shot open, he licked his dry lips, and wished he had woken up to Eli's shining eye's. His wish came true as Eli came trotting into the room. "Hey! Just thought I should check on ya'!" Eli shut the door behind him, "And maybe..." He crawled in the bed next to Drew, "Kiss on ya' a little?" He dragged his thick, soft lips across his neck, kissing and nibbling at the warm tender skin.

"Eli." Drew chuckled, "Come here!" Drew grabbed Eli in a big bear hug and kissed him passionately on the lips, drinking in every bit of tingling sensation it sent through his body. There were fireworks when they kissed, truly. Eli's eye's closed gently with the shear love that ran through his veins, he gripped Drew's muscley arm as he drunk in all of the excitement Drew brought into his soul. These boys were truly... in love.

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