AN : During my exam back in May I accidentally opened the link of a new story that my friend posted. I loved it and couldn't stop thinking about it, and then I wondered if there is any stories written where Harry isn't weak, that is how this story was created. This is meant to be a oneshot, but I have been requested to continue so I might add more chapters later. Thanks to dyly for betaing this story and scifinerd92 for giving me the idea. Enjoy.

Harry stood on the edge of the cliff and watched as the village beneath him was overtaken by greedy flames. He couldn't help but smile, his team had once again managed to save all of the villagers. Harry had received an anonymous note that morning warning him of a Death Eater attack on a small seaside village, and though he couldn't be sure of its validity, he had gathered his men immediately and rushed over to the village. Better safe than sorry was his motto, and it had served him well. Though the village itself couldn't be saved, its inhabitants were and that counted as a success in his book.

It has been four long years since Voldemort died, but his most loyal Death Eaters still wouldn't give up. Though their master had died, they still believed in his ideals and fought on in his name.

"Well isn't this a surprise? What is the savior doing all the way out here?" Harry heard someone say in a dark but playful tone. He didn't need to look behind him to know who the voice belonged to.

"Isn't it just, Greyback. I'm surprised you had anything to do with the village burning, I thought these kind of things were below you." Harry said, still watching the burning flames, he didn't fear any attack from the old werewolf.

"It is, but I can't say no when someone is begging me."

"What did they give you? Another innocent child?" Harry said in a harsh tone. He'd heard rumours recently that Death Eaters were using children as bribes in order to lure dark creatures into aiding their cause.

"You can hardly call them innocent."

It didn't matter to Harry though, he hated it when children were involved in wars, especially when they were muggle children who didn't even know about the wonders of magic, let alone its horrors.

"What about our deal?" Harry said, turning around to face the old wolf who was beginning to piss him off.

"That I couldn't hunt Potter, it didn't say anything about getting them as gifts."

"What will it take to make you give them up for good?" He watched the silver-haired wolf think, and wondered what else he might want on top of what he had. Such a big request came with big prices.

"You." He said smiling.

"You already have me." Harry replied in a bored tone.

"I want everyone to know about us." Harry didn't say anything for awhile, but from the look on Greyback's face, he already knew the answer. He would give anything to save innocent lives, especially children, and Greyback knew this. Having people know about him and Fenrir was nothing. Whatever the public opinion was, he only needed to think about how the wolf agreed never to touch another child and he'd know that it was worth the fear and disgust in everyone's eyes.

Harry could still remember the day he approached Fenrir, eighteen years old and ready to fight. Proudly he'd walked over to Fenrir, calm and collected, his emotions buried, ready to ask the alpha wolf for a deal.

The contract they had signed was in blood, so he knew that Fenrir couldn't break it. Which was how, when they found children dead or turned, he knew they hadn't been hunted by Fenrir.

What did Harry give in return for the mans sacrifice? Himself. Once a week he would meet the werewolf and give himself over to him, mind and body. Most teenagers would never imagine giving their body over to a man, especially not a killer, but Harry knew what had to be done.

The strange part was that he didn't mind doing it. He remembered the day he went to give him the offer, and the day he returned for the first night. He could remember the first night Fenrir drew blood, the first night Fenrir cut him, and the first time Fenrir demanded every part of Harry. Logically, he know he should be embarrassed, not turned on by the thought of their first night together, but he loved to think about it, it made the blood in his body go cold, and his cock turn hard.

"You'll find my answer in the newspaper tomorrow," Harry said before apparating away, leaving the smiling werewolf alone on the cliff watching the burning village.