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Even if Harry had saved everybody by killing Voldemort, taking down his evil empire and secured Azkaban from any future breakout he was still being avoided like he was contagious. It wasn't anything new for Harry, since he was a child he had been an outcast, finding out he was a wizard had never changed that. He was used to it, but that didn't mean he would let them walk all over him, not any more.

"Get your head out of your ass and find the file for me!" he screamed at the receptionists who were pretending she had more important things to do than to help him. Of course shouting at people didn't help his cause, but he couldn't take it any longer. Why were people always scared of me? He continuously asked himself, it wasn't like they had never done anything bad themselves.

Luckily for him he didn't have to pretend like it didn't bother him, he was the best Auror on the field, a bloody hero and the only one to have survived the killing curse, twice, he didn't have to sit and take this from anyone. In rage he pushed the vase next to him so it smashed on the floor, everybody around him was shocked but that didn't bother him any longer, it have been like this for weeks. It also didn't help his mood that Fenrir had been gone for over a week.

He walked as fast as he could out from the ministry before he disapparated to their cave; the cold but still warm cave they had shared so many nights before, the only place he felt happy. But Fenrir wasn't there.

Harry knew he shouldn't worry; Fenrir never left a note or warning before either. Deciding that he didn't want to go back to civilization he lay down on the pile of furs to relax for a moment; but it was so comfortable that he fell into a deep and comfortable sleep.

When he woke up the next morning he was sure he was still alone, only to be shocked when he saw a familiar face hovering above him. Not wanting the werewolf to know just how happy he was he put on a serious face, stood up and turned around. He knew his plan had worked when he heard a low grunt come from the werewolf behind him.

Harry continued to ignore the werewolf, but it was turning into a difficult task when Fenrir softly stroked his hair. "Can you ever forgive me?" Fenrir said in a playful tone; miraculously Harry still managed to stay in complete silence. But this time Fenrir wasn't going to beg him for forgiveness. With a hard tug Fenrir pulled Harry towards his chest and held him there with his strong hands, his nails slowly digging into Harry's soft and pale hips, making Harry moan in both pain and pleasure.

Harry still didn't do or say anything; instead he rested his body against Fenrir's and enjoyed the power Fenrir had over him. Fenrir reached up to Harry's face and softly stroked his cheek, but even the softest touch couldn't stop his sharp nails from piercing through Harry's skin, drawing warm blood from him. He had learned to handle Harry's blood and could now even taste it without feeling the hunger, so he could enjoy Harry's blood without turning him.

Before he forgot what he wanted to do he turned Harry around to face him. Harry stared at Fenrir through half opened eyes. Fenrir slowly pushed Harry's arms behind his back and tied them up with a rope that was in the cave. Then he stepped back and looked at Harry, who seemed to be in a different dimension.

Slowly Fenrir's fingers began to open up Harry's shirt, revealing the soft and sensitive skin that lay beneath, most of the bruises from their previous times together had vanished; only a few dark rings remained.

With more force than needed Fenrir pushed Harry down on his knees. Fenrir could see that Harry wanted to say something, but he continued to stay silence; that behavior only excited him. Quickly he fisted his hand in Harry's hair and pushed it towards the ground behind him until Harry had problems breathing.

"I will enjoy this." Fenrir said with an evil smirk planted on his lips. Harry should have taken that as a sign and protest, but he had longed for Fenrir's touch so long that he preferred it a little rougher compared to nothing. Only when Fenrir began to open his pants did Harry realize what he had planned, but there wasn't much he could do with his head forced back and his hands tied behind his back.

"Fenrir, no, please no." He knew there was nothing he could say that would make Fenrir change his mind, but that didn't stop him from trying.

"This collar isn't as pleasant as it may seem Harry, I might have let you play last time but from now on I'll be in charge, after all, that was the agreement, wasn't it?" If Harry had known that he wouldn't be allowed to be in control from now on he would never have longed for Fenrir.

"It's too big Fenrir," Harry pleaded again, knowing it wouldn't help.

"It's good that you have a big mouth then." As soon as Harry opened his mouth to protest again he was met by a warm, wet and thick cock, roughly Fenrir pushed his cock into Harry while he held his head. Harry tried to fight Fenrir as the gag reflexes took over, but luckily he managed to get them under control, and just in time as well because the next thing he knew Fenrir's cock was driven further down his throat.

Harry never enjoyed this part of their play, Fenrir was way too big for him, in every possible way, but still he wanted more. And suddenly he realized that the uncomfortable feeling turned into pleasure, maybe it was the thought of him on his knees, his arms tied up and a giant cock in his mouth that made him relax.

Harry knew that based on Fenrir's noises he wasn't far away, so he prepared himself, but the orgasm never came. Instead he was pushed down on the bed of furs while Fenrir got undressed. Harry stared up at the man, based on his expression Harry thought Fenrir was planning to do something evil.

And soon enough Harry realized exactly what Fenrir had planned; he was going to take Harry. Having experienced a less than happy Fenrir before he tried to escape the ropes, his attempt to escape was responded by a slap across his cheek, not hard but with enough force to make Harry understand that Fenrir didn't appreciate his escape plans. Harry knew Fenrir would try his best to take it easy, but that didn't mean he could trust him not to hurt Harry.

Harry's pants were removed quite easily, and before he knew it Fenrir had placed his massive body over Harry.

"Go easy Fenrir, I'm begging you," Harry cried out, hoping Fenrir would remember the simple request.

Which he did, slowly he pushed himself into Harry, using the saliva Harry had as lubricant. It still hurt, but it was far better than it could have been. As soon as the whole of Fenrir's length had entered Harry he began to move, making it uncomfortable for Harry. As uncomfortable as he was Harry decided not to say anything, Fenrir was in his own world now and nothing would interrupt his thoughts.

The only thing Harry could hope for was that Fenrir took it easy until he was loosened before he began to fuck him so hard that even laying down would be an uncomfortable task. Then suddenly Fenrir drew himself out of Harry and looked down at him. Harry was sure Fenrir hadn't come, but knew better than to ask what he was doing.

"I have a treat for you." Fenrir found his pants and quickly pulled something out of one of the pocket, as soon as Harry realized what it was he knew it wouldn't be a pleasant day. But before he could protest the ice cube was already circling his nipples, turning his protests into half crying moans. It was horrible but still good, and he didn't wish Fenrir to stop. But when most of the ice had melted Fenrir stopped. Harry thought he was done, but then Fenrir moved his hand with the almost completely melted ice cube down to Harry's ass, circling his entrance before pushing what was left of the ice cube into Harry.

Since most of the ice cube had melted it wasn't the worst thing Harry experienced, but he wouldn't say he enjoyed it either. The feeling was strange, and hurt him a little; but even if it was uncomfortable he still found it a little exciting, and it turned him on. The ice cube wasn't the only thing that entered him, soon after the ice cube Harry felt Fenrir's cock push its way all into Harry, and now he wasn't taking it easy.

Almost like he was running from something Fenrir trusted fast and hard into Harry. The speed made Harry ill, but the feeling of Fenrir was making up for it.

Luckily for him Fenrir soon came, smashing into Harry a few times while the last of his seed was released.

Harry, who hadn't even been close to coming, tried his best to ignore the almost hard cock in between his legs; he would have to pleasure himself later that night, since Fenrir most likely wouldn't help him.

"I will keep the collar on for you Harry," Fenrir said right before he lowered his body onto Harry's and kissed him, sweat running down his face onto Harry. "But Harry, if you try to give me other items that are meant for dogs I'll bite you." Harry couldn't help smiling.

"Nothing else, I promise." Harry responded.

Fenrir let himself fall down next to Harry, feeling pleased about the sex and the short torture session. When he looked over at Harry he realized that Harry's cock was still hard, but with his arms tied up behind his back he couldn't do anything. For a second he thought of letting Harry lay like that the rest of the night, but quickly changed his mind and grabbed Harry's cock, pumping it slowly until Harry began to whisper words of pleasure under his dark moans. In the end he came as well, wave after wave hit while he tried to calm down.

When it finally was over Harry closed his eyes, ready for more sleep. Fenrir was back, and even if he was leaving in a second he had still come back, for him.

AN: The reason why Fenrir had an ice cube in his pocket is because he is not a wizard, my idea was that he had a friend who is a wizard put a spell on an ice cube so it wouldn't melt until it touched skin.