Okay so I know that the TMNT are Japanese not chinese, but Venus is chinese and I just thought it worked so, there ya go. Enjoy! And review the story for petes sake! *giggle*

Bring honor to us

It was a cold and silent night with little to no wind blowing. Krang was walking along the Great Wall, patrolling. He looked around then out of nowhere the sound of a hawk screeched in the night. Before he could turn around to look, his helmet was smacked of his head and the said hawk landed on top of a spire then screeched. Krang held his head, what was that bird doing? Then all of a sudden a hook was thrown into the air and onto the Great Wall. He looked over as more hooks came into view. Krang's eyes widened and he raced to the signal fire. "Light the Signal! We're under attack!" As he reached it however the door to the tower opened and two rather large men stepped out. Realizing that he was the only one left he jumped onto the ladder before they swung their swords cutting the ladder. Krang dangled there for mere moments before he managed to pull himself up and over. He grabbed the torch and raced to the signal. Before he had a chance though a large figure jumped up onto the edge with him. "Shredder." Krang uttered with fear. Suddenly filled with anger he threw the torch into the signal lighting it. Once the flame rose others joined in and all along the Great Wall flames were risen in unison against this common threat. He glared at the Shredder "Now all of China knows you're here."

The Shredder grabbed a flag that was swaying in the wind and broke it in two. He held the flag over the fire and let the emblem burn "Perfect."


The doors to the throne room opened and Splinter rushed in. He walked up to the Emperor and bowed low. "Master Yoshi, the Foot has crossed our Northern border."

"Impossible!" The Ancient One said "No one can get through the Great Wall." Master Yoshi held up his head to stop him.

"The Shredder is leading them." Splinter told his master gravely. The Emperor said nothing, but placed his hands into his robe to think. "We'll set up defenses around your palace immediately."

The Emperor looked up at this and stood. "No! Send your troops to protect my people. Ancient One,"

Ancient One stepped forward with a bow "Yes your excellently?"

"Deliver conscription notices throughout the land, call up the preserves. We need as many new recruits as possible." Master Yoshi said walking down the steppes from his throne to Master Splinter.

Splinter stood and walked toward him "Forgive me your majesty, but I believe my troops can stop him."

They met and Yoshi said "I won't take any chances general, a single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Venus De Milo sat in her bed in her room eating her breakfast of rice, reciting the final admonition and writing it onto her arm. "Quiet and demure. Graceful. Polite." she placed a bite of food in her mouth and mumbled threw it "Delicate. Refined. Poised." she picked up her paint brush and finished the text. Upon seeing the finish product she cried "Punctual!" A roster crowded signaling sunrise and that she was late. "Ai-yah!" She cried and raced out of her room to find Klunk. "Klunk?" she called "Klunk?" she stepped over the cat and realized that she was waiting for her. "There you are!" Venus padded the cat on the head. "Who's the most clever cat in the whole world?" She asked and Klunk replied with a happy meow. "Want to help me with my chores today?"

The cat pressed her body up against Venus' green leg causing her to smile. Venus pulled out a long bamboo stick and attached it to Klunk's collar and a bag of feed. Venus then attached some catnip onto the stick causing the cat to meow happily and start to chase it out the door. She ran passed the chickens and past Casey who looked past the cat with a tired expression. Klunk raced all the way to the family temple where Venus' father was.

Chung-E placed a prayer stick into the small holder above his head then got down onto his knees and bowed praying. "Honorable ancestors, please help Venus De Milo impress the matchmaker today." Klunk then raced into the temple with him dragging the bag of feed with her and the chickens behind her. The chickens stopped to feed on the food that had been placed there. Chung-E looked briefly at them then went back to his prayer. "Please. Please help her."

Venus walked up to the Temple knowing her father would be there with the medicine he needed. She saw Klunk on the steps trying desperately to get the catnip so she bent down and handed it to her. The happy cat began to nibble on it. After that was done she stood saying "Father I brought your-whoa!" Venus and Chung-E bumped into each other causing her to drop everything, but Chung-E caught the tea pot with his cane.

"Venus De Milo." Chung-E said surprised.

Venus smiled and pulled out a spare cup. "I brought a spare." she told him with a smile.

"Venus De Milo."

She pushed down on the tea pot making it's contents spill into the spare cup she held "Remember, the doctor said three cups of tea in the morning…"

"Venus De Milo."

Venus handed him the cup "…and three at night."

"Venus De Milo. You should already be in town. We're counting on you-"

"To uphold the family honor." Venus fished for her father, pulling down her sleeve so he couldn't see her 'cheat sheet' so to speak. "Don't worry father, I won't let you down." she turned around and raced down the stairs. "Wish me luck!" she called as she went.

"Hurry!" Chung-E said in return. He looked down at Klunk who had the catnip in her mouth and sighed. "I'm going to pray some more."


The streets were busy in the little town of Wei and there was no sign of Venus De Milo anywhere. "Hua April, is your daughter here yet?" asked Ai Yei. "The matchmaker is not a patient women." she finished to herself as she walked back inside.

April sighed "Of all the days to be late! I should've prayed to the ancestors for luck."

"How lucky can they be? They're dead." Leather Head said to her walking up beside her. "Besides, I've got all the luck we'll need." he said holding up a little cage with a small cricket inside. "This is your chance to prove yourself." he told him and he nodded and stood up taller. Leather Head placed his hand over his eyes and stepped onto the busy road.

"Grandpa, no!" April said trying to stop him, but he ignored her.

He walked onto the road and continued until he was on the other side. Once there he opened his eyes and looked at the cricket. "Yep!" he cried to April across the street destroyed carts and bruised people. "This cricket's a lucky one!" the poor cricket stood there shaking with fear until he fainted.

April sighed not sure weather to be mad or relived until she heard the sound of a horse coming. She turned around and saw her daughter ridding Casey towards her. Once she reached her mother Venus jumped off and cried "I'm here!" upon seeing her mother's face she stuttered out "But mama I had to-"

"None of your excuses. Now let's get you cleaned up!" April said interrupting her daughter and leading her inside. Leather Head walked behind them and pulled Casey along.

Once Venus stepped inside Ai Yei pulled at her hair revealing straw. "This is what you give me to work with? Well honey I've seen worse." she pushed Venus towards a screen and pulled off her clothing then pushed her into a tub of water making it over flow. "We're going to turn this sow's ear, into a silk purse."

"It's freezing!" Venus chattered holder her shoulders for warmth.

"It would've been warm if you had gotten here on time." Her mother told her and she smiled sheepishly.

Ai Yei poured soapy water onto her then rubbed her head hard until bubbles began to form. "We'll have you washed and dried. Primed and polished till you glow with pride." Ai Yei then poured perfumes onto her head. "Just my recipe for instant bride, you'll bring honor to us all."

April grabbed Venus' arm to wash when she noticed writing. "Venus De Milo, what's this?"

Venus retracted her arm "Uh, notes. Incase I forget something." she smiled at her mother, but she could tell she wasn't buying it.

Leather Head walked up and gave the cricket to April saying "Hold this, we'll need more luck than I thought."

"Wait and see when we're through,"

"Boy's will gladly go to war for you." two women were pulling on her hair tying it into a bun.

"With good fortune,"

"And a great hairdo." they said holding up a mirror for her to look through "You'll bring honor to us all."

Her mother walked in and led her out into the town. "A girl can bring her family great honor in one way." They walked passed to elderly men playing Chinese checkers and Venus couldn't help, but stop and watch while her mother continued on. "By striking a good match." she noticed a move and placed the red tile on the cross section causing the two men to react. "And this could be the day. Happy with her choice she smiled and so did the man that she had helped. Her mother pulled her away before something else happened.

"Men want girls with good taste," Another women told her while placing clothing on her.

Another women placed a measuring tape around her neck "Calm."

"Obedient." her mother told her grabbing her arm and lifting it up so the women could pass through. "Who work fast-paced. With good breeding and a tiny waist." they wove a sash around her and pulled tight against her belly causing her to gasp. "You'll bring honor to us all."

Her mother then led her to another part of town. "We all must serve the emperor, who guards us from the clans." Venus walked past three children playing. A little girl was playing with her doll and two boys were playing with their swords. The boys started to tease her then one boy grabbed her doll and started running away. Venus De Milo snatched it up before he got to far and returned it to the girl. "A man by barring arms. A girl by barring sons."

"When we're through you can't fail." said her mother as a women drew red paint onto her lips then moved onto her eyes with black paint. "Like a lotus blossom soft and pale," she then held up a mirror for Venus to see and Venus scrunched up her face. "How could any fellow say no sale?" Venus licked her finger and twirled a piece of hair so it fell onto her face like a curl. "You'll bring honor to us all." she smiled as her mother unwrapped a green comb with a lotus flower on it then placed it into her hair. "There you're ready." April said caressing her daughter's face.

"Not yet!" Leather Head cried walking into the room. "An apple for serenity," he said shoving it into her mouth. She bit off a piece and swallowed it. "and a pendent for balance." he finished placing the pendent in her pocket. "Beads of jade for beauty." he told her placing them around her neck. "You must proudly show it." Leather Head pushed her head up gently then took the cricket from April as she handed it to him. He placed the cricket onto her belt "Now add a cricket just for luck, and even you can't blow it."

Venus stepped outside alone this time and looked up into the sky "Ancestors, hear my plea. Help me not to make a fool of me and to not uproot my family tree. Keep my father standing tall." she looked back at her family and smiled. Her mother raced to her with her umbrella making her realize she was going to be late. Venus raced after the other girls "Scarier then the undertaker, we are meeting our matchmaker."

"Destiny guard our girls and our future as it fast unfurls." Venus followed the other girls looking every so often to make sure she got everything correct."Please look kindly on these culture pearls, each a perfect porcelain doll."

"Please bring honor to us,"

"Please bring honor to us,"

"Please bring honor to us,"

"Please bring honor to us," as they reach the matchmakers home Venus watched the other girls as they opened their umbrellas and bowed hiding their faces behind them.

"Please bring honor to us all!"