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A Hero

"We need one more." Venus said allowed, after helping the boys into their costumes. They were outside the palace and just about ready to execute her plan.

"You know," Mona said from her hiding spot on her shoulder "I can get bigger."

Venus looked at her "You can?" she asked surprised.

"Of course I can!" Mona cried indignantly. Jumping off Venus' shoulder, she then snapped her fingers making smoke appear around and her. When it cleared there was a real sized version of Mona, who was as tall if not taller then Venus.

"Whoa." Venus said shocked.

"I told you, I was travel size for your convenience." Mona told her with a confident smile.

Venus smiled at her "Perfect. Here," she said handing Mona a dress "go put these on." Mona nodded and went to change.

When she finally came back the trio looked at her "Who are you?" Mikey asked with a smile.

Mona looked at them, but before she could answer Venus spoke "Okay, guys let's go." The trio and Mona nodded pulling out their scarves. Venus nodded and did the same, but just as he five of them were about to go up, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around she saw Leonardo pull his cape off and wrap it around the pull as well. Everyone smiled at him then made their way up.

Within the palace, The Foot had made it to the top ledge where The Shredder was waiting. They brought Master Yoshi to edge where the people could until The Shredder came out of the shadows. "Guard the door." he demanded. The Foot nodded and left Master Yoshi alone with The Shredder. "Finally we meet again, my old friend. Everything you once loved has fallen and now it's your turn. Bow to me."

Outside the Door Venus and the gang hid around the corner "Okay, any questions?" she asked.

"Does this dress make me look fat?" Mikey asked earning a slap upside the head from Raph.

Walking out they began giggling as Hun growled "Who's there?"

As they five of them made there way to the door, one of The Foot said to one of the other men while pushing his sword down "Concubines."

"Ugly concubines." the man countered.

While the trio 'wooed' the men one of them smiled and waved getting a shove, just as an apple fell from Donny's dress. He looked down nervous at first but then quickly tried to hide it.

"No." Leonardo whispered seeing the whole thing and knowing that their plan had been ruined.

Unfortunately the hawk who was keeping watch saw him and was about to screech. Luckily Mona saw the hawk out of the corner of her eye and snapped her fingers, instantly burning all his feathers off. She smirked up at it before whispering to Crickee (who was on her shoulder) "Now that's what I call Mongolian barbeque." Crickee burst into a fit of laughter as she blew her fingers off.

One of the members of The Foot picked up Donny's apple and tried to give it to him, but instead the trio removed their 'boobs' the promptly kicking The Foot's but. Venus and Mona took down their men as Venus yelled "Leo, go!"

Leonardo ran as fast as he could up the stairs as Mona ran over to Venus "I'll take care of them, you go help your boy."

"I tire of your arrogance. Bow to me!" The Shredder commanded holding his gauntlet to Master Yoshi's throat.

Master Yoshi simply looked forward "No matter how the winds howls, the mountain cannot bow to it."

Realizing what he meant The Shredder growled "Then you will kneel in pieces!"

Just as he was about to strike, Leo came racing and blocked the attack with his swords. The Shredder unprepared for this was kicked to the side as Master Yoshi ran away. The two continued to struggle until Leo had him pinned. Just then Venus and the trio ran up "Mikey, get Master Yoshi!" Venus ordered and she set up their escape rote.

Mikey nodded and ran over to Master Yoshi. Bowing he said "Sorry, great Master." Then he took him and ran to the edge and jumped off, sliding down the rope. The Shredder roared in anger as he over powered Leonardo, knocking him unconscious.

Venus was about to leave when she saw this. "Come on!" Raph called from the ground. She looked over to see Leo helpless and defenseless. Looking up she saw The Shredder start to charge. Thinking quickly, she grabbed one of Leo swords and cut the rope. The Shredder tried to catch it, but it was long gone.

As cheering ensued, he looked down knowing that he had lost Yoshi. "No." he breathed.

Venus ran over to Leo and sat next to him "Leo, wake up, please." she begged.

Hearing her voice he opened his eyes just as The Shredder walked up to them. Holding out his hand to protect Venus she moved away as he pulled out a little knife. Pissed off now, The Shredder kicked it away and punched him hard picking him up with a growl "You." he roared "You took away my victory!"

He held up his gauntlet ready to strike when a shoe hit his head "No!" Venus cried, making both men look at her. "I did." she finished strongly, pulling her hair back into the un she wore.

The Shredder stared at her "The soldier from the mountains." Letting Leonardo go he began to chase after Venus.

She put her shoe back on and raced down the stairs shutting the doors behind her. She stood there as he tried to break free until he did. Gasping she ran away as Mona came running up to her. "So what's the plan?"


"You don't have a plan!" she cried terrified.

"Hey, I'm making this up as I…go." she finished running by a window. Seeing the fireworks she smiled "Mona-"

"Way ahead of you girlfriend." Mona said changing into her smaller self. "Come on Crickee." She said jumping onto a kite and flying off.

She watched them go until The Shredder came around the corner. Seeing him, she started running trying to climb up he pillars, but he cut every single one down. Finally she made it to the top of one, but he cut that one down to, making it crash into the wall. As she screamed, she almost fell off the pillar, but luckily she gained her balance. She jumped onto the roof as The Shredder came out. As she hung there she Saw Mona land on the Firework tower.

"Citizens, I need firepower." she told them.

They spun around and gasped "Who are you?"

She glared at them holding out the kite to make it more scary and she growled "Your worse nightmare." They were so terrified they jumped of the tower.

Venus finally made it to the roof as spectators called out in fear for her. She climbed to the top and begun to measure where she needed to be when The Shredder jumped up startling her. Her smiled at her seeing as how she was trapped. Venus looked around for anything see could use, but the only thing she found was her fan. He smiled again and said "It looks like your out of ideas." He then went to stab her, but she used her fan as a shield. Then spinning it, she ripped the gauntlet off "Not quite." holding it at his throat she then asked "Are you ready Mona?"

The Shredder looked back to she Mona smile "I am ready sister!" she cried ripping the kite off to reveal a large rocket strapped to her back. Snapping her fingers she then lit the rocket.

Having had enough The Shredder growled and went to attack Venus, but she was quicker. She hit him in the face then kicked him, knocking him off balance. As Mona and the rocket sped towards them she jammed his gauntlet into the roof through his cape, making it so he couldn't move. He tried to get away, but was stuck. The rocket hit him sending him straight into the fireworks tower.

Once the rocket passed her, Venus grabbed Mona and Crickee running as fast as she could. "Get off the roof, get off the roof, get off the roof."

As the tower exploded, the force of it sent Venus flying off. She grabbed one of the lanterns to use as she sailed down. When she saw the stairs she let go, accidentally landing on top of Leonardo as he came running out. They fumbled over each other until they sat up. The Shredder's gauntlet fell next to them, making them both look at it.

Somewhere else Mona came flying down laughing as she hit the ground. Seeing Crickee flying towards her she caught him. Smiling as she put out his burning antenna she said "You are a lucky bug."

The crowd continued to cheer as the fireworks went off. The trio and Leo were congratulating Venus when Ancient One came walking down "That was a deliberate attempt on my life!" he snapped "Where is she? Now she's done it!" he continued as the four turtles pushed Venus behind them so she could hide. "What a mess! Stand aside! That creature's not worth protecting."

Leo glared at him as he stood strong "She's s hero!" he snapped.

"'Tis a woman." Ancient One said snidely. "She'll never be worth anything."

Leonardo had had enough. Grabbing Ancient One's shirt he growled "Listen you pompous-"

"That is enough." Master Yoshi said coming down to join them.

"Master, I can explain." Leonardo began quickly.

Master Yoshi simply held up his hand and directed them all to move. Sighing sadly they bowed and did as they were told. Venus came into view looking frightened. She then walked up to Master Yoshi and bowed. "I've heard a great deal about you, Hua Venus De Milo." Master Yoshi began making her look up. "You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed my palace…and…" he growled making her cringe "You have saved us all." he finished softly, making her look up at him. He then smiled and bowed.

Seeing this she stood unsure of what to do. The Ancient One saw this and got to the ground, bowing, so fast he hit his face. The trio saw this an smiled while they bowed. Leonardo saw this and smirked at her beginning to bow to. Hearing commotion behind her she spun around to see then entire crowd bow to her. Mona was in the crowd on Casey's back. She started to sniff "My little baby is all grown up and… and saving China. Do you have a tissue?" she asked turning to Crickee.

Back on the stairs Master Yoshi had risen and called to Ancient One "Ancient One."

"Yes, Master Yoshi?"

"See to it that this woman is made a member of my council." Master Yoshi said smiling at Venus as she stared at him shocked.

"What?" Ancient One cried "But there are no council positions open."

"Very well," Master Yoshi said knowing that wasn't true "You can have his job." he offered to Venus.

"What? My-" Ancient One began before fainting, making Venus smile.

Turning back to Master Yoshi she bowed a bit smiling, then saying "With all due respect Master, I think I've been away from home long enough."

"Then, take this." Master Yoshi said taking of his crest and placing it over Venus head. "So your family will know what you have done for me." She looked at it as he continued picking up The Shredder's gauntlet "And this, so world will know what you have done for China."

Venus was so happy she jumped up and gave him a hug. This startled Yoshi at fist, but he chuckled and hugged her back.

"Is she allowed to do that?" Raph asked as the other turtles just smiled and shrugged. Venus let Master Yoshi go and turned back to the trio as they enveloped her into a hug. Mikey began to cry and Donny pulled out a handkerchief letting him wipe his eyes.

Venus was walking away when she walked up to Leonardo. "Um…" he began as she looked on hopefully "You… you fight good." he finished tapping her on her shoulder.

Venus deflated "Oh." she said sadly "Thank you." As she walked away Leonardo sighed. He had wanted to say more, but he didn't know how. Casey ran up the stairs just in time as Venus jumped onto him saying "Casey, let's go home." Casey smiled and whinnied as the crowd cheered.

Leonardo watched her go as Master Yoshi came to stand next to him clearing his throat to get his attention he said "A flower that booms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

Leonardo looked at him confused "Master?"

"You don't meet a girl like that ever dynasty!" Master Yoshi said making it as clear as day. Master Yoshi walked away as Leonardo smiled understanding.


Chung-E sat underneath the cheery tree as the wind blew around him. The wind blew down a particular petal making it fall onto his lap. Picking it up, he looked at it sadly. That's when Venus came up behind him. Hearing foot steps he spun around in shock "Venus De Milo." he whispered.

Venus bowed quickly "Father, I brought you the gauntlet of The Shredder." she said handing it to him "And the crest of the emperor! They're gifts to honor the Hua family."

Chung-E looked at her and dropped the gifts onto the ground. Falling to his knees, he hugged her. "The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter." he told her wiping away her tears. She hugged him back "I've missed you so."

"I missed you too, Baba." Venus said reveling in his warmth and love.

Behind them, April and Leather Head walked up. Seeing her family whole again April sighed happily.

"Great," Leather Head said dryly "She brings home a knife. If you ask me, she should've brought home a ma-"

"Excuse me," someone said, interrupting him. April and Leather Head spun around to see Leonardo looking at them, holding a helmet. "Does Hua Venus De Milo live here?" he asked. They stared wild-eyed, slack jaw at him pointing into the garden. "Thank you." he said walking into the garden.

"Yes!" Leather Head cried "Way to go Venus!"

In the garden, Chung-E rose to meet Leonardo as he came to him. "Honorable Hua Chung-E," Leonardo began bowing to him in respect. "I… Venus!" he cried as she came to stand next to her father surprised to see Leo here. "Uh… you forgot your helmet." he said handing it to her. Then thinking quickly he said "W-well, actually it's your helmet, isn't it?" he asked, handing it to Chung-E who in turn smiled at Venus.

Venus smiled and walked up to the nervous Leo and took the helmet from him saying "Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Would you like to stay forever!" Leather Head called, making both Venus and Leonardo look back. "Venus needs a husband!"

Shaking her head at her grandfather and from embarrassment she smiled as Leonardo said "Dinner would be great."

In the temple, Peter watched the family smiling happily. Mona crawled up next to him "Come on." she said "Who did a good job? Come on. Tell me. Who did a good job?"

Peter glared at her, but sighed "Alright! You can be a main character again."

Mona screamed in happiness as Crickee hit the gong awaking the rest of the animators. Mona jumped onto her pedestal "Take it Crickee!" she cried as the cricket began to play music. They all started dancing and having fun. Mona flew on the chain from the ceiling as she called "Call out for egg rolls!"

"Animators." Peter growled.

Suddenly Mona ran into one of the animators throwing her out of the temple.

She landed roughly on that stairs as Venus came out "Thanks, Mona."

Mona stood and hugged her "What are sisters for?"

Just them Clunk the cat came racing past them and into the temple. Mona looked at the cat for a minute confused when a bunch of chickens raced after it. She stared at the phenomenon as Venus smiled as they looked at each other

"Mona Lisa!"