Set after the episode 'house's head' where Chase has to hypnotize him because they need to access his temporal lobe.


"Focus. Don't let any intruding thoughts into your head" Chase says in a soft voice

"You realize who you're talking to, don't you?" Wilson asks

"Wilson is gonna stop talking now" Chase says. House's eyes were closed and he sighed.

"Chase…this is a waste of time" he says, opening his eyes. He ran his hands over his face and sat up.

"Ow…" he says, holding his head.

"What is it? A headache?" Chase asks, kneeling down next to him and looking at him. House nodded and chase pulled out his vicodin and gave him some. House took it.

"Thanks" he says, standing. He took the vicodin from Chase and grabbed his cane, limping out to his office.

Chase watched him go. "I've never seen him like this. He's almost…vulnerable" he says.

"Yes, he does" Wilson says, watching House go.


House was sitting in his office bouncing his ball against the wall. He saw Chase walk by and called out to him.

"Chase! Come here" he says. Chase looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He came into his office.

"What is it, House?" he asks, sitting down in front of House's desk. House took a breath.

"Look…this isn't easy for me to say…so I'm just gonna say it" he says

"What? Are you gonna make fun of me again? Put me down?" Chase asks. House shook his head.

"No, shut up. I…..I'm sorry" he says

Chase, who had been taking a drink of his water, did a spit-take and his eyes widened.

"What?" he asks, looking at House

"I'm sorry" House says.

"What…for?" Chase asks, a little confused

"When you were on my team…I treated you like shit. I did. You were…are…a great doctor. I shouldn't have treated you the way I did and I definitely shouldn't have fired you. You were obedient, smart, well-trained, beautiful, the id-" House was cut off.

"Did you just call me beautiful?" Chase asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Sure did. I always did say you were the prettiest" he says.

"…God I wish I had a camera" Chase says, chuckling. House chuckled as well.

"You, Foreman, and Cameron were better than the team I have now. I liked you best because you always agreed with me and you were hot. What can I say? I always looked at your ass. You thought I didn't notice you blushing. You were so cute" he says

Chase blushed again. "So…you're gay?" he asks

"Bi…" House says. Chase nodded in understanding.

"Well…this has been a surprisingly nice little chat but I have work to do" Chase says, standing. House grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing after work?" he asks. Chase raised an eyebrow.

"Are you asking me out?" he asks. House nodded.

"Yes. What do you say?" he asks.

"I say…I'll see you for dinner at the usual spot" Chase says, pulling his hand out of House's and leaving. House watched him go…and stared at his ass.

"Boy's got a great ass" he says, smiling to himself.


House was waiting for Chase at the usual spot he went to for dinner (A/N: couldn't think of a place) Chase walked in a few minutes later and sat down next to him.

"Hey" House says

"Hey" Chase says, smiling.

"How was work?" House asks

"The usual. Do some surgery, listen to Cuddy, do more surgery, do an MRI, listen to someone on your team bitch about you, listen to Foreman, do some surgery" he says

House laughed. "Basically the same for me…except replace the surgery with diagnosing" he says. Chase nodded and looked at the menu. House came here often, so he knew what he wanted.

"You look really hot right now…and just so you know…if you ever cut your hair I will kill you" he says, looking at Chase.

"Thanks. And I'll take that to heart" he says, chuckling to himself. The waiter came and they ordered. The waiter went away and House wrapped an arm around Chase, who smiled and leaned into it. They stayed like that until their food came and then House reluctantly let him go. They both ate, talking and laughing with each other the entire time. Chase hated to admit it, but he was having a very good time.

"Why apologize?" Chase asks

"Because I felt bad" House says

"You feel?" Chase asks sarcastically

"Ha ha ha…seriously…I felt pretty bad. I shouldn't have fired you. But, if I hadn't, we couldn't be together. Rules and such" he says

"Since when do you play by the rules?" Chase asks, watching him. House laughed and he wrapped his arm around him again and talked to the owner.

"Ready to go, pretty lady?" House asks, Chase nodded. House stood and extended a hand to help him up. Chase took it and stood, leading House outside and over to his car.

"I had a really good time" Chase says, turning to face him. House smiled.

"Good….me too" he says. Chase cautiously leaned forward and kissed House's cheek. House smiled and leaned into it.

"Good night, pretty boy" he says, pulling him into a quick hug then letting him go. Chase smiled and, with that, got in his car and drove home. House watched him go and then smiled to himself.

"…Still has the perfect ass"


A/N: I know there was severe OOC and I'm sorry but I thought this was cute and I saw House's Head awhile ago and I was like 'omg House/Chase' goodness!