A/N: Chapter 3. Hope you all enjoy!


Chase awoke the next morning to House, sleeping peacefully. He smiled.

"I guess I fell asleep here" he says, stretching and sitting up. House groaned.

"Stop moving. You're warm" House says, placing a hand on Chase's hip. Chase smiled and leaned down, kissing House's cheek. House opened his eyes and smiled up at him.

"Morning beautiful" House says

"Good morning" Chase says, stroking House's cheek. House chuckled and popped a vicodin into his mouth.

"I'll make a quick breakfast, then we have to get to work" Chase says, going into the kitchen. House groaned again and followed.

"What are you going to make?" he asks

"I was thinking waffles" Chase says

"I love waffles" House says, coming up behind Chase, a hand on either side of him. Chase continued cooking, totally not intimidated by House being there at all. House liked that. He didn't want Chase to be nervous. He liked the fact that Chase was comfortable around him. Chase made the waffles and served them, then turned around, all without making House move.

"Now that's talent" House says, smiling. Chase smiled and kissed him quickly then walked over to the table and served the food. House came over and pulled Chase's chair out for him. Chase sat down and House sat down and they both started eating.

"These are good, Wombat" House says. Chase smiled.

"Good, I'm glad you like them" Chase says, stroking House's hand. House smiled and finished eating then went to go shower. He got dressed and came out to Chase sitting on the sofa, looking through some old photo albums.

"What are you looking at?" House asks

"Nothing. Just some photo albums" Chase says. He found a picture of House as a little kid.

"Now that's just adorable" Chase says, taking the picture out of the album and putting it in his pocket.

"We better get to work" House says. Chase nodded and stood. House led him out to his car and opened the door for him.

"You know, if you could be this nice at work things would be so much better for you" Chase says

"Hey…I'm happy" House says, getting in the car and driving to Princeton-Plainsboro.


House went into his office and found Wilson sitting in his chair.

"Well hello there, daddy" House says

"What's going on between you and Chase?" Wilson asks

"Nothing daddy. I'm just expressing my undying love to him" House says. Wilson sighed.

"House, seriously. I saw you drive off with him yesterday and I was so confused" Wilson says.

"You're the one who always said I need to pay attention to people. You might wanna take your own advice, Jimmy" House says, going into the briefing room with his team.


At the end of the day, House was talking to Chase.

"Yeah it turns out it actually was Lupus this time" he says

"Wow the one time in all the years I've known you" Chase says, chuckling.

"so…where are we going tonight?" House asks, taking Chase's hand.

"We could go to a movie" Chase says, stroking House's hand. House smiled and did the same.

"Fine…but don't blame me if I get a little touchy feely in the dark" House says. Chase blushed. House smiled and led him to the car again.

"First, I'm taking you to dinner though" House says. Chase raised an eyebrow.

"Alright" he says. House drove up to a nice little Café that he knew Chase loved. Chase's eyes widened.

"How did you know?" he asks

"I pay attention" House says, taking his hand and leading him inside. Chase smiled at House's openness with being all lovey-dovey in public. House led him to a booth and sat down. Chase sat down across from him and looked at the menu. House did the same and when both men had decided what they wanted and ordered, they began talking about work.

"Did you have any major surgeries today?" House asks

"No…nothing too bad. Just bone-marrow transplant and kidney removal" Chase says, shrugging. House chuckled.

"What? What are you laughing at?" Chase asks.

"Nothing you're just very cute" House says, Chase blushed and looked away, over House's shoulder. He saw a woman looking at him and smiling and raised an eyebrow. House looked where Chase was looking.

"Looks like you've got an admirer" House says

"Apparently" Chase says. The woman waved at Chase and he cautiously waved back. House glared at the woman and then turned to Chase and pulled him close, kissing him deeply. Chase turned bright red but closed his eyes and kissed back. House ran his hand through Chase's hair and stayed in the kiss until their food came. They finally broke the kiss and both looked at the woman. Her eyes were wide and she 'hmphed' and got up, walking past them. She glared at House and winked at Chase and House rolled his eyes.

"She's just jealous" House says

"Yeah" Chase says, smiling. The two men ate with mild conversation and House paid.

"House you don't have to pay for me" Chase says

"I don't mind" House says, smiling and kissing Chase's cheek. He escorted him out and drove him home. He walked Chase to the door and Chase turned to face him.

"I had a really good time tonight" he says

"Me too" House says, actually being an honest, nice person for once. Chase smiled, blushed, and kissed House gently and then broke it just as soon as it had begun. He waved, still blushing, and went inside. House watched the spot where Chase had just been, smiled, and went home.

"I don't know what this feeling is…but I like it" he says, getting in the car and driving home.