I'm warning you now, there is slight Alli bashing. It's not because I don't like the girl (although she is one of my least favorite Degrassi characters) It just went with the fic.

The first time Alli sat with them at lunch was a pleasant, as well as awkward, surprise for Adam. He remembered Drew talking about how Alli was such an amazing person, and Adam was happy that he would be able to get to know her. After a while Adam came to the conclusion that his brother had been lying.

He had been awkward for him because he thought Alli would give the cold shoulder for being brothers with the guy that cheated on her. He was wrong to think that. She was as open to him as she was with everyone else.

Another thing Adam learned about her during lunch was her clinginess. She couldn't go to the bathroom without forcing Clare to tag along. She followed them around like a lost puppy whenever they went in line to grab food or headed over to a vending machine. And as if her presence wasn't bad enough she talked non-stop, and it was mostly about Drew.

She insisted that she didn't need the older Torres brother in her life. She was a 'mature, independent young woman that could handle herself'… or so she said. Adam thought it was just a load of crap. It seemed she did need Drew in her life; if only to talk crap about him to anyone in hearing range.

"Did you see Drew today? What an asshole."

"I swore I saw him giving Bianca the bedroom eyes."

"He was walking into the bathroom and…"

The girl just went on and on. Drew always complained that he never got to see enough of Alli during the school day when they were dating but it seemed like the girl was stalking Drew.

And as if her being clingy wasn't bad enough the girl was also desperate. She flirted non-stop, even tried to get with Adam a couple of times, and practically threw herself all over people. Adam would've never known the girl was upset about the Drew-Bianca incident if she didn't follow Adam around all day and insult Drew the entire time.

Adam knew Clare and Eli were both sick of the girl's shrill voice as well. He also knew Eli wouldn't say anything bad though, because that would just strain his and Clare's relationship even more. Clare didn't say anything because she didn't want to be a 'horrible' friend knew Alli.

Adam thought that was a load of bull crap as well.

Alli was the definition of a bad friend. She constantly talked about herself, never once stopping once to see if anything was wrong with her friend. She had a habit of picking at Clare's appearance, even when she looked like crap herself. And Adam remembered a time period where Alli and Jenna were joined at the hip, even though Clare told him that Alli hated Jenna the year before.

So Adam silently waited for Clare to finally tell off the girl and she didn't soon then he would.


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Author's Notes:

I warned you about the Alli-bashing, so no one insult me because of that.

This just came to me as I re-watched some of the newer Degrassi episodes (yeah; I do that a lot XD) and came up with this. I didn't get why Alli hated Jenna at the beginning of the season and stand by Clare when Clare dissed Jenna, then randomly hang out with her twenty four seven. I also realized that she was with Drew a lot but never met Adam, and didn't even react when Fitz beat the shiznits out of Drew.

There might be some secret hidden reason behind all of it but I haven't really gotten it xP Anyhow~ here's a little one-shot for y'all. It's my second Degrassi fic, yay! –throws confetti-

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