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Where were those thing? I knew I put them somewhere I wouldn't loose them. I was trying to get rid of it all. I already got the two thousand bucks to get my car, but I still need extra cash for gas, improvements, stuff like that.

I was selling the whole lot on E-Bay, so there should be a box on my shelf here somewhere, with everything else I'm trying to get rid of.

Ah, here. I pulled out a card board box labeled 'Archibald' on it. These were all things my crazy great grandfather had left behind before heading to the crazy place, and after he died.

"Sam! You're going to be late!" Dad called. Right, I gotta get to school. I'm getting my last needed 'A' today, then we're getting me a car after school.

I dumped the bag in my almost empty backpack, tossing the box away and dashing down the stairs. I rushed past dad and out the open door, waving briefly to my mom, who was preparing diner. She knew I would get my car today and wanted to make something nice. I had told her it was unneeded, she isn't the best cook, but I didn't want to dampen her spirits. She loved to cook.

"Come on dad, I'm waiting on you!" I shouted, jumping over the closed door the his car, he had the roof down since it was march.

He shook his head and walked over, starting the car. "You almost act as if you want to go today." he said, pulling out, being overly careful of the rim of his yard. I knew the first lecture I was going to get before I drove my first car was to be cautious of the lawn.

"You do remember our deal, right?" I asked, shifting my backpack to my lap, digging out an on the go breakfast bar.

"Of course I do. It's hard to when I got a winy teenager in my ear 24/7." I rolled my eyes, I felt light today. It felt like I wasn't going to just get my first car today. Something more is going to happen, I just know it.

"Here, here, here." I pointed to my school, unbuckling before he stopped. I jumped back out as soon as he stopped moving.

"Be careful Sam. You're going to run over some poor freshman!" He called after me. I ignored him as I dashed to my locker to get rid of all the stuff. I was lucky not to run into any teachers. I wanted to meet Miles before class, and we got such short passing periods. I had to hurry, but his first hour was right next to mine. I was in world history, he was in French 2. When would he ever need to know how to speak French? I asked him before and he denied having any plans to visit France.

I bumped into someone and stumbled back a bit. I looked up, or down, to see some kid from lunch. He usually sits near me, so I recognized him as one of the freshmen.

"Sorry." I said, thinking of my dad's words. He nodded and walked away. I looked after him a second. He was the weird kid of his class. he only had, like, two friends and read all the time. I don't think he even eats.

I shrugged and walked off to class, it was just around the corner.

Nothing happened until after lunch, when the freshman from earlier walked up to me.

"You dropped these earlier." he handed me a glasses case. I took it, confuse momentarily.

"Oh, thanks. See you around." I smiled and walked off, I had taken one of Archibald's artifacts in hopes of advertising before class. The glasses were smallest, so I chose them. To be honest, I was in such a hurry to talk to Miles about what car he though I should get, and what kind of cars would be there, I had forgotten about it.

The excitement had worn off and I zoned out until eight hour, when I would give my family genealogy report. I was last, and three other sent before me. A girl had a grandmother that had always lived on a farm, but was forced to give it up to the government. Another girl didn't have a very interesting family, her second uncle worked at Disney world before falling out of a building and dying. Finally it was my turn and I struggled to keep my eyes from staying Mikayla Banes, my crush.

"For my family genealogy report," A spit ball hit my neck and my hand flew up. The teacher said something about responsibly, but they were paying about as much attention as they had been to the other two presentations.

I glanced at the teacher before starting again. "I researched my great grandfather. He was a great man that took thirty brave sailors to explore the arctic circle." a few people payed attention then, one because I was talking about something more than cleaning puke off from some roller costar or another. Two probably because of my tone. It was obvious something was to happen.

I pulled out a map of the arctic circle, one Archibald had used. "This here," I took out a tool he had used. "Is a sextant. Used by eighteenth century seamen." a few people held back laughs or giggled, I ignored them as the teacher held up the 'quiet' sign. "This was his compass, great for Columbus day. This is all on E-Bay, going towards my car. Tell your parents-"

"Sam, are you going to sell me his liver?" the teacher said lazily. I glanced at him and back to the class. No advertising.

"Sorry. So, this had been a big deal. They had allot of trouble, but eventually finished the job. Unfortunately, when they returned, Archibald, my great grandfather, was a little unhinged. As time went on, he became blind and started babbling about something and drew these symbols." I took out another paper full of strange symbols. He ended up going to a psycho ward. These are his glasses. They see many cool things." I said, looking through them. They were strange, there were defiantly patterns around the cracks, but I could make them out.

"Sam." I looked at the teacher and back to my bag, putting the glasses back in the case and in my back pack.

"Sorry. He died mysteriously, from no apparent cause." I said just before the bell rang. Every got up and left quickly. I grabbed my stuff and walked to the teachers desk. "So?"

"I'd say a solid 'B-'." I frowned. "But, why? That was 'A' material!" I objected.

"You were hocking your grandfathers crap in my class room!" for some reason I always found it amusing when the supposedly more 'mature' adults, the teachers, cussed.

"The kids loved it, oh come on! It's good..." I babbled on.

"I'm sorry Sam." he leaned back in his chair. Liar.

"Ok, here. Take a look outside. See that car? The green one with no hood? The guy in it is my dad. I'm going to tell you about a boy and this man's promise to the boy. He looked at me a while ago and he said, 'Son, I'm going to buy you a car. But first I need you to get two thousand dollars and three 'A's.' I got the two thousand and two 'A's. I need this 'A'." He was still unimpressed. "Ok, see, here's a dream." I held my hands together, fingertips touching. I was desperate. This was a limited time offer! "See this dream? Well, you're 'A', dream gone. Kaput." I broke my hands apart as if they blew up.

"Sir, just ask yourself... What would Jesus do?" I asked, noticing the cross he wore around his neck. I didn't go to church, but that doesn't mean anything. I just have a feeling, kind of like the one I have now about how I'm not just going to be getting a car today. Maybe I'm also going to get a enemy. *cough* Mr. Hosney *cough*

He sighed and leaned forward and scribbled an 'A-' on my rubric. I smiled and snatched it before heading out before he changed his mind.

"You won't regret this!" I shouted for good measure. I knew I hadn't affected him in any way, nothing I said swayed him. He just knew I was going to stay until I got the 'A'. I didn't want to push my luck.

I ran out and jumped back into the car next to my dad, my light mood back.

"You got it?" he asked as I tossed my bag into the back seat and buckled in. I held it up.

"Yeah, it's an 'A-', but it's still and 'A'."

"Wait, wait." he took the paper, obviously not able to read it from my moving around.

"It's good?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's good." He nodded. I whooped and got a few wired looks from passing students as dad started the car and pulled out.

Oh, I didn't realize how strange this day really would be, and just what else I was getting apart from my first, and only, car.

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