- Stranded -

Chapter 1 - The Shore -

Han Solo opened his eyes to see a bright blue sky above with light wisps of clouds floating by calmly. I'm not inside the Falcon. He felt the side of his head, water ? He sat up and saw that he had been lying right on the shore with the tide coming in. He had his wet, white undershirt on and his favourite brown pants. But his shoes and socks were gone, so was his blaster.

What happened ?

He tried to think back to recent events that might have brought him here. But his mind was still fuzzy on those details. I'm on some kind of shore, but what shore ? On what planet ? He stood up and felt the throbbing pain in his back, he winced as he stretched out to complete height. I took a nasty fall.

Where is the Falcon ?

He looked at the sandy shore stretch out to the horizon with large trees dominating the top of the shore. He turned and gazed at the sparkling ocean, it also stretched into the horizon, unbroken by any landmass. Han walked up to the line of trees and sat down on a fallen log. There's no wreckage of any kind. He took in the smells and sounds surrounding him, the lapping of the ocean on the shore, the twittering of birds behind him in the massive tangle of trees. He closed his eyes and tried hard to think of what brought him here, but the only thing that came to him were flashes of memory of Leia and his kids.

Han slapped his bare foot as a sand flea bit it, he continued to walk along the shore until it turned sharply to the right twenty feet in front of him. He turned the corner and walked for fifty more minutes until the sand turned sharply to the right again. He continued walking until he came back to the log he had sat on well over two hours ago.

What island is this ? What planet am I on ?

Han eyed the bright orange sun nearing the horizon line, creating a long shimmering orange trail on the ocean. It was a beautiful sight. But he needed somewhere to sleep tonight. He started breaking off several branches and placing them near the down log. He covered the branches with torn up moss and huge leaves from the trees. He crawled on the branches, testing the comfort level. Comfort level zero. He could feel the hardness of the branches on his knees as he tested his bed more. This won't do. He then noticed a few hundred ant-like creatures crawling all over one of the giant green leaves he hauled off the trees. Great.

He started to dig inside the sand until he had a nice little trench he could crawl into, night quickly fell around him. He turned and rested on his back inside the trench. He rested his bare feet on a little pile of sand he made at the end of it. He folded both hands under the back of his head and stared at the stars. He continued to stare until his face screwed up in consternation. He quickly stood up and walked closer to the water, staring up at the stars. I don't recognise any of this !

" What system am I in ? " Han roared as he reached his hands out to the stars above. The only response he received was the lapping of the ocean and the thousands of insect calls coming from the wooded center of the island. He paced back and forth, feeling his bare feet kicking around the cool sand in the pitch black beach. This doesn't make sense.

Han woke up inside his trench in the middle of the night, remembering where he was. Still here, it wasn't a dream. He adjusted his legs and tried to turn on his side. But it was too awkward and uncomfortable in this position so he turned and tried the other side, with the same result. He opted to sleep on his back again, even though it was still pretty sore. The stars stared down at him, mocking him. Telling him that they knew who they were, but not Han. He closed his eyes tightly, thinking about his family. But soon his eyes popped open again.

" SHARHAAAAAAAAAAA ! " A shrieking female voice screamed from far down the beach. The distant scream startled Han badly. He had listened to the sounds of the ocean lapping on the shore and the bugs from the trees for the entire night that the shriek was like a cold knife digging into his brain.

He remained where he was, frozen in place in the pitch blackness of night. He listened for any movement nearby but couldn't hear anything new.

" Hello ? " Han called out hesitantly. There was no reply. No more new sounds. Should I call out louder ? What if I draw the wrong kind of attention to myself ? He leaned on his elbows inside the safety of his trench and opened his mouth to try again, but closed it. No, I better hold out to be safe. I might seem like food to some crazy jungle animal that can speak basic. He continued to sit in the same position with no new sounds coming from the shore, his hands fell asleep and he sat all the way up, rubbing his hands to get circulation back into them.

Han stayed up all night and watched the sun rise over the ocean horizon. Now to see if that creature left any tracks in the sand.

To be continued…..R&R