Hi there FrostBiteShipping here. This is my first story. Written from Bade's perspective. Please let me know if you find any typos/mistakes and I'll be happy to fix them. Thanks in advance for reading. Feel free to leave feedback or questions. Some basic information about our protagonists and antagonists, feel free to skip it if you wish.

Basic Information

Team Frostbite

Bade – Umbreon – Male – Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Moonlight, Last Resort – Name Meaning: Full Moon

Clarice – Glaceon – Female – Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hail, Icy Wind – Name Meaning: Clear, Bright

Eli – Girafarig – Male – Psychic, Crunch, Stomp, Psybeam – Name Meaning: Tall

Team Better Than You

Blaze – Flareon – Male – Lava Plume, Ember, Fire Blast, Last Resort – Name Meaning: Flame

Demitrius – Torterra – Male – Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm, Earthquake, Wood Hammer – Name Meaning: Lover of the Earth

Ajax – Machop – Male – Karate Chop, Cross Chop, Strength, Rock Smash – Name Meaning: Strong Warrior

Years Before:

"Stop it! That hurts!" yelped the rather tall and lanky Girafarig.

"Its not like that tail of yours has a brain," laughed the Flareon initiating the pain with and Ember. His brawny goon rolled on the ground next to him with large fits of laughter.

That's when I stepped in. "Leave him alone Blaze, and as a matter of fact a Girafarig's tail does have a brain. You would have known that if you had payed attention in class rather than kissing up to the teachers for your grades. Now, get lost before I ruin your 'perfect face' with a Shadow Ball," I growled. Blaze and his goons sulked off. I was about to leave when I heard a voice call after me.

"Hey! Don't go! I wanted to thank you for chasing off those bullies. I recently had a growth spurt so I'm a little awkward when it comes to attacking," the Girafarig said in an embarrassed tone. "Oh, the name's Eli, by the way."

I considered ignoring him, but he seemed nice and unafraid of my dark exterior. "Bade," I nodded in response. "And taking care of them was nothing, they had it coming."

We've been best friends ever since.

Months Ago:

"Class, we have a new student joining us today," Miss Clefable announced. A few heads peeked up in curiosity, one being Eli's. I didn't. Why would I care? I had best friend and that's all I needed. Eli and I decided as soon as we finished this year we would drop school to form a top ranking rescue team to help others. I kept my eyes glued to the stars and moon still brilliantly visible in the dawn sky.

"Class, meet Clarice, she's from a northern province."

Eli jabbed me in the side. "Look at her. A Glaceon, the Fresh Snow Pokemon. That means we have a full set of the Eevee evolution family in our class," Eli whispered. He was kind of a know-it-all, but he didn't brag about it. I actually kinda liked his tidbits of information.

I adverted my gaze from the slowly vanishing night sky to the new girl. I figured I would just glance at her, I mean, its not like I had never seen a Glaceon before, but something made me do a double take. Maybe it was her glossy coat sparkling in the light. Or maybe it was her large, ocean blue eyes. Or maybe the way her blue-gray satin bow around her neck made her look cute. Wait, did I just call a girl cute? I couldn't have. Could I?

Clarice you can take the empty seat next to Bade," Miss Clefable said in a voice that snapped me out of my thoughts. "Bade raise your hand so Clarice can find her seat. I raised my hand coolly. I was so glad my dark fur hid my blush. Wait, now I'm blushing! Clarice nodded and gracefully pranced over to the seat on my right.

"Hi Bade, I'm Clarice. Nice to meet you," she said in a sweet voice . Her icy breath was easily felt a few feet away in out warm classroom.

"Nice to meet you, too," I replied politely.

As Miss Clefable began our lesson I heard Blaze mumble, "lucky," under his breath. I beamed at his jealousy.

Later that afternoon I spied Blaze and his goons picking on Clarice. I resisted the urge to pummel him that second, and waited for the opportune moment so Clarice would see me as a hero.

"Hey there, I'm Blaze. This is Demitrius and this is Ajax," he said arrogantly as he pointed to the Torterra and Machop. "Would you like a tour of the town miss?" he asked. His fake politeness made me sick.

"No thank you, I don't take tours from jerks," she said bluntly. Now I really liked this girl.

"What?" Blaze replied in an annoyed and angered voice. No girl had ever rejected him until just now.

"Its obvious. The way you treat the others, you act like you are better than them. Plus you interrupted Miss Clefable's talk three times because she didn't mention you as part of The Royal Family of Eevee. Stop trying to make yourself seem more important than you are. I have studied The Royal Family of Eevee and you sir are not in it. Now if you'll excuse me, I was looking for someone," she replied as she walked past him. Who was she looking for? I wondered.

"No, I won't excuse you!" Blaze snapped at her. He unleashed a Flamethrower surrounding the Ice-Type. He laughed evilly as the heat made her more and more nervous. Now was my chance to be her hero.

"Stop being a jerk Blaze just because she rejected you. Grow up and move on," I spoke confidently with a slight growl in my voice.

"Ooh. Is little Mister "Darkness and Moonlight" here to rescue his little girlfriend?" Blaze teased in a sarcastic tone.

"Well she's not my girlfriend, but I am here to rescue a friend in danger." I noticed her face light up when I called her a friend. I kicked up some dirt on the ground in a mock Sand-Attack to smother the flames. I used a Faint Attack to knock Blaze to the ground before using a strong Shadow Ball to send the three goons running off. I then rushed over to Clarice.

"You okay?" I asked sincerely.

"Yeah," she coughed a little from the smoke, then smiled at me as she got up and shook the dirt from her coat. "Want to show me around?"

"I would, but I don't know anything interesting around here, but I'm sure my friend Eli would love to show you around and tell you all sorts of interesting facts about this place. Plus I could come along for kicks," I replied with a smile. In all honesty, all I cared about right now was my best friend and the girl that just stole my heart.

Months have passed and now the two Pokemon that matter most to me are now my partners. We finished our last required year at the Pokemon Training and Basic Knowledge School, also called PKBKS. Once we left the school grounds on the last day we invested in a small house with three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room not far from the town square, and then formed a rescue team. I let Clarice name us. She came up with the name "Team Frostbite" because she says, "its the perfect way to combine our types, ice and dark, plus Eli makes us a team." Eli didn't seem to mind so we made it official and have been helping Pokemon since.