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Eli was right, Clarice was almost done with breakfast by the time I got to the kitchen. She laid the plates with pancakes and bacon in front of us and a bowl of assorted berries in the middle of the table. Everything smelled delicious.

"Morning Bade. Glad to see you are up," she smiled sweetly as she said this. She turned off the oven and sat down at our table. She then grabbed a ripe Oran Berry, her favorite, and began to eat in silence.

Actually we all ate in silence. This mission would be a little more difficult than our normal missions, and it seemed to be causing are energy to be a bit lower than normally. Eli looked deep in thought and Clarice's eyes showed she was worried.

I stood up as I finished, and silently thanked Clarice for the meal as I placed my dishes in the sink then walked off to our supply closet to begin packing for our trek. I packed many essentials like Reviver Seeds, Oran and Peacha Berries, Max Elixirs, tasty food, and some bandages in case one of us got a cut or scrape.

As I turned around I met Clarice's stare that still looked worried. She had been so quiet walking up, I hadn't noticed her.

"Bade, are you sure we can do this?" she trembled slightly.

"I am. Are you sure?" I tried to sound strong, yet caring, but felt like I was accusing her of being weak.

"I-I don't know, this dungeon sounds really hard and I don't want you or Eli getting hurt."

That hit me like a rock. "Clarice, I think we'll be fine, but thanks for worrying about us," I chuckled slightly and smiled at her.

She lightened up a bit. "Well, okay then. You about ready to go? Eli's got all the maps and our route there mapped out. He's rearing to go."

"Yeah, I'm ready," I said slinging our pack up onto my back.

We traveled for what seemed like days, but was really only a few hours. We came upon a large crater that was covered in geysers that released blasts of steam every few minutes. Eli and I were visibly sweating, but Clarice seemed content. I stepped closer to her. I could tell Eli was smirking at me.

"How are you holding up?" I asked.

"Good, I don't even feel warm," Clarice seemed distant in her voice and eyes.

"You okay?" I was concerned about her.

"Yeah, I just feel like we shouldn't be here. Like we are intruding on some sacred fire-type land."

"Well, I'm almost to the entrance you two," Eli yelled down to us. He was about 20 yards ahead of us. When did he get that far ahead, I thought to myself.

"And I had a nightmare last night. Bade," Clarice's worried tone snapped me out of my thoughts. I could tell she was talking quietly so that only I'd be able to hear.

"What about?" I asked. I stepped so that my side touched hers in the most comforting way I could.

"Well, we were in a place. A place of fire," I heard her breathe out, she was shaking a bit. "Then out of no where, this blaze enveloped you and Eli. I was alone, and then I heard Blaze's voice. Then I woke up and heard you talking in your sleep and had Eli check on you." Clarice was staring at the ground as if every step she took was a carefully measured dance.

"I'm sorry, and if you ever have another one, come wake me and I'll make sure to give you a big hug and make you feel better, 'kay?"

Clarice faced me and blushed a bit before hugging me. "Thanks Bade."

I smiled. "Anytime."

"Are you two ever going to get here?" I heard Eli shout. His voice snapped us out of our embrace.

"Um, coming!" Clarice yelled before bolting up the rocky hill. I followed suit. In a matter of minutes we stood before the entrance to Lava Crater, which was a dark hole that sat hidden behind a geyser that never stopped spewing steam.

"Ready?" I asked.

It felt like an eternity before I saw Clarice and Eli nod. "Let's do this Team Frostbite!" Eli shouted excitedly.

With that I was the first one to descend into the dark hole that was the entrance to Lave Crater.