By: Atomic Kokoro and RiotYYH

Before You Read

I was visiting my family and my sister wanted to write Fanfiction with me, so here it is! Our work! ...Great...

Chapter 1


"JOSH! Get over here!" his father cried, running after him.

"I swear I didn't mean to do it!" Josh insisted. "Wait, no. It was Brett!"

Of course, Josh had gotten himself into more trouble, as always. Brett layed against the wall, arms crossed. How he had gotten talked into this was beyond his very own imagination...if he had one.

But, eventually, the other teacher's helped out. Brett and Josh were in the Detention...again.

"Josh, you have gone too far this time," Brett growled. "You got us both in here, and we're gonna get expelled. Or worse, a deduction on my grade! I can't get any lower then an A+! THEY CAN'T DO THAT!"

"Relax, little bro," his elder friend insisted. "I'll just sweet talk our way outta this, like always. Don't worry. It's not like my dad can say no to me anyway..."

Suddenly, a young woman appeared in the door. "Hello, I'm Ms. Yuko," she introduced. "I'm gonna be your Princable for the next two weeks. Apperently, you dad really needs a vacation." She smiled.

"With Josh for a son, I wouldn't doubt it," Brett muttered under breath. Everyone just ignored the comment, except Josh, who was having a rough time that she was going to be the princible. Let's just say they met before.

"Yuko, what are you doing here! Don't tell me you brought her!"

Yuko shook her head. "No, I brought to other guests along," she smiled, as two boys entered the room. One with black, double spiked hair and red knee-high boots. It made Josh shudder that the boy was half-naked with black underwear and a green belt, and fairly pale skin.

The boy to his right had deer-skin red spiky hair down the middle, blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean, a blue tee with a white undershirt, beige caprees, and black shoes. He also appeared to be either very tanned or asian and appeared to be taller then the other boy. It was left undecided.

The two boys smiled. "Hey! What's up?" the red-haired boy grinned, flicking his wrist as a wave.

"Josh, Brett. This is Reno and Astro. They'll be staying with you for a little while."

"Say what?" all four gasped in unison. Yuko turned to Astro and Reno.

"I thought you knew about this already. Didn't Doctor O'Sheay tell you?" The boys shook their heads with complete silence and shock.

They all looked at each other without turning their heads. Then, Brett started bursting out laughing. Soon enough, all them were.

"Wait, why are we laughing so hard for?" Josh said, clearing his giggles.

"It was him!" Reno yelled, pointing at Brett, trying not to laugh. In a few minutes they were calm, then Yuko got to work.

Astro and Reno left the room quickly, without a doubt. "Josh! Brett! What have you done this time?"

Suddenly, a stranger appeared through the door Reno and Astro left out of, wearing the new Galaxy High Fashion outfit (designed by Yoko, of course) with a gold hip-hop hat and bling. "Now, now, Ms. Yuko. Chill. My father asked me to ask Josh and Brett here to see how much pressure Mr. K could take," he said smoothly.

"Oh, Hiro Sweegy," Yuko gasped. "I understand. You boys can go."

"But, ah-" Brett was cut off by Josh's hand.

"Thanks, Ms! See you around!" And the two were gone in an instant.